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“What kind of experience is it for the Duchess to raise babies?”

Little Chris, Little Raphael: “Thanks for the invitation. Please father, love us too.” (T/N: pretty sure it’s referring to the last episode where Sivir took Mianmian away and left the twins in their glass cups)


After the Chaoyang Empire won another battle, the whole country celebrated together.

The serious atmosphere relaxed, and topics of entertainment were rediscussed on the star network, which became lively again.

Little Chris and little Raphael were now five years old.

Their animal-shape’s statures still haven’t grown taller.

Tu Mianmian sat on the sofa and refreshed his light brain. StarNet was bustling with activity. He read the comments very enthusiastically.

Little Chris Wolf and Little Raphael Rabbit were placed on the coffee table in front of the sofa, each holding a grape and gnawing with relish.

[Just now I read the announcement of the wedding anniversary of His Highness the Duke and Mianmian again, and I couldn’t help shouting again—Fluffy! I can!]

[I’ve read it hundreds of times, but I still can’t get enough of it. Never would have expected that His Royal Highness the Duke would take such a wedding photo with Mianmian, what kind of absurdity is this! Return my wise and mighty Duke!]

[To be honest, what is Sivir’s virtue and ability to own three fluffs. I don’t know if he can share one, I won’t be choosy, just give me Mianmian!]

[I have been battered by the little rabbit for thousands and tens of thousands of times due to the wedding photos (nosebleeds). I want to lick Mianmian’s fur and lick his whole body!]

[I want to kiss the soft rabbit tail! Tie a bow on the tail ball! Give the white tail ball a powdering! His Royal Highness the Duke is too good at it!]

[Ah, ah, I want to take a bite of the soft tail ball!!! I guess it must be as soft as cotton candy!]

Some time ago, on Tu Mianmian and Sivir’s wedding anniversary, in order to give back to old and new fans, the Duke’s Mansion shared a few wedding photos of Mianmian Rabbit that Sivir had privately kept, and released them to the public as a surprise gift.

Seeing them coveting his own tail ball on StarNet, Tu Mianmian couldn’t help but tilt his head.

This group of people always want to bite his tail ball.

Is the tail ball so attractive?

What does it feel like to bite?

Tu Mianmian was curious and confused.

In the past, Tu Mianmian only felt the feeling of being bitten on the tail (by the Duke). He’s never known what it’s like to bite someone’s tail ball.

However, it was also because he was the only rabbit in the past.

It’s different now…

Tu Mianmian’s eyes moved slightly, and landed on little Raphael Rabbit on the coffee table.

Little Raphael turned his back to him. When looking from behind, it was a white, fluffy bunny with a small tail attached to its round buttocks.

Tu Mianmian squatted by the coffee table, stared at little Raphael’s tail ball with a serious face, and poked his fluffy rabbit buttocks.

Little Raphael: “?”


Little Raphael turned his head and saw his father’s handsome face appearing behind him.

Dad lowered his head.

Little Raphael: “…?”

A biting sensation suddenly came from his tail ball.

The hard teeth changed several angles, biting the tail mercilessly.

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Little Raphael: “…”

Little Raphael: “!!!!!!”


His movements were as swift as a flying bird, almost as if flying away, he fled the scene quickly.

It was as if there were sparks and lightning along the way of his escape as he rushed up to the second floor, knocked open the door of the study, and finally hit the ground on his face, rolling twice, and rolling to the feet of his father, who was handling official business.

Sivir: “…”

Sivir put down the documents he was reviewing, frowned and looked at little Raphael who was sitting on the floor.

Little Raphael was looking up at his father with tears in his eyes.

Compared with his perverted father, his cold-faced father seemed to be extraordinarily amiable.

He grabbed his father’s trouser legs and sat on his father’s shoe. Then, let out a long sob: “Oh—!”

Little Raphael was crying, “Father, father! Dad, dad!”

He cried even louder, “He eats children, woo woo woo…”

Sivir: “…”

“Sivir.” Tu Mianmian’s voice came from the corridor outside, and he called out with a smile, “Did you see my lovely little Highness Raphael?”

His voice was like thunder, like the whisper of a devil.

Little Raphael stopped talking in an instant, hugged his father’s trouser legs, and cried more tears.

Afraid and wronged, but dare not say anything.

Sivir: “…”

Tu Mianmian pushed open the door of the study and walked in. Seeing Sivir’s helpless expression, he waved to Sivir.

He said happily: “It will be meaningless to have a child without playing with them.”

Little Chris Wolf squatted on Tu Mianmian’s shoulders, and he waved to little Raphael, “Come here, good boy.”

Sivir moved his legs and said to his younger son, “Go to your Dad.”

“Father, I won’t go.” Little Raphael shook his head.

The horrible scene of Dad eating the rabbit was vivid in his memory, and he was afraid in his heart.

“Go out.” Sivir said concisely.

Little Raphael pursed his mouth, hugged his father’s trouser legs, and tried to impress his indifferent father with family affection: “Father, am I not your big baby?”

“No.” Sivir said indifferently.

“How about just a baby?”


“Then, is it a little one?” Little Raphael carefully looked at his father’s face.

“No.” Sivir said with a calm expression, “Your father is my big baby, little baby, and darling.”

Little Raphael: “…”

Little Raphael cried out loudly that his heart was about to break. Father can never be relied on, only pampers Dad.

Both he and his brother were picked up and worthless.

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“Good boy, Daddy doesn’t eat children.” Tu Mianmian listened to the love talk, and said with a smile on his face, “Look, your brother hasn’t been eaten. Of course, Daddy won’t eat you either.”

As he spoke, he touched the little wolf cub on his shoulder, seeking approval and said, “Little Chris, don’t you think so?”

Little Chris: “…”

Little Chris flicked his wolf’s tail silently, and let out a little whine.

Yes. Daddy.

“Then, what happened just now?” Little Raphael was dubious when he heard his words. With tears in his eyes, he sobbed and said, “Dad just bit my tail.”

“That’s Daddy teasing you.” Tu Mianmian coaxed.

Little Raphael thought about it, and finally believed in his father’s evil.

He smiled through his tears, and blew out his nostrils.

In tears, he reached out for his Dad to hug, “Dad!”

“Hey! Good boy!” Tu Mianmian stepped forward, lifted his younger son from Sivir’s feet, and hugged him in his arms, “You’re so sweet.”

Little Chris: “…”

The young Chris flicked his wolf’s tail. He looked sideways at his Dad, and then at his younger brother.

In the end, when he raised his head, he and his father looked at each other.

Little Chris had a sad look on his shaggy wolf face, and he sighed with a maturity beyond his age.

The younger brother seems to be a not-so-intelligent baby, and he doesn’t know who he followed to become like that. (T/N: I think we all know..)

His younger brother was lying in his Dad’s arms, having forgotten the shock just now, and was acting like a baby with his Dad, “Dad! I was afraid just now!”

“Then Dad won’t scare you anymore.” Tu Mianmian patted little Raphael’s head.

“Yeah.” Little Raphael was sticky and hugged his Dad affectionately, “I’m going to sleep with Daddy tonight.”

“No.” Before Tu Mianmian could speak, Sivir made a sound, and said, “Sleep by yourself.”

The little husband was going to sleep with the Duke tonight.

Little Raphael: “… woo… woo… woo woo—QAQ”

“Don’t rub your tears and snot on your Dad’s clothes.” Sivir said indifferently, “Come down and cry.”

“Wow… woo… I don’t have a snot… I don’t…” Little Raphael looked up at his Dad’s clothes while crying, with tears in his eyes: “I, I won’t come down, I want my Daddy to hug me …”

As he spoke, he hugged his dad even tighter.

“Don’t cry anymore.” Father looked coldly at him.

Little Raphael cried until he crowed.

“Be good, don’t cry.” Sivir’s words didn’t work, so Tu Mianmian stepped forward to coax him.

He patted little Raphael on the back, and said softly, “Stop crying.”

Little Raphael kept crying, but looked at Dad with tears and anticipation in his eyes.

How can Dad coax him well?

Kiss? Hug? Hold him high?

Or do you agree that he will sleep with Dad tonight?

Little Raphael only heard his Dad continue to say: “If you continue to cry like this, others will think that the Duke’s Mansion has raised chickens.”

“Stop crying.” Tu Mianmian stretched out his hand as he talked.

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He placed five fingers together, closed his palms into a semicircle, and opened them and closed them in front of Little Raphael’s mouth, which then made a sound of “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa”.

Little Chris: “…”

Little Chris couldn’t help laughing. He swore he couldn’t help laughing when he saw his Dad’s actions.

Only little Raphael: “…”


Raising chickens.


Oh oh oh oh…

“Woooo!” Little Raphael cried even louder.

Little Chris: ( ·ω· )

They’re not committing crimes.


In the memory of little Chris and little Raphael, they had a disease when they were over six years old.

It was Grandpa Tan with a long white beard who cured them.

Every day they waited for their recovery, and they needed to drink a bowl of bitter black medicine.

Can’t eat food with strong taste, and the two brothers were accompanied by only porridge and side dishes.

Dad and Father led by example, taking medicine and porridge with little Chris and little Rafael.

When drinking medicine, Dad and Father would both bring out a bowl of black medicine.

As an example, they’d drink up the medicine bowl first, and then watch the twin brothers drink their medicine slowly.

Little Chris and little Raphael admired their Dad and Father very much. After drinking a bowl of bitter medicine, they didn’t even frown.

But the two brothers had to grit their teeth due to the bitterness, and it took almost half a day to finish the drink.

When drinking porridge, they drank the lightest and most nutritious star rice porridge.

In order not to break the balanced nutritional energy of star rice, no sugar or salt could be added, and it couldn’t be eaten with side dishes. It was really tasteless.

But Dad cares about everything. At the dinner table, Dad will eat two mouthfuls of porridge to fill his stomach, and then feed little Chris and little Raphael.

After the two brothers finished eating, Dad had his own time to continue eating the porridge in his bowl.

In order not to let their Dad eat cold porridge, the obedient and sensible little Chris and little Raphael endured the tastelessness, and ate the porridge fed by their Dad mouthful after mouthful.

They finish eating quickly, and then read an enlightenment book, so that Dad can eat porridge worry-free.

All in all, during their illness, little Chris and little Raphael felt a deep love from their Dad and Father.

They were very moved.

So even though the food was bland and the soup was very bitter, little Chris and little Raphael ate very deliciously and were very happy.

And at that time, both Dad and Father were busy for a while. While taking care of the two brothers, they also had to deal with official duties until late at night.

It was often late at night, and the lights in the study were still on.

Little Chris asked, why is his Dad, who is a big star, so busy when he is not on TV?

The Father said that his Dad was helping him and handling clerical work for him.

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Father’s position is very high, which involves a lot of military secrets. Little Chris listened to the beginning only, afraid that he would know too much, so he was sensible and didn’t ask any more questions.


One night, little Chris and little Raphael were sleeping on the bed obediently. Dad sat by the bed to put them to sleep and read them story books.

Little Chris and little Raphael were not sleepy, but thinking that they could let their Dad go to rest earlier, they closed their eyes early and pretended to be asleep.

After a while, Dad found that they had fallen asleep, and the sound of reading the storybook stopped.

Little Chris could feel his father tucking them in, and then the door of the room opened, and it was his Father who walked in.

Father asked softly, “Are they asleep?”

“Already asleep.” Dad replied in a low voice.

Father and Dad turned off the lights and left together lightly, probably going to deal with business together again.

After the sound of Father and Dad’s footsteps disappeared, the room fell into silence.

After a while, little Raphael’s soft voice sounded in the darkness: “Brother.”

“Yeah.” Little Chris also spoke softly: “Aren’t you asleep yet?”

“Mmm.” Little Raphael replied, and he got up from the quilt.

He didn’t turn on the lights either. He used his light brain to illuminate the room, and said seriously: “Father and Dad work so hard every day, let’s go and see them.”

Little Chris nodded and sat up from the bed: “Let’s go and deliver food to Father and Dad.”

Little Raphael responded: “Bring some water too.”

The two brothers hit it off.

Little Chris was carrying a backpack full of fruits, and little Raphael was holding a small water bottle. The two walked out hand in hand.

The lights in the corridor were all turned off. In the darkness, a clear light came out from under the door of the study.

The door of the study room was not closed completely, it was half open.

The two brothers were afraid that their sudden appearance would disturb their Father and Dad’s work, so they only gently opened the door a crack, and first carefully laid down by the door to observe the situation inside.

The two little heads moved up and down, like stacking arhats. After seeing the situation inside, the two of them immediately—

Little Chris: “…”

Little Raphael: “…”

In the study room, Father and Dad were having delicious barbecue.

The aroma of grilled meat and fried chicken was tangy, and cumin pepper exuded a tempting spicy aroma.

The soda with ice bursts out a charming icy stimulation on the taste buds on the tip of the tongue, which was really irresistible.

“This tastes great. Let’s eat grilled fish tomorrow night.” The twin brothers heard their Dad say happily: “Eating porridge with them every day, and the taste is about to fade out of my mouth.”

Little Chris: “…”

Little Raphael: “…”

“Yes.” Their wise and mighty Father nodded, and handed a skewer of barbecued meat to their Dad’s mouth. “I need to buy new Coke.”

“I don’t know when they will recover from their illness.” Father helped Dad wipe off the oil stains on the corners of his mouth, with a gentle expression that the two brothers never received. “The deflated Coke is not very good.”

Little Chris: “…”

Little Raphael: “…”

“Brother, let’s go. They aren’t our Father and Dad.”

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