I Am Loaded with Passive Skills

Chapter 1364: 1364

1364 Can’t See Me 2

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The space was smashed instantly.

Teng Shanhai, who had his Cang God Armor on, became the toughest weapon in the hands of the Void Attendant. He shot into the Spatial Fragment.

However, when the Void Attendant reached out and pulled the indestructible turtle shell back, it seemed to have lost its target.

“You’re rude!”

The detestable voice reappeared.

The extremely irritated Void Attendant turned around and found that the human Demi-Saint had flown behind him and pointed at him as he bragged.

“How can you, a mere Void Attendant, desecrate the status of a Saint?”

“If there’s a problem, come and get the Saint!”

“Most of the Spiritual Herbs in your Herb Garden of Divine Farmer are with this Saint. Let this Saint’s friend off and I’ll spare your life!”

“Roar!” the Void Attendant bent down and roared in fury.

“So, when they said ’60: 40′, did it mean this human Demi-Saint in front of them had taken 60 percent of the herbs?”

“The Herb Garden of Divine Farmer that I’ve been guarding for tens of millions of years was stolen due to a careless mistake.” The Void Attendant burned with anger. His already incoherent speech became even more staccato.

“You should have, broken into, the inner island!”

“Who are you?”

This human’s name was not on the Void Suppression Stele.

The Void Attendant knew that this person was a Demi-Saint Stage intruder. The reason why he didn’t attack again was that he had already tried but failed twice.

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Thus, he was able to suppress his anger and ask his questions.


The Portrait Clone, Jiang Buyi, laughed.

Xu Xiaoshou, who hid in the dark and didn’t dare to see anyone, also smiled.

“After waiting for such a long time, you finally asked this question?”

“That’s good!”

“As you wish!”

Xu Xiaoshou, who controlled the Portrait Clone of Jiang Buyi, raised his chin and had an

arrogant expression.

He used the most provocative method to pull out one of the few grade two Spiritual Herbs in the Herb Garden of Divine Farmer. He crushed it, which caused the medicinal sap to be sprayed everywhere.

Then, he used his most annoying tone to say what he felt was the most pretentious sentence.

“I am Jiang Buyi!”

“Even if you know my name, what can you do to me?”

At the edge of the Forest of Miracles.

The Demi-Saint Jiang Buyi ignored the hundreds of roaring Stone Giants above the Nine Heavens and the battle that took place somewhere else.

To him, all of this was unimportant.

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He had heard the sounds of the outside world from the Ghost City of the Netherworld, one of the nine Extreme Grounds. He had been able to break through the maze and enter the Extreme Grounds which was the Forest of Miracles.

Jiang Buyi’s original intention was not to cause any trouble.

The ancient forest was less dangerous than the Ghost City of the Netherworld and the power of the Ultimate Attribute was harder to activate.

However, Jiang Buyi knew that he was a Demi-Saint, and his every move could provoke the Forest of Miracles.

Thus, when he came here, he only followed the rich medicinal fragrance and hoped he would get something of comfort for himself.

However, he searched for quite some time and had combed through more than half of the Forest of Miracles .

Jiang Buyi could not find the legendary Herb Garden of Divine Farmer, not even a single weed. At this moment, he suddenly sensed something and turned around.

“Saint Jiang Buyi…”

Tens of thousands of miles away, a voice that sounded very similar to his own entered his ears.

These words were not randomly spoken.

On the contrary, whoever spoke the Saint’s name directly meant that he referred to himself!

“Who could it be?”

Jiang Buyi’s face turned solemn.

He didn’t move at all, but at this moment, it was as if time had stopped in the Forest of Miracles, which covered hundreds of thousands of miles.

It was a great disrespect to call the Saint by his name!

Jiang Buyi was a Demi-Saint, so how could he not know this?

Furthermore, this voice seemed to be mimicking his voice. This was blasphemy against the ‘Dem-Saint Venerable’!

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Morp Forms.

In the blink of an eye, Jiang Buyi’s figure flashed and he headed toward the source of the sound.

“Roar! Roar! Roar!”

The Void Attendant was still immersed in his anger against that ‘Demi-Saint weakling’, who disappeared after he spoke.

It threw Teng Shanhai high into the air and folded its arms.


There was an explosion.

This blow that was packed with anger caused the Cang God Armor to crack.

Teng Shanhai, who was protected by the shield, could not withstand the impact anymore.

With a ‘PU’ sound, blood from his mouth and the wounds on his body gushed forth.

After both sides vented their pain, they seemed to have sobered up a little.

At this moment.

“Hu hu hu hu hu…”

The wind blew, and dust and sand flew everywhere.

The color of the sky changed and suddenly darkened.

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The so-called ‘weak Demi-Saint’ in the eyes of the Void Attendant, who had disappeared and reappeared, seemed to have changed his appearance?

Actually, there was no change to his appearance. Only his clothes were different.

When it appeared this time, the entire Heaven and Earth were restrained!

It wasn’t ‘as if’, ‘almost like’ or ‘seemed to be’.

The world had really been restrained!

Teng Shanhai’s heavy breathing stopped.

The Void Attendant put its hands together and almost broke through the turtle shell.

The flying sand and broken wood pieces, which should have been affected by the gravity of Abyss Island now dropped to the ground.

“Who called my name?”

Dust filled the sky and the whole place was in a mess. Jiang Buyi’s hair was white and he was dressed in white. He looked like an immortal who had fallen into the mortal world. There was a trace of anger in his calm tone.

When his Saint Language rang out, the dead silence was broken.

The white clouds changed rapidly and the tableau which had seemed frozen in place earlier was now gone.

The debris in the air also fell to the ground as they returned to their fateful end and dropped into the dust.

“Bang bang, bang bang, bang bang!”

In his Disappearing State, the heartbeat of the Holy Emperor Dragon Scale in Xu Xiaoshou’s hand thudded rapidly.


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