Chapter 116 – Punishment (1)

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May 26th, 2023

As everyone knows, I have made a promise with Cecily to punish the Dark Elf who stole my manuscript and to visit Helium. Cecily said she would instruct Gartz to bring me to her a week after the performance ended, but there was a slight problem here.

 It was none other than Marie.

Ever since the first night we spent together, she had demanded a relationship every day. On the first day, she was lying in bed all day because she was exhausted, but from then on, she stuck to me without any intention to let go. Even when I was writing, she would stare at me from the bed, or subtly wriggle her body during meals, or stare intently out the window while I was exercising.

Not only did she never take her eyes off me for a moment, but she demanded a relationship day and night.

I, too, was at an age when my lust was boiling, so I could easily oblige her. However, eternity doesn’t exist in this world. We didn’t even officially get engaged, and Marie’s continued stay in our mansion was clearly inappropriate.

“Can’t we stay a little longer?”

“No, you need to start preparing for the Academy’s reopening soon.”

“Just one more day…”



At first, Marie asked my mother, who would become her mother-in-law, but it was impossible. It had already been a few days since she had been staying at our mansion at her mother-in-law’s request.

Marie was greatly disappointed and had to go to sleep, even though her sexual desire had taken over her mind. I was also disappointed, but since we weren’t breaking up forever, I looked forward to meeting her at the Academy.

So, as Marie was about to leave, she hesitated for a moment and then asked my mother once again.

“Can’t you spare me some time?”

“How long?”

“I will need to take a shower, so about 2 hours…?”

“I knew you would say that and reserved the carriage later.”

“Thank you, Mother!”

My mother was no pushover. As soon as Marie got permission from her, she quickly grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom.

And then… you can guess what happened without me saying anything. Anyway, Marie went back to the mansion the day before I left for Helium.

“See you at the Academy. Will you die if you don’t cheat on me until then?”

“Why do I have to cheat?”

“Because there’s Cecily.”

“… …”

“Just kidding. Give me a kiss.”

Honestly, I felt a pang in my chest, so I quickly kissed her to distract her. After lightly touching lips with me, Marie smiled and waved goodbye. At the same time, the carriage she boarded began to move forward slowly.

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I also waved my hand towards the slowly moving carriage as I slowly moved back. There were exactly five days left until the start of the academy, so I thought I would be able to see her again soon.

I wonder if Marie can hold out until then. I’m very worried that she’ll rush at me like a horny beast as soon as we get to the academy.

It wasn’t just empty words, as if determined not to leave me alone for even a moment while I stayed at the mansion, she would pounce on me every time I was resting. She was truly like a lioness.

“You must be feeling really disappointed. Your girlfriend left, after all.” 

My mother said kindly as we saw her off, while I was thinking something else in my head. My father hadn’t come to see her off, and by now he would probably be sparring with one of the three, Bryce, Nicole, or Adelia.

I looked at my mother’s face as she spoke, which looked like her skin was glowing, as if she had been doing yoga or some other exercise for the past few days. She was exuding a beauty that was not inferior to that of a woman in her twenties.

On the other hand, my father, despite his iron constitution, looked tired. It seemed that my parents had been the same as Marie and I, spending many fiery nights together.

Of course, my parents always showed an excessive amount of affection, to the point of spilling over, so for me it was just an ordinary daily routine.

“Even though it’s regrettable, we’ll be able to see each other soon, so we just have to bear it until then.”

“Still, for that child, each day will feel like a year. You know how lonely I was every time your father went out of town for work, right?”

“So how did you manage to get through it?”

“I pretended to go visit him… haha. But that’s all I’m going to say. It was an exciting experience for me, so I still remember it.”

“… …”

I chuckled at my mother’s story. It seemed that in the past, they had an almost wildfire-level of passionate love, which still burned brightly even now.

To be clear, I am confident that there are no couples like our parents in this world. The fact that I have three siblings is evidence enough.

“It’s really amazing that you haven’t had more children yet.”

“Maybe one will come soon. The medicine I gave you was just temporary.”

“… …”

If a youngest child were born now, they would almost be a grandchild. My older brother and sister are knights, so it’s only because of that that my parents haven’t pressured me to get married and have children already.

I watched my mother, who had started to happily wonder what name she would give a youngest child if one were born, and shook my head. I expect she probably would have had at least five children if she hadn’t been taking birth control pills regularly.

“Oh, by the way. Didn’t you say you’re going to Helium tomorrow?”

“Yes. They said they’re sending someone over from there. They’re going to use teleportation, so I’ll be back within two days at the latest.”

“Helium… Even I’ve only heard the name, so I don’t really know what kind of place it is.”

Since Helium has taken a largely closed and restrictive stance until now, the majority of people don’t know what kind of place it is.

Fortunately, there are vast areas of arable land and abundant resources, so self-sufficiency was possible, but apart from that, very little is known about the place.

Rumors circulated about things like the sky being red and ominous, or demons attacking and buying and selling parts of people’s bodies. However, these are just all sorts of strange rumors, and there is little that has been properly confirmed.

However, I know well that demons are not much different from ordinary people, so I’m not particularly worried. Besides, Cecily and Gartz will be there to protect me, so there won’t be any problems.

“Even though every place where people live is the same, do you think there could be something strange? I can’t believe rumors that easily.”

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“That’s true. Anyway, are you getting ready?”

“Even if you call it preparation, it’s just a matter of dressing well.”

As my mother and I were talking, we entered the mansion. I was also planning to go inside to write, so I followed her. It felt empty without Marie by my side, but I could endure until we met at the academy. It was when I was walking towards my bedroom.



As soon as I passed the corner, someone suddenly popped out and scared me. I was so startled that my heart almost stopped beating. I grabbed my pounding chest and looked to see who it was. It was Adelia, whom I thought would be practicing with father.

She smiled at my reaction and spoke in her husky voice, which still sounded charming. 

“My cutie. Did I scare you? Your surprised face is cute too.”

“…Adelia noona.”


Even though I called her in a low voice, Adelia shamelessly laughed. I sighed and spoke quietly. 

“Anyway, what happened here? Weren’t you practicing with father?”

“We already finished and came back after showering. Also, I have to return to the academy soon, so I need to prepare.”

Come to think of it, Adelia’s brown hair was still damp. Her face looked smooth as if she just finished washing it. 

She was wearing a shirt, which highlighted her figure, and it seems like she hastily wiped herself down before putting it on, as her body was almost fully exposed. Thanks to the exhibition, I didn’t realize before, but I now noticed that her chest is also quite large, not unlike Marie’s.

Even if she was abandoned by her family and treated harshly, she must have eaten and slept well, so it’s natural that she has good physical development.

‘…This is not the time.’

I quickly shook my head left and right. I shouldn’t be thinking about these things now, just after Marie left the mansion.

As I was thinking about Marie, It felt like I was burning up inside.

“When are you returning to the academy?”

“I’ll return within three days at the latest. Since Nicole and I are teaching assistants, we also have to do some individual maintenance work. By the way, where did your girlfriend go?”

“She just returned to her mansion.”

“Oh, really? That’s a shame.”

Adelia didn’t lose her smiling expression, whether she was serious or just trying to make a joke. While staring at her, I suddenly remembered my handkerchief and asked.

“By the way, Adelia noona. When will you return my handkerchief?”

“Huh, what? You-your handkerchief?”


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As soon as I mentioned the handkerchief, Adelia’s smiling expression disappeared in an instant, and she looked greatly bewildered. I could roughly guess what was going on – either Adelia had lost her handkerchief, or she had used it to wipe off sweat. 

According to Nicole, Adelia was the type of person who didn’t care about her own or other people’s belongings and just used them carelessly.

And my guess was right. Adelia hesitated to answer while mumbling, but when she saw my expression, she opened her mouth in a voice that seemed to crawl away.

“Um… Can I give it to you later? I accidentally used it to wipe off sweat earlier…”

“It’s okay. You can keep using the handkerchief, just don’t lose it.”

“Really? Can I keep using it?”

As I spoke as if I didn’t care, Adelia surprisingly became excited and brought her face closer to me. It was not easy to handle her beautiful face, which seemed handsome and pretty at the same time, coming so close to my nose.

I looked at her sky-blue eyes, twinkling with anticipation, and slowly nodded my head. Anyway, there were plenty of handkerchiefs, so it wouldn’t matter if I gave her one as a gift.

“Yes, you can keep using the handkerchief.”

“Thank you! I will keep it forever!”

“Keep it forever, huh…”

“It’s so cute and lovely! If only you didn’t have a girlfriend, I would date you first!”

Was she really that happy? Adelia hugged me unexpectedly and shook her body with joy. Maybe it was because she had just come out of the shower, but the scent of soap was stimulating my sense of smell.

Not only that, but the unique soft texture beyond the shirt transmitted its sensation completely, arousing my desire. However, I didn’t feel flustered at all and gently pushed Adelia away.

Since it was Adelia and not someone else, I could just let it go. I felt sorry for being rough with her before I learned about her tragic past. Adelia may seem fiery and domineering on the surface, but she has deep emotional scars. Therefore, I was careful with every word and action.

The incident where she threw a ball at me to catch Nicole’s attention, and even occasionally playing pranks or having skinship, were all a kind of emotional deficiency.

“Adelia, can you back off a bit? You shouldn’t do this to a guy who has a girlfriend.”

“Since I’m going to be a concubine, can’t I just stay close? If I can’t be a concubine, I’ll become a bodyguard knight.”

“You’re saying something you don’t mean.”

Fortunately, there was no one around, but if Marie had seen us, she would have mistaken us for having an affair. Adelia hugged me tightly as if I wasn’t doing anything wrong when I spoke to her.

Her expression, as she stepped back, was so innocent and pure. Adelia was truly fitting for this bright smile.

“Anyway, you can return the handkerchief to me later. I’m going now.”

“Alright. Oh, and…”


As I was about to take a step forward, Adelia briefly stopped me and looked at me with a look as if she had something to say.

However, Adelia only hesitated and couldn’t speak properly as before. I waited for her to speak up.

“…No. About me…”

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“Sorry. I forgot what I wanted to say.”

It didn’t seem like that at all. I became doubtful when Adelia forced a smile and spoke.

What did she want to say that made her hesitate? Seeing her forced smile, I worried that it might be a sad story for some reason.

“Well, I’ll be going now. Will you come to the training ground every weekend from now on?”


“If you need help at the academy, ask me. Nicole might find it difficult, but I’ll listen. Okay?”

“I’m not sure if I’ll need help at the academy, but I got it for now.”

“Okay. Well… Bye! I’m off!”

Adelia stumbled backward and then ran away as if she were running away. Her brown hair fluttered wildly in the wind.

I was a little surprised and reached out my hand towards her disappearing back, but before I could reach it, Adelia disappeared.

“…What was that?”

There was a small incident, but nothing changed in my work. I was a little worried about Adelia, but I could solve it little by little.

And so another uneventful day passed.

“Nice to see you again. I am Gartz, the escort knight of Princess Cecily.”

“Hello, Mr. Gartz. Nice to see you again.”

With Gartz’s official visit to our mansion, we were all ready to go to Helium.

That alone would not have been a problem, but…

“By the way, what’s this?”

“This is a magic safe I made myself. You can use it to securely store your valuable belongings. You know, things like the manuscript of Xenon’s Biography.”

“…Did you know about that, Mr. Gartz?”

“There were reasons.”

Gartz came with a silver safe that looked expensive, claiming it was a gift. His expression was so blunt that it was a little bewildering.

“If you place the palm of the owner on this safe, magic will automatically scan it. The owner’s hand is like a password and key.”

“…You made this in Helium? It wasn’t made by a dwarf?”

“The safe was made by a blacksmith, and I put the magic in it. It wasn’t that difficult.”

“… …”

Demons really were a cheat like race.

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