Chapter 236 – A Momentary Itch to Show Off One’s Skills

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Jian Yifan was a guest professor specially hired by the Piano Department of the School of Music at Jiangcheng Media University in the past two years.

However, speaking of his main profession, Jian Yifan was actually a well-known pianist.

Most of the time, he performed abroad, but sometimes when he returned home for a rest of one or two months, he would take some time to come to Jiangcheng Media University and give a few lessons to the students.

So, time was precious, even on weekends, Jiangcheng Media University arranged two classes for him.

The courses that Jian Yifan taught to the students were mainly instructional in nature. He would let the students play and then point out their shortcomings and give suggestions for improvement. Of course, he would also share some interesting stories, insights, and experiences from his performances abroad with the students

Overall, his courses were well received by the students, and Jian Yifan also enjoyed the feeling of communicating with young piano majors.

After finishing his class today, Jian Yifan was preparing to go home. Unexpectedly, he was blocked by the sudden heavy rain and could only temporarily stay in the guesthouse provided by the school. The school also helped him change his flight. But Jian Yifan didn’t like the enclosed and narrow space of the guesthouse. After asking some students, he came to this coffee shop at the back door to have a cup of coffee and pass the time.

But he never expected that in this unremarkable coffee shop, he would actually see a Theodore grand piano!

Of course, it wasn’t that Theodore grand pianos were very rare. There were two even higher-end ones in the piano classrooms of Jiangcheng Media University’s School of Music, and there was even a performance-level Theodore grand piano in the art hall of the music hall.

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But the problem was, in such a small coffee shop, there was actually a Theodore grand piano set up, which was usually only used for professional occasions!

When Jian Yifan saw it, his heart felt a bit chaotic. That’s why he couldn’t help but carefully examine it, confirmed that he didn’t misread the brand, and observed the surrounding environment.

People who love pianos couldn’t bear to let a pearl be covered in dust.

Fortunately, after looking around at the layout of the coffee shop, Jian Yifan reluctantly suppressed the strange anger he felt and refrain himself from calling out the owner of this coffee shop to scold him.

The sound quality of the sound system was good, and the record shelves displayed all around showed that the owner of this shop was a person who loved music and didn’t just buy a piano for appearances.

At this moment, Ding Xiang finished making the coffee. She looked up and saw him, and hurriedly called out, “Sir, I’m sorry, please don’t touch the piano in the shop.”

Yang Yi didn’t have this rule. It was just that once Ding Xiang’s roommates came over to see her work environment. The richest roommate said that this piano was expensive, which made Ding Xiang remember it.

Now, seeing the other party uncover the piano’s lid, Ding Xiang panicked, afraid that the other party would damage Yang Yi’s piano.

Jian Yifan’s hands were really itching. He opened the lid and wanted to press it. The excuse he came up with for himself was to test the sound and see if this Theodore grand piano was just a shell—although he didn’t doubt it.

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Now that Ding Xiang had spoken, Jian Yifan, who was in his fifties, felt a bit flustered. He felt as if he had done something sneaky and was very embarrassed. He quickly explained, “I’m sorry, I just wanted to take a look at your piano.”

“You can look, but don’t touch it!” Ding Xiang cared about the customer’s feelings while also expressing her concern. “What if it gets damaged?”

“No way, how could it break?” Jian Yifan was amused by Ding Xiang’s words and didn’t feel so embarrassed anymore. He introduced himself, “I am a teacher in the Piano Department of Jiangcheng Media University’s School of Music behind here. I teach piano. It’s not my first time seeing a piano. How could it break by just touching it?”

Upon hearing that the other party was a teacher, Ding Xiang felt embarrassed and quickly apologized, “I’m sorry, teacher. I didn’t know. Please forgive me.”

“No worries, you’re just doing your job.” Jian Yifan smiled and said, “Actually, when I saw such a good piano here, I had a momentary itch to play. But since it’s affecting your work, let’s forget it.”

“Thank you for understanding!” Ding Xiang said gratefully.

“Well, since you’re a professional piano teacher, it’s okay to use the piano.” Yang Yi finally spoke up at this moment. He originally wanted to keep a low profile, but seeing Ding Xiang, this silly girl, he couldn’t help but speak up to help her out.

“You are?” Jian Yifan looked at Yang Yi, who was still tall and sturdy, in surprise. At first, he thought Yang Yi was a customer of the coffee shop or a boy who came to pursue the girl (Ding Xiang).

“This is my boss.” Ding Xiang hurriedly introduced.

Yang Yi smiled and said, “I bought the piano back not just as a decoration. I usually play it myself. If a customer wants to show off their skills, they are welcome to try it out. Of course, they need to have confidence in their skills. After all, I don’t want our customers to hear a bunch of noise.”

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Although he said this to Jian Yifan, Yang Yi actually wanted Ding Xiang to hear it too. This girl seemed to have misunderstood something. No wonder she always looked at the piano with so many worries. It was completely unnecessary!

“Haha, if that’s the case, you can rest assured. I, Jian Yifan, am at least a pianist who has performed in Vienna,” Jian Yifan said while looking at Yang Yi with interest and thinking to himself that people should not be judged by their appearance. Such a burly person was also a music lover.

Looking at the layout of the shop, as well as the placement and maintenance of Theodore, Jian Yifan’s impression of Yang Yi improved a lot.

“Jian Yifan” Yang Yi gently pronounced the other person’s name, not having any impression. He smiled and gestured with his right hand, “Teacher Jian, please!”

“Then I’ll show you my shortcomings!”1 Jian Yifan didn’t beat around the bush and confidently sat down at the piano.

Although not considered top-notch, it was still a very good piano. Jian Yifan gently stroked the distinct black and white keys, and his love for it was already showing on his face.

The commotion finally caught Xixi’s attention. The little girl jumped off the sofa and ran to her father’s side with a bounce, like the small raindrops dancing outside the window.

“Papa, who is this grandpa?’ Xixi snuggled in her father’s arms, asking with a slight nasal voice.

Fortunately, Jian Yifan didn’t hear it, otherwise he would definitely have dyed all his hair black…

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“He’s a teacher who teaches piano,” Yang Yi whispered to his daughter.

On the other side, Jian Yifan finally stopped his reverent caressing and tried to play a short melody.

He listened with his eyes closed, as if judging the pitch of the piano.

This was naturally not a problem. Yang Yi could tune it himself and maintained it very well. After all, Mo Fei always wanted to play the piano every time she came!

Jian Yifan showed a satisfied expression, and then began his performance.

Lifting his hand, bending his fingers, pressing down. From the moment Jian Yifan played the first note, Yang Yi saw the other person’s extraordinary talent. Even he, who considered himself proficient in piano playing, couldn’t help but show a look of astonishment in his eyes.

Yang Yi’s proficiency might only be at an intermediate level for professional piano students, while Jian Yifan has directly crossed a huge gap and reached the heights of professional performers like Lang Lang and Li Yundi in his previous life!

Putting aside skills and other aspects first, the clear and pleasant sound of the piano, like the tinkling of springwater, has already sounded.

Yang Yi stopped his whispering with his daughter and listened attentively.

Jian Yifan might have been delighted by what he saw. In this small coffee shop, he suddenly started a small performance. He slowly played a movement called “Desert Camel Caravan” which was quite famous in this world.

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