1951 Just To Meet You

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Then, before she knew it, they were already hugging each other.

There was no need for any confession or words. Some of their feelings had already been understood at this moment.

Lin Yu couldn’t help laughing. “I don’t think I’ve taken a shower yet.”

“Then go wash up! I’ll make you a hotpot.”

Lin Yu stood up and looked down at her. “Okay.”

After taking a shower and eating hotpot, the two of them were extremely tired but also extremely happy. They chatted for a while before parting.

Ning Nuo returned to her room while Lin Yu went to the guest room.

The next morning, Ning Nuo, who was sleeping soundly, was woken up by a violent knock on the door. She rubbed her sleepy eyes and looked at the door.

Brother Yong stood at the door like an iron tower. “Ning Nuo, Ning Nuo, the news on Weibo has exploded. Did you see it?”

“I saw it!”

“So what’s going on? Are you really with Brother?”

Ning Nuo smiled. They could be considered to be together now, right?

Seeing her foolish smile, Brother Yong was so angry that he knocked her on her head. Lin Yu’s voice sounded. “Who allowed you to touch her?”

“Brother…” Brother Yong quickly retracted his hand and hid it behind his back, pretending that he never did it.

Lin Yu’s hair had yet to be styled, and some of it fell in front of his forehead. He was full of youthful energy and looked much more approachable than usual.

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Brother Yong wished he could secretly take ten photos and admire them forever.

But under Lin Yu’s gaze, it was obvious that he couldn’t do it.

Lin Yu walked closer and stopped in front of Ning Nuo. He reached out and draped his coat over her shoulders.

Brother Yong was envious and jealous.

How could his idol like her?!

“If there’s anything you have to say, say it to me.” Lin Yu looked at Brother Yong.

Brother Yong gulped and said, “Your photos with Yao Yao got exposed, so the outside world is arguing quite fiercely now. It’s not good for your reputation. We should do some public relations first to eliminate the bad influence and clarify…”

“Clarify what?” Lin Yu asked.

Under his gaze, Lin Yu reached out and clasped Ning Nuo’s fingers.

Ning Nuo was also held by him yesterday, but that was a normal reaction during a crisis. At that time, everyone was helping each other, so it was normal for such a thing to happen.

Today, she was once again held by him, but everything was different now.

She could feel the strength of his fingers and the distinct shape of his joints. The temperature of his hand was completely different from hers.

Every feeling intertwined and became a completely different feeling.

It was so intimate and a little unbelievable.

Brother Yong’s eyes widened. “You can’t do this!”

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“Why can’t I do this?”

“Ning Nuo, tell him. Tell him!”

She was not Ning Luyao. Why was she using such an identity to be with Lin Yu?

Ning Nuo looked at Lin Yu carefully and was about to speak when Lin Yu said calmly, “I don’t care who she is, what her identity is, or what her background is. She and I are together.”

Ning Nuo immediately felt at ease. He did not mind all of that.

He did not care about her identity at all.

Brother Yong cried out, “Big shot, please understand my feelings.”

“You came over so early in the morning to handle things. You probably haven’t had breakfast yet, right? It’s been hard on you. Let me show you some PDA,” Lin Yu teased.

Brother Yong bit his handkerchief. ‘Why are you such a bad idol?’

Lin Yu logged into Weibo. [I’ve already gone down the mountain. I’m safe now. We’re together @Ning Nuo]

He also informed Sister Ai that the production team of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them did not have to edit out the parts when he called Ning Nuo ‘Nuo Nuo.’

Ning Nuo also logged into Weibo. [I’ve already gone down the mountain. I’m safe. We’re together @Lin Yu]

She did not log in to Ning Luyao’s Weibo account, but she did not have a Weibo account, so she registered a new account. Her profile picture was of herself.

However, the fans could clearly tell that this Ning Nuo was Ning Luyao.

Did she think that no one would be able to recognize her just because she changed her name?

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Wasn’t she still the pretentious bimbo from before?

Besides, their response was obviously in response to the previous news!

Lin Yu’s fans were furious. [Why? Ahhh! I want to quit being a fan! Why did Lin Yu take a fancy to such a woman?! Was he bewitched?!]

[I won’t accept it, not for the rest of my life!]

[I definitely don’t agree. This woman is really not worthy of our idol! I don’t agree at all!]

[I want to quit being a fan too. I’ve liked him for so many years. He’s smart and wise. Why is he so muddle-headed this time?]

[That woman must have cast a spell on him! It must be!]

[Lin Yu, you won’t really do this, right?]

[Tell me, is today April Fool’s?]

[Lin Yu, if you’re kidnapped, just blink. Your fans will gather money to save you!]

[I’m having a nightmare and haven’t woken up yet, right? Please wake me up quickly.]

Ning Luyao’s fans were also dumbfounded. They could not believe what was happening in front of them. Their big eyes were filled with doubt.

[What’s going on? What happened? What’s going on?]

[Yao Yao has already proven that it’s her! Although she didn’t use her own Weibo, it’s already very obvious, okay? She used her alternate account!]

[She’s really with Lin Yu? Yao Yao, you’re great!]

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[The girl I like is really not bad! Good luck in your relationship!]

[Hahaha, I always thought that she would find a guy who was similar to her. I didn’t expect her to find such a good man. I can only give her my blessings!]

Compared to Lin Yu’s fans who were very resistant to this relationship, Ning Luyao’s fans were much more accepting. After all, in terms of status, reputation, popularity, and status in the circle, Ning Luyao was dating someone out of her league.

Usually, when a woman tried to climb up the social ladder using a man, the whole society would accept her.

It was precisely because their attitudes were completely different that Lin Yu’s fans rushed over and started fighting again.

Because it was a disaster now, the fact that the fans of the two sides were taking up public resources left a big impact.

Anti-fans appeared one after another. [These actors are ruining the country! Why are they still wasting resources at a time like this?]

[What are you fighting for? Do you know what’s going on outside? Instead of helping with disaster relief, you’re only causing trouble here!]

[I used to have a good impression of Lin Yu. I didn’t expect him to be such a high-and-mighty person. My opinion of him has changed!]

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