Godly Base

Chapter 258

258 – Combat

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A black shadow flew out of the body of the Apparition powerhouse, jumped into the body of a Minotaur standing aside, and quickly took control of the Minotaur’s body.

“Kamila is a bit weak!”

Shu Feng took a look at Kamila. Although the strength of this beautiful Dark Elven beauty has been improving, but her progress is far slowed than that of Shu Feng, Hasna, and Luna.

“Andrea, come out!”

Shu Feng waved his hand and summoned Andrea from the base space.

Shu Feng spent 10 points of origin force to quickly heal the seriously injured Andrea, who was on the brink of death, and have her recover her full strength.

“Greetings, master!”

When Andrea saw Shu Feng, she gnashed her teeth and wanted to tear him up, but she couldn’t help saying thusly.

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Shu Feng pointed at the 10 bridges of bones, “Kill the Hollow Demons at the Spirit Grandmaster realm!”


Andrea’s eyes flashed coldly, and she gripped Thunder Hawk and fired at an Apparition powerhouse on one of the 10 bridges of bones.

A blue lightning hawk suddenly emerged, ran through a mist, and slammed into a Spirit Grandmaster realm Apparition powerhouse.

The Spirit Grandmaster realm Apparition powerhouse screamed miserably as his head was pierced. A black shadow just flew out when blue lightning knocked into it and turned it into ashes.

Killing a Spirit Grandmaster realm Apparition powerhouse with one shot, this is the terror of Thunderhawk Andrea.

The bridges of bones are only 20 meters wide and are full of Hollow Demons, making it more suitable for Andrea to display her strength.

Lightning hawks emerged, tore through space, crashed into Spirit Grandmaster realm Apparition powerhouses, and blasted the opponents apart one after another.

The Goblin Kings quickly changed their equipment. They raised rocket launchers and fired, and rockets slammed into the bridges of bones like meteors and crushed the Hollow Demons on the bridges of bones one by one.

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After Shu Feng became an aristocratic family patriarch, one of the privileges he gained was to be able to buy all kinds of conventional fire weapons without restriction in the Qianyuan Republic.

At the same time, Shu Feng can purchase 500 1st tier spirit guns, 30 2nd tier spirit guns, and five 3rd tier spirit guns every year. Furthermore, he only needs to pay money, not contribution points.

This is because aristocratic family powerhouses are not only nobles who rule the Qianyuan Republic and can enjoy all kinds of privileges, but also have the duty of fighting against Hollow Demons. After all, if they don’t have access to fire weapons, how can the aristocratic families contend against Hollow Demons?

Kaboom! Kaboom! Kaboom!

Spirit Master realm Apparition powerhouses can’t resist the bombardment of the rockets. Only Great Spirit Master realm Apparitions and above can withstand it.

Seeing that sniping Spirit Grandmaster realm powerhouses wasn’t really effective, Kamila started to target Great Spirit Master realm powerhouses and easily killed them one after another.

Countless Hollow Demons were torn apart, and a large amount of soul force was absorbed by Shu Feng and became resources for producing synthetic beasts.

On a bridge of bones, a black corpse surrounded by dreadful Hollow Demon force suddenly flew out and knocked into a lightning hawk fired by Andrea.

Lightning thundered and black Hollow Demon force billowed. A large hole appeared on its body, and the black corpse fell to the ground. The black corpse withstood the lightning hawk that could kill a Spirit Grandmaster realm Hollow Demon.

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“Spirit Venerable realm Apparition powerhouse!”

Shu Feng’s eyes constricted, and he fixed his gaze on an eight-meter-tall Frost Giant with blue hair, blue eyes, and shiny blue runes engraved on the body on the bridge of bones.

Frost Giants are a species of Giants that exists in the World of Grunt and the World of Endorsas. Mature Frost Giants have the ability to manipulate ice force, have superior strength and fearsome defensive power, and possess Spirit Venerable realm combat power or above.

Andrea’s beautiful eyes flashed coldly. She pulled the trigger repeatedly, and lightning hawks roared and shot toward the Frost Giant possessed by Yin Jiuming, a Spirit Venerable realm Apparition powerhouse.

Yin Jiuming smiled icily, grabbed an Apparition powerhouse standing next to him, surged with frightening Hollow Demon force, and unleashed Apparition Corpse Claw, a secret method of the Apparition clan. In an instant, Yin Jiuming transformed the Apparition powerhouse into an Apparition Poison Corpse and threw him toward the lightning hawk. The Apparition Poison Corpse crashed into the lightning hawk and smashed it.

Apparition Poison Corpses flew out and blocked the lightning hawks one by one.

The Spirit Grandmaster realm Apparition powerhouses around Yin Jiuming turned into mist.

When rockets plunged into the mist, they began to corrode and collapse and then turned into countless pieces.

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Shu Feng ordered, “Change to another bridge of bones!”

Andrea’s eyes flashed with the hue of unwillingness, and she focused on another bridge of bones and began to snipe Apparition powerhouses.

“Andrea! A genius of White Hawk Sword! To dare attack me, you have great courage. Just you wait, I will snap your limbs inch by inch and make you howl in pain!”

Yin Jiujin, who occupied the body of a dragonman genius, smiled viciously. He unleashed Apparition Corpse Claw, grabbed an Apparition powerhouse beside him, and threw him. The Apparition powerhouse knocked into a lightning hawk in the air, and the lightning hawk blew apart.

Andrea’s eyes flashed coldly, and she said fiercely: “Smelly Hollow Demon! Before you can do that, I will smash your head in and put it up you butt!”

Andrea works in White Hawk Sword, where most of her companions are men. Furthermore, in her line of work, she met countless scum and dregs and thus became quite fierce.

At the front of a bridge of bones, the eyes of a two-meter-tall human corpse with a big sword suddenly flashed. The human corpse broke out with Hollow Demon force, erupted with Spirit Grandmaster realm pressure, and swung his sword, and a black sword ray burst out and sliced three Dragonhounds blocking the bridge to pieces.

Apparition powerhouses can abandon their bodies and occupy the bodies of other clan powerhouses. Once they occupy a body, they can gain part of its memories and abilities.

The human corpse is the corpse of a human legendary Sword Saint of the World of Grunt and has been occupied by Yin Bayin. By possessing the human corpse, Yin Bayin obtained part of the legendary Sword Saint’s swordsmanship skills, which is far greater than that of ordinary people.

The figure of the Steel Beast, who has completed the Second Stage Transformation, suddenly flashed, and he lunged at Yin Bayin and slashed with his blade.

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