Godly Base

Chapter 257

257 – Killing The Spirit Venerable Realm Hollow Demon

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After the black claw rays blew up a dozen plus Dragon Breaths, Yin Shian was finally hit by several Dragon Breaths. A Hollow Demon force membrane appeared on his body and shattered the several Dragon Breaths one after another.

After several Dragon Breaths were shattered, another three Dragon Breaths crashed into Yin Shian, exploded, and set him on fire, turning him into a torch.

Along with a flash of strange light, a black shadow flew out of Yin Shian’s body, mixed with the wind, and fled into the distance.

Yin Shian is an Apparition clan powerhouse subordinated to Apparition King. Apparition clan powerhouses are proficient in psyche secret methods, specializing in the domain of souls. They don’t value the physical body and can discard it at will. Of course, apart from some bodies with incredible aptitude, Apparition clan powerhouses prefer their own bodies.

Yin Shian had just abandoned his body when another salvo of Dragon Breaths dropped down and covered all the escape routes of his soul.

Yin Shian’s soul was bombarded by several Dragon Breaths and was immediately set on fire. While issuing shrill screams, he turned into a torch, fell on the ground, and rolled around in pain.

Dragon Breaths crashed into the torch, fanned its flames, and finally burned Yin Shian’s soul into ashes.

Shu Feng looked at Yin Shian’s ashes and raised the corners of his mouth into a faint smile: “That’s a Spirit Venerable realm monster for you! I had to use 400 White Dragon Eagles to deal with him!”

The 400 White Dragon Eagles are synthetic beasts to synthesize which Shu Feng spent a great deal of soul force and spirit force, and they each possess Spirit Grandmaster realm combat power. They are Shu Feng’s hidden trump card on Blue Star.

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Ever since Shu Feng was placed on the Hollow Demon Bounty List, in addition to people of the Hollow Demon Society, people of Jie Demonic Cult and people of who knows how many other forces want to take his life. The 400 White Dragon Eagles are a big surprise that Shu Feng prepared for those people. However, the first one to taste this surprise was Yin Shian.

A notification sounded: “high-level soul force +1, psionic energy +2 million, spirit force +1 million, origin force +100.”

Shu Feng’s eyes revealed a smile, “Not bad! I got another point of high-level soul force!”

High-level soul force is a precious resource that can be combined with origin force and other resources to form a synthetic beast with Great Grandmaster realm combat power. It can also be directly injected into Shu Feng’s soul to strengthen his soul and improve his cultivation aptitude.

Crack! Crack!

A series of sharp sounds rose, and countless cracks appeared on the seemingly endless bridge of bones.

When they saw this scene, the eyes of the Apparition powerhouses flickered with panic, and they rushed toward the front like crazy.

The Steel Beast and hundreds of Dragonhounds blocked the exit of the bridge and tore the Apparition powerhouses who just crossed the bridge apart.

Notifications indicating the increase in soul force rose continuously.

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“Origin force +10,000!”


When Shu Feng succeeded in extracting 10,000 points of origin force, the bridge of bones fell apart and dropped into endless darkness.

The moment when the Apparition powerhouses who were on the bridge fell into the darkness, they were torn to shreds by space turbulence.

Shu Feng watched the bridge of bones collapse and muttered with discontent: “Is this it? It can’t be, right? Why aren’t there a few more?”

The countless Apparition powerhouses Shu Feng dealt with on the bridge of bones brought him a lot of soul force at one go, enough for him to synthesize another 30 White Dragon Eagles.

As for the 10,000 origin force extracted from the bridge of bones, it can be used as Shu Feng’s cultivation resources.

Whether it is the Steel Beast, Kamila, Luna, Hasna, or Su Mi, they all need massive amounts of origin force to evolve rapidly. There is not enough origin force to meet all their needs.

On the other side of the endless darkness, there is a vast square. In the center of the square, there is a 500-meter-tall white altar made from the bones of countless intelligent creatures.

In front of the white bone altar, there is a huge black hole.  A bridge of bones extends into the black hole from the white bone altar, with countless Apparition soldiers moving along the bridge.

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Along with a crisp sound, the bridge of bones collapsed. The countless Apparition soldiers on the bridge of bones fell into the void rift and were torn to pieces by space turbulence.

“Sir count! The spatial bridge was destroyed! What do we do now?”

A handsome Apparition baron with pallid skin, looking like a dead person, came to a tall Apparition count wearing silver armor, with blond hair and blue eyes and reported.

The Apparition count with blond hair and blue eyes is Count Yin Yiluo, the commander of the Apparition clan army stationed at the white bone altar.

“Mobilize another 10 bridges and tell Count Yin Jiuming, Count Yin Jiujin, Count Yin Bayin, and Count Yin Bahai to lead the troops. The Spirit Saints and quasi-Saints of Blue Star didn’t show any abnormal changes. There are at most some White Hawk Sword elite investigators and God Research Society small fries over there.”

“Four counts can suppress everything that’s over there! So long as a bridgehead is successfully established in that space, I will recommend them for promotion to the lord!” Yin Yiluo’s eyes flashed coldly, and he issued orders decisively.

“Yes! Sir count!”

Around the huge white bone altar, Apparition soldiers swung their blades and killed humans, demi-humans, beastmen, and other intelligent creatures and then threw their corpses onto the middle of the altar.

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Blood-colored light billowed, and 10 bridges of bones extended into the black hole from the white bone altar.

“Eh! That’s more like it!”

In the ancient Thia civilization site, Shu Feng looked at the 10 bridges of bones that suddenly appeared, and his eyes glimmered with a cheerful shade. He willed and summoned 300 Spirit Master realm Souleaters.

The Dragonhounds are extremely powerful, but a prolonged fight will consume their strength. In such a defensive battle, it is necessary to arrange some low-level troops.

The Souleaters can reduce the strain on the Dragonhounds.

The Godlin Kings equipped with heavy machine guns pulled the trigger, and bullets barreled toward the Apparition soldiers on the bridges of bones.

10 Spirit Grandmaster realm Apparition powerhouses appeared on the 10 bridges of bones respectively, shimmered with dim light, and turned into a mist.

When the rain of bullets hit the mist, they were quickly decomposed, unable to harm the respective Apparition powerhouses.


Kamila appeared and fired an arrow, and a black moonlight ran through a mist and blew the head of a Spirit Grandmaster realm Apparition powerhouse apart.

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