Godly Base

Chapter 256

256 – The Hollow Demon Battlefield Opens

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“Eh! Not dead yet?”

Shu Feng’s eyes flashed with the color of surprise.

A Dragonhound rushed to the area scorched by the Dragon Breaths and found a person. It was Thunderhawk Andrea. At this time, this genius of White Hawk Sword has been burned beyond recognition. A necklace hanging around her neck shone with green light and guarded her last breath of life.

If Shu Feng lets her be, Thunderhawk Andrea will eventually die.

“This chick is strong. Furthermore, she is a genius of White Hawk Sword. She is worth using.”

Shu Feng contemplated for a moment and then threw Thunderhawk Andrea into the Soldier Synthesis Nest.

Transparent tentacles appeared and stabbed into Andrea’s body, and a large amount of mucus gushed out and transformed her genes.

Mysterious ripples transmitted from the Central Control Tower and transformed Andrea’s soul.

A big blue egg emerged and wrapped Andrea in it, repairing her body and eroding her soul.

“Thia God’s leg!”

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With a burning gleam in his eyes, Shu Feng grabbed the leg, retrieved it into the base space, and threw it into the Flesh Forge, where it was dissolved directly. 

A notification sounded: “God blood +20, god flesh +30, divinity of strength +2, divinity of agility +2, origin force +100,000.”

Shu Feng raised the corners of his mouth: “Four points of divinity, 100,000 points of origin force, and 20 points of god blood! Awesome!”

This huge amount of resources can allow Shu Feng to easily enter the Spirit Grandmaster realm and make his aptitude more formidable.

Kaboom! Kaboom! Kaboom!

Along with rumbling noises, the wall behind Shu Feng suddenly cracked, fragmented, and collapsed completely, revealing a weird, distorted dark hole.

Vast Hollow Demon force gushed out of the large hole and shrouded Thia God’s shrine.

A bridge made of bones extended from the large hole. On the bridge of bones, there are countless soldiers formed from the corpses of Minotaurs, Ogres, humans, demi-humans, and other clan powerhouses.

In just a moment, the 20-meter-wide bridge of bones reached this side, and the corpses on the bridge rushed toward Shu Feng.

“You want to compete in numbers?”

With a cold look in his eyes, Shu Feng waved his hand, and 100 Dragonhounds emerged and rushed toward the corpses on the bridge of bones. Under the assault of 100 Dragonhounds, the corpses were torn to pieces one after another.

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Phantoms flew out of the corpses, yet were soon torn to pieces by the Dragonhounds.

Goblin Kings equipped with heavy machine guns appeared and fired at the corpses on the bridge of bones.

Swept by the barrage of steel, countless corpses were blasted into pieces and fell off the bridge.

Notifications rang incessantly in Shu Feng’s mind, informing him that a lot of soul force is being collected.

“Discovered Blue Star origin force! It is located below and can be directly extracted! Warning, extracting Blue Star origin force will reduce the weakening of Hollow Demon invaders in this area.”

Shu Feng frowned, “It can’t be extracted?”

Shu Feng came to the ancient Thia God civilization site to look for origin force. Now there is origin force right in front of his eyes, yet he can’t extract it. This made him feel anguished.

“Discovered Hollow Demon origin force! Should it be extracted?”

Shu Feng’s eyes lit up, and he said, “Of course!”

Transparent tentacles extended from Shu Feng’s feet, stabbed into the bridge of bones, and began to extract origin force from the bridge of bones.

“Shu Feng, how does it feel to open the Hollow Demon Battlefield?”

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Along with a surge of a black gust of wind, countless strands of Hollow Demon force converged, and Yin Shian appeared, smiled at Shu Feng, and spoke thusly.

Shu Feng’s eyes constricted, and he asked slowly, “Was this your plot?”

“That’s right. Thia God’s leg and the golden statue have been suppressing this space node. For us Hollow Demons to pass through this space node, Thia God’s leg and the golden statue had to be destroyed first. I just made a few suggestions. You greedy humans were the ones who broke the seal and opened the space node.”

“In the end, the person who opened the seal was you, Shu Feng! How does it feel to be a great sinner of the human clan? Are you interested in joining the Hollow Demon clan? I can prepare a suitable transformation ceremony and let you become a true Hollow Demon!” Yin Shian uttered with a light smile.

“The person who opened the seal was not me, but Andrea and White Hawk Sword. This has nothing to do with me. I just discovered the Hollow Demon Battlefield!”

Shu Feng spoke righteously. After all, the golden statue was destroyed by Andrea. He won’t shoulder this burden.

At this moment, Luna’s figure fluttered, and she appeared behind Yin Shian like a lightning bold and stabbed at him with her sword.

“The speed of this rabbit demi-human is quite amazing! Unfortunately, her strength is still a bit lacking.”

In an instant, a black skull emerged from Yin Shian, opened its mouth, and bit the tip of Luna’s sword.

Yin Shian pointed at Luna, and black Hollow Demon force turned into black ropes that shot toward Luna.

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Luna’s countenance suddenly changed dramatically. She retreated quickly and unleashed fearsome sword rays that sliced the black ropes apart.

“Shu Feng, with the Hollow Demon Battlefield formed, my strength was restored completely! Even if it’s a Spirit Venerable realm powerhouse, they won’t be a match for me here. Now surrender!”

Yin Shian smiled placidly. Countless strands of black Hollow Demon force poured into his body and made his aura soar. Spirit Venerable realm aura diffused from him.

“Take this!”

Shu Feng waved his hand, and 200 White Dragon Eagles appeared in the air.

The 200 White Dragon Eagles belched Dragon Breath, which shot toward Yin Shian like raindrops.

“Dragon Breath! So many? How can those monsters belch Dragon Breath?”

Yin Shian’s complexion changed greatly. Black skulls emerged from him, and Yin Shian ran toward the rear like crazy.

The Dragon Breaths slammed into the black skulls and set them on fire, and grey smoke rose.

In just a moment, the dozens of black skulls next to Yin Shian were directly vaporized.

Yin Shian’s figure flashed. He brandished his hands, and black claw rays containing Hollow Demon force blew the Dragon Breaths up one after another.

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