God of Fishing

Chapter 3109: 3109

3109 God Slayer, Han Fei (1)

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Han Fei didn’t expect that the crown prince of the Divine Capital would come to the God Ferrying Ancient Land to break through to the Great Monarch realm.

Breaking through to the Great Monarch realm in half an hour meant that this crown prince of the Divine Capital already had the ability to break through to the Great Monarch realm. Could it be that he was suppressing his cultivation just for the God Ferrying Ancient Land?

This didn’t make sense! After all, no one knew that the God Ferrying Ancient Land would open at this time. What if he had to wait for ten thousand years?

Besides, even if the crown prince of the Divine Capital knew that the God Ferrying Ancient Land was going to be opened, did he know that the Graveyard of Gods would also be opened?

Therefore, Han Fei was more willing to believe that it was a coincidence than a scheme, even if it seemed to be full of schemes.

However, the breakthrough of the crown prince of the Divine Capital wouldn’t do any harm to Han Fei. Whether he was friendly or hostile, if he had just broken through to the Great Monarch realm, it was impossible for him to kill him. Besides, Zhang Xuanyu was holding the Divine Tribulation in his hand, which was a great threat to him.

At this moment, the Blade-Holder of the Primordial Divine Academy tried to beat Han Fei aside to help his allies.

However, how could Han Fei let him go? Immediately, Han Fei pretended that his blood and Qi soared to the sky, while secretly circulating his Original Great Dao, and his combat power soared by three times.

With a full-strength explosive power technique, Han Fei smashed the Blade-Holder to the Star Tomb with brute force. This knife contained the Ragnarok and the Dao of Slaughter God, causing the Blade-Holder’s blood and Qi to tremble and his hands to tremble slightly.

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“Did you hide your true cultivation level?”

The Blade-Holder’s face changed slightly. Even if Han Fei’s body was Carefree-level and he had reached the peak of the Extreme Dao, theoretically speaking, it was impossible for him to completely contend with him. The Carefree Level and the Immortal Level were not only one level away. Just now, he didn’t use his full strength because he wanted to comprehend Han Fei’s knife intent. Now that Han Fei’s strength had soared, he could actually contend with him. Han Fei must have hid his strength before!

At this moment, Chu Tianlang summoned his Companion Spirit, the Ancient Sky Wolf, and seemed to have activated a secret method. His Dharmakaya roared and his strength soared, raising his strength by a small level.

Peach Blossom Five of the Divine Demon Forest and Chen Hongyan of the Flying Immortal Tower had also activated their secret techniques.

Chu Tianlang shouted, “Mr. Blade-Holder, what are you doing? The crown prince of the Divine Capital is half a step into the Great Monarch realm. We must not let him make a breakthrough, or we will all die.”


The Blade-Holder jumped up, his body shining brightly. Obviously, he had activated his Dharmakaya. As he raised his hand, infinite power was sucked away.

He roared, “Your strength is great, so I’ll break it with strength technique.”

Han Fei sneered. With the enhancement of the law of gravity, void Dao Patterns bloomed behind him, carrying the power of sealing.

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After a clash, Han Fei felt that half of his body went numb and he was slashed back tens of thousands of kilometers. His body, which was at the peak of the Carefree Level, was actually covered with knife marks and even vaguely seeped with blood.

“Is this the true power of a Dharmakaya? Sure enough, Bai Ye from the Ancient Demon Race was a piece of cake. This Blade-Holder obviously didn’t use his full strength just now. Now that he has become serious, even with three times my combat power, I’m still at a disadvantage.”

Little did he know that the Blade-Holder was also shocked at this moment. Is his physique so strong? He had used 80% of his strength in his full state, but it only pushed this guy back?

He was already half a step into the late-stage of the Immortal Level.

The Blade-Holder advanced again, and Han Fei knew that it was not good. This person had a deep understanding of the Knife Dao. With only three times his normal combat power, he probably couldn’t defeat this guy.

Immediately, Han Fei pretended to spit out a mouthful of essence blood on the Blood Sky Blade. In the next moment, his aura soared, and his strength soared to five times his combat power.

This was the theoretical upper limit that he could bear at this moment, and it was also the limit of the Heavenly Dao Jade Marrow Bone. His Heavenly Dao Jade Marrow Bone was actually very strong, but it was not enough. It was difficult for him to advance further until he reached the Immortal Level. Although he could continue to improve if he were to risk his life, it was unnecessary. How could the crown prince who was going to become a Great Monarch not prepare anything?

Seeing that Han Fei was using a certain secret technique again and his strength was rising again, the Blade-Holder frowned and launched a series of knife lights. Han Fei managed to deal with them with the Law of Gravity.

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The Blade-Holder said, “Your secret method must’ve consumed a lot of spiritual energy. If you don’t retreat now, I’m afraid you won’t be able to.”

Han Fei sneered. “Don’t even think about intervening in the battle over there.”

“Humph, die!”

“Magical Saber, Massacre.”

The Blade-Holder’s aura soared, and in the void tens of thousands of kilometers behind him, mystic techniques filled the sky, condensing into a saber. The Blade-Holder pushed forward with his own hand, crushing the law of gravity in anger.

Han Fei said, “Kill!”

Clang! Bam!

In terms of strength, Han Fei could block this attack, but the other party’s law was too strong. Han Fei couldn’t fully use his five times combat power and kept retreating.

Han Fei stretched out his hand and grabbed at the air. The power of the battle here all condensed into knife shadows and slashed at the Blade-Holder.

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Han Fei grinned and said, “Strength can break all techniques. Let’s see what else you have.”

On the other end, Chu Tianlang shouted again, “Liu Zhidao, what are you doing? Activate your secret technique!”

The Blade-Holder frowned and said, “Boy, I’m done playing with you. Since you want to die, I’ll help you.”


How could Han Fei give this person a chance to activate his secret method? He pounced on him and kept slashing down powerfully.

Clank, Clank, Clank ~

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