Goblin Kingdom

Chapter 285.1

Volume 4: Chapter 285 – Battle of Lusis Plains II (1/5)

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The Kingdom of the Black Sun’sAlrodena Kingdom’s offensive was rapidly changing its formation after the battle begun. Arlodena assumed a length and width formation, and their attack pushed from the right side, while Altigand assumed a T-shaped formation that allowed for the immediate deployment of their reserve forces.

When they noticed the push from the right flank to be particularly intense, the commander, Grendal, immediately sent the margrave’s army. He would use one of his cards to save the volunteer soldiers.

“It’s time for the hero to make an entrance.”

Grendal, who had taken up a position in the rear that could see the entire army, said as he gave the order to dispatch Gulland. When Gulland received his instructions through a messenger, he snorted and wielded his Great Sword of Blue Lightning.

“He makes it sound so easy.”

Gulland stood at the head of the margrave’s army of 2,000 and divided it into three.

“The enemy is huge, and they have monster beasts too. If that entire army were to get me, I could have all the limbs in the world and it wouldn’t be enough.”

Team 1 was to launch an attack, while Team 2 defended, and Team 3 was to standby. The three teams would change roles in turn to stop the wave tactics of the Twin-Headed Beast and Axe ArmyZeilduk.

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Standing at the head of the first team with seven streaks of lightning was none other than Gulland, a great man that as fought against an overwhelming invasion, and despite losing, never stopped fighting. Now he stands in the forefront of this defending war.

That alone would be enough to raise morale, but Gulland was also popular among the volunteer soldiers, for he was a powerful warrior that could match a thousand and turn the tides of battle with his overwhelming strength. To all men that have taken up arms to defend their lands, the sight of his back was too manly not to admire.

The results he produced were straight out of those tales of heroes spoken of in one’s childhood. In his hand was a great sword that could call forth hammers of lightning. Within the body of that great sword held out toward the heavens was the grace of a thunder spirit.

“The Ruler of the Wind and the LightningAstaroth!”

Seven streaks of lightning descended upon the land and rushed out for the monster beasts to burn them dead.

As the monsters died, cheers broke out, and Gulland responded with his great sword raised, then went back inside the formation. Though cheers cried out and many monsters died, Gulland could see that Zeilduk was still strong, and remaining outside was still too dangerous.

“There’s no end to them.”

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Gulland spat as he glared at the main camp.

‘They must be keeping their cards close,’ he told himself in his mind before looking for an opportunity to attack next.

While Gulland supported Altigand’s left flank, the battle showed signs of moving to the next phase. Altigand’s right flank had begun to move.

Until now, the Tiger and Spear ArmyAransain and the enemy cavalry have only been glaring at each other, but the hot-blooded Gi Zu Ruo took his Thousand-Demon ArmySazanorga and tried to go around them.

When the cavalry informed Grendal, he responded right away.

“Have the Iron Bull Knights advance.”

After losing his country, Rasdir had no choice but to lead what was left and work as mercenaries. But that did not mean that he was so worn out as to willingly pass up on the opportunity to seek vengeance on those that stole his country.

“Large shields advance, spear throwers at the ready!”

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With two battles’ worth of experience against the Demon King’s Army, Rasdir has also changed the equipment and formation of the knights of the late Elfa. Now, he included spear throwers and a revised formation among his arsenal.

Upon knowing the folly of engaging the goblins in close combat, Rasdir had no other recourse than to try and reduce their numbers from a distance as much as possible before intercepting them once the situation favored his army.

Though such tactics hurt his pride as a one of the renowned heavy knights of Elfa, he was not stubborn enough to run from reality.

“Team 1, shoot!”

Upon establishing a new tactic, Rasdir taught it to his knights as fast as he could. By incorporating the light knights with the heavy knights, he compensated for their numerical inferiority and reformed their tactics to allow a more flexible fighting style.

The volley of spears that were simultaneously thrown gave the Sazanorga a small fright, but their morale was not so low as to be forced to a standstill with just that. Gi Zu led his soldiers to pass through the rain of spears and close the distance with the enemy. From behind them approached the giant Gaidga Tribe.

“Fend off the attack on the right!”

Though Rasdir has only fought with Alrodena twice, he and his men were still knights to the late Elfa that had enemies in every direction. Hence, they were highly skilled and could response to danger quickly.

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Sazanorga’s charge would boast to have one of the highest impact even within Alrodena, but Rasdir’s Iron Bull Knights were able to deflect them.

“A second attack is coming!”

But just when they thought that they’d managed to avoid Sazanorga, a scream-like report reached him.

“Soldiers in the front, put those shields into the ground!”

The soldiers under Rasdir’s direct command were some of the biggest men in the Iron Bull Knights, and it was these men who braced themselves with their shields to meet the approaching charge of the Gaidga Tribe. Running at the head was none other than their chieftain, Rashka, himself. With an appearance akin to that of a blood-starved demon from the underworld, the Iron Bull Knights cried out and encouraged themselves.

“It’s that guy again! Spear throwers──”

At Rasdir’s behest, the long spearmen hid between the shields.

“Small fries, all small fries! Is there none among you fierce enough to challenge me!?”

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