562 Settling the Score

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The figure of the Snow Lotus Seed appeared and blocked in front of Lu Benwei. She had a slim figure and a graceful posture. The cold wind blew against her clothes, making them flutter.

“Ice Mountain River!”

The Snow Lotus Seed held the Ice Lotus in her hand, and the ice element bloomed at this moment.

A rolling ice river evolved in the sky and rolled down. Everywhere it went, the world returned to silence.

She had fused with the Ice Lotus and with the purest ice element power. Even she could not escape the fate of being frozen.

The blood-red monster man and his world-destroying attack were frozen, and his hateful face was filled with malevolence.

“Thank you!” Lu Benwei said in disbelief.

The battle ended too quickly and unexpectedly. However, he quickly reacted after a moment.

The Ice Lotus gave birth to her, and it was the source of power for the Snow Lotus Seed. Not only could it suppress her, but it could also provide her with eternal power.

A moment later, Lu Benwei released the old beggar, the Blood Monster, and the Six-tailed Crocodile. When they learned that it was the Snow Lotus Seed that saved them, they were all filled with emotions.

However, a new problem arose. Their goal was to obtain the Snow Lotus Seed.

Now, the combination of the Snow Lotus Seed and the Ice Lotus could kill a level-95 king with just a wave of her hand.

Even if Lu Benwei and the others risked their lives, they would not be able to take the Snow Lotus Seed.


The four of them looked at each other. After some discussion, they could only choose to return home.

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Lu Benwei only had a few questions he wanted to ask the Snow Lotus Seed.


Lu Benwei came in front of the Snow Lotus Seed and called his senior after thinking for a while.

The Snow Lotus Seed did not move and coldly glanced at Lu Benwei.


Lu Benwei shivered inexplicably and asked, “What are these monsters? Why are you so obsessed with the things in this ancient castle?”

However, the Snow Lotus Seed only replied that she did not know and sent Lu Benwei away.

“Senior, can I enter this castle?” Lu Benwei was surprised.

“Senior, do you want to guard this place?”

The Snow Frost Lotus Seed did not reply. She glanced at Lu Benwei before disappearing from Lake Island.

The crocodile smiled slyly and rubbed his hands together. “She said she won’t let us in, so we won’t go in?”

After saying that, he hurried to the gate of the castle. In an instant, an extremely cold air descended from the sky, freezing him from head to toe. He did not even have the chance to retaliate.

Lu Benwei and the others were shocked and dismissed this thought.

Then, the three of them waited here for a full seven days and seven nights. In the end, it was Lu Benwei who found the Snow Lotus Seed and asked her to remove the ice on the crocodile’s body.

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“Damn, this old woman…” After the crocodile was revived, the first thing he said was to curse.

Lu Benwei and the Blood Monster attacked together and beat up the crocodile to prevent it from being frozen again.

After everything was done, Lu Benwei and the other three set off on their return journey.

After walking for about two days and one night, the four of them were about to leave the mysterious mountain range.

Along the way, everyone summarized their gains. The Blood Monster and the Six-tailed Crocodile had both leveled up. Lu Benwei had also risen from level 60 to level 63.

“Big Brother, how many moves do you need to deal with level-70 humans or monsters?”

“Maybe just one punch,” Lu Benwei said.

“Don’t you need any buffs?”

“No need. An ordinary punch will do,” Lu Benwei said indifferently.

The three of them were shocked and called Lu Benwei a pervert.

“Then what about those above level 70 and below level 80?”

“I probably need to use my strengthening skill. If I encounter a prodigy like me, I need to use my full strength.”

“Level 80?!”

“Level 80 is probably a little difficult but defeating them shouldn’t be a problem.”

The crocodile and the Blood Monster were so shocked that they could not speak.

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Lu Benwei could no longer be described as a pervert. They could not treat him as a human at all!

The old beggar sighed repeatedly. “I wanted to take you as my disciple and pass on ancient martial arts. But ancient martial arts aren’t of much use to you.”

Lu Benwei smiled embarrassedly. The Six-tailed Crocodile slapped his belly when he heard that. “Old sir, what do you think of me? I feel that my bones are very exquisite, and my meridians are smooth. I’m a great talent for practicing martial arts!”

“Get lost. My motto is to pass on my teachings to men and not to women. You’d better give up on this idea.” The old beggar sat on the crocodile’s back and knocked on his head.

The crocodile humphed in dissatisfaction and moved forward.

“I’ll teach you a few things.” The old beggar narrowed his eyes. “Let’s talk about it when we get back.”

When the crocodile heard this, he forgot that Lu Benwei and the other two were still on his back and rolled around excitedly.

The three of them could not help but fly into a rage. They pressed down on the crocodile and gave him a beating.

After half a day, Lu Benwei and the other three finally walked out of the secret realm.

The Six-tailed Crocodile shouted happily and then asked, “Big Brother, what do you plan to do next?”

Lu Benwei sighed. This trip was fruitless, and he even lost the Ice Lotus.

“Let’s go back to Ha City first. I have a debt to settle.”


The moment the crocodile finished speaking, he shuddered.

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The three people on his back were almost shaken off by him. The Blood Monster cursed angrily, “Idiot, what are you doing now? Your skin is itching again, right?”

“It really has nothing to do with me!” the crocodile wanted to cry but had no tears.

“I just turned around and saw that old woman looking at us!”

Everyone turned around and saw the Snow Lotus Seed standing proudly on the peak of the mountain. Her temperament was as cold as this world of ice and snow. Her green clothes and icy blue hair danced in the wind, making her look like an immortal. She was the snow lotus of this mountain range, peerless and aloof.

The crocodile was very afraid of her and quickened his pace. Soon, the Snow Lotus Seed and the mysterious mountain range disappeared into the horizon.

A week later.

In Ha City, loud laughter came from the building of the Liu family group.

“Haha! Lu Benwei went to the ice field! That’s a land of death. They’ll freeze to death on the ice field sooner or later!”

Liu Yao sat in his office with his legs crossed. He had provided information on Lu Benwei to the Zhu, Qi, and Yan families. His family business had received investments from the three families, and it seemed to be surpassing Gao Shengqiang.

More importantly, the Blood God Lotus had fallen into his hands. Although he had never heard of such a divine item, the aura it emitted made him believe that its value far exceeded the Nascent Soul Fruit. It would be of great use in the future!

“Brother Yao, you said that the divine lotus has a strange fragrance. Those who smell it can stay young forever. Let us have a look.”

Liu Yao, who had won a great victory, was so pleased with himself that he was surrounded by birds and swallows these days.

A young lady with big boobs in a nurse’s uniform was lying on Liu Yao’s thigh, her eyes constantly winking at him.

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