The existence of Evil Gods.

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It was incomprehensible and unfathomable.

It was not so much a living being as a natural disaster.

It could be categorized as a special and uncontrollable natural phenomenon.

The Eight-Eyed Evil God was long since vanquished back in ancient times.

This eyeball was taken from its body and was sealed for tens of thousands of years, and yet it still remained freakishly "active".


The eyeball had gained a state of mind and consciousness.

It could sense the trespassing of intruders.

It could even evaluate and react to the changes in the environment.

This was too bizarre. Whose eyeball could still live on its own even after being gouged out? Did the eyeball become a being of its own?

It was really difficult to grasp such a concept!

Zhang Nu had never heard of such a thing.

He then commanded, "Let the earth elemental have a go at it!"

The young city lord nodded.

The Earth Elemental Overlord immediately charged towards the sealing altar.

The large eye on the altar promptly responded with an eruption of a burst of horrifying energy.


The earth elemental was struck by some form of power.

The mighty elemental lifeform was instantly eradicated.

Within an instant, it was shattered into hundreds and thousands of pieces.

Each piece in turn broke down into hundreds of thousands of smaller fragments.

And each fragment continued to disintegrate into particles and dust.

Infinite decomposition.

Until it vaporized.

Not even a speck of dust remained at the end.

"What's going on? What happened! What did the eye do to my earth elemental?"

It was too outrageous!

Nancilia's eyes widened in disbelief.

She did not even notice when the attack was unleashed or when the attack was struck, and just like that, the earth elemental overlord that she summoned was no more.

No matter what.

The Earth Elemental Overlord was still a Level 4 overlord unit and it was well known for its defensive capabilities. How could it be decimated in a blink of an eye?

Even Zhang Nu could hardly achieve such a feat.

Zhang Nu frowned and explained, "It's the Eye of the Evil God's skill, Death Stare. This skill is nigh impossible to dodge once it's activated."

The Eye of the Evil God had many A rank skills.

The most threatening one was probably the Death Stare.

The skill would take effect the moment its line of sight made contact with its target.

Unless one possessed the speed that was too much for even the eye to catch on, or just stayed beyond the skill's effective range, the attack would be difficult to intercept. This skill might even be capable of insta-killing beings with levels higher than itself.

"How do you fight something like that?"

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The young city lord felt helpless and despair.

It was now in clarity the reason why the eye was sealed up and the elves were told to watch over the seal for generations. This eyeball was just too dangerous.

The two have yet to take further actions.

The Eye of the Evil God erupted with another surge of intense energy.

One after another hideous and contorted monsters, wreathed in undead aura, were created out of thin air. This was another of its A rank skills, Undead Creation!

Zhang Nu scanned over these monsters that were just created.

Their appearances were twisted and deformed, as if a mess of unknown corpses were haphazardly stitched and fused together. It was both disgusting and unnatural.

[Aberrant Corpse Fiend] Level 5 elite unit


Skills: Undead Howl (B rank), Grudge Eruption (B rank), Corpse Fiend Curse (C rank), Dissolving Corpse Toxin (C rank), Aberrant Contamination (C rank).

"What are these creatures?"

"I've never seen or heard of such undead before."

Nancilia watched as hundreds of these Aberrant Corpse Fiend surrounded them from all sides. She could sense the chaotic energy within these deformed monsters.

These were undoubtedly undead creatures.

However, they were vastly different from the usual undeads.

Not only their twisted and distorted appearances had a traumatic effect on one's sanity, the aura and energy emitted from them also constitute a spiritual level of contamination.

There were way too many of them!

In addition.

When the corpse fiends gathered, they began to devour and fuse with each other.

After more than a dozen of them merged together, it eventually became a gigantic monster with a massive figure and even stronger contamination.

[Aberrant Abomination Corpse Fiend] Level 5 lord unit.


Skills: Undead Howl (B rank), Grudge Eruption (B rank), Abomination Curse (B rank), Aberrant Contamination (C rank), Terror Aura (C rank).

The sense of oppression was too much.

Although Nancilia had stacked a bunch of buffs on herself.

But now she had to endure the pollution of the Eye of the Evil God's aura on one hand, the contamination of the undead creatures' Terror Aura and Aberrant Contamination on the other.

She could not withstand it anymore.

"Your Majesty, what shall we do?"

Zhang Nu spoke after careful deliberation, "We'll split up. These undeads are afraid of fire. Use your fire attacks against them, and destroy them as much as possible. Do not let them continue to merge."

If these corpse fiends continue to merge.

Eventually, it might even create a Level 5 overlord.

The Eye of the Evil God was already a Level 5 overlord. If another Level 5 overlord was created, then this battle was destined to be a nightmare.


It must be stopped no matter what.

The young city lord unhesitantly activated her Elemental Covenant once more.

"Come to existence!"

"Fire elemental!"

Countless sparks and embers converged in the thin air.

And a Fire Elemental Overlord with a figure of over ten meters tall was summoned.

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It promptly unleashed a terrifying torrent of flame that ruthlessly scoured the surrounding areas, and a dozen or so Aberrant Corpse Fiends were immediately scorched.

"Well done!" Zhang Nu exclaimed. "You'll be in charge of holding back the undeads. Leave the giant eyeball to me!"

As he spoke.

Zhang Nu flew straight towards the Eye of the Evil God.

The eyeball instantly responded by preparing another Death Stare.

He already had concluded some insights after the previous trial with the earth elemental.

The Death Stare was horrifying.

Even he might not be able to endure such an attack.


Once the skill was activated.

The blow was instantaneous.

There was no trajectory to track.

It was impossible to dodge.

And there was no defensive skill powerful enough to block it.

But before the eye could launch the Death Stare attack, it had a brief moment of power build-up. It needed to accumulate a large amount of MP to concentrate it into its pupil.

This very process.

Although extremely brief.

It was enough for someone like Zhang Nu to react against the attack.

A close analogy for this was, for example, a sharpshooting marksman was going to fire at a target.

The target certainly could not perceive the speed of the bullet, nor could they block the destructive force of an incoming bullet. However, one can read the motion of the marksman drawing their gun as well as pulling the trigger.

At this point, the target should not attempt to even resist or stop the bullet that had left its gun barrel.

Instead, one should stop the marksman before they shoot.

Zhang Nu abruptly unleashed a burst of thousands of scarlet Abyssal Lightning bolts. All of them were aimed towards the eyeball. The whole sealing chamber was instantly lit up.

The Abyssal Lightning was also an instantaneous skill.

Zhang Nu gave it his all with his monarch rank strength.

At such a close distance, with the speed of these lightning bolts, it could reach the eyeball in time and completely destroy it just before it could finish casting its Death Stare.

It only had a single point of HP.

It could not take the lightning bolts on.

Unsurprisingly, the Eye of the Evil God gave up on finishing its Death Stare cast, and instead deployed its B rank skill, Psychic Barrier!

A tremendous amount of psychic power.

Instantly formed a protective barrier around itself.

This was a flawless defensive skill.

The skill could directly convert MP into a defensive barrier, nullifying the damage caused by any form of attack.

In a sense.

This was equivalent to turning its MP bar into its HP bar.

After Zhang Nu's series of lightning bolts hit the Eye of the Evil God, its MP pool was directly reduced by two thousand points, but its single HP point remained untouched.

As expected, it would not be this easy.

Although the Eye of the Evil God was sealed and suppressed to an extremely weakened state, hence the pitiful single HP point, its powerful and massive MP pool could effortlessly block any attacks.


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Zhang Nu was not discouraged.

He had learned through the information prompt message.

The Eye of the Evil God had a fatal weakness.

Despite the Psychic Barrier being a flawless defensive skill, during its deployed state, the eyeball could not use any other skills simultaneously.

Which was why he must not stop attacking.

Zhang Nu incessantly summoned lightning bolts and lobbed dragonflame fireballs one after another towards the eye. The MP pool of the Eye of the Evil God was further dropped by another two thousand.

It was overwhelmed.

It could not find a chance to counterattack.

Its summoned undeads were being held back by Nancilia.

At this point, the Eye of the Evil God could only stay passive and defend against the attacks. Its MP was being rapidly consumed as it was used to offset the attacks of the Demon King.

On the appearance.

Zhang Nu had the absolute advantage.

In fact, the fight was not as simple as it seemed.

In order to maintain the high rate of his barrage of attacks, Zhang Nu exhausted nearly half of his MP pool in a very short period of time, while the Eye of the Evil God only depleted a third of its total MP.

At this rate.

Even if Zhang Nu used up all of his MP.

The eye could still have more than 10,000 MP left.

It only required a split moment of opening and opportunity, and its fightful attack was more than enough to accomplish a counter instant kill.

It seemed that this was a war of attrition.

And the loser was unmistakably the Demon King.

If the Eye of the Evil God really possessed human-like intelligence, then its strategy at the moment must be the same. However, in the process of this war of attrition, the distance between the two became closer and closer.


"Game over!"

Zhang Nu still had a third of his MP left.

He revealed a smirk and reached out his arms towards the Eye of the Evil God, activating his Abyssal Devouring skill.

A mass of devouring energy enveloped the giant eyeball.

The devouring energies were like leeches to an open wound, it latched on and attached itselves on to the psychic barrier and frantically drained its MP.

The MP of the Eye of the Evil God was plunging downwards at an incredible speed.

On the contrary, Zhang Nu's depleted MP rose straight back up.

The Eye of the Evil God became agitated and began to desperately radiate its Evil God's Aura.

[You are under the effect of a negative energy. HP -84!]

[You are under the effect of a negative energy. HP -95!]

[You are under the effect of a negative energy. HP -101!]


The HP drain was a tad bit too fast.

Zhang Nu, however, instead of being flustered, he became even more composed.

The Eye of the Evil God could not move, nor had any close combat ability. It could only watch as its MP was drained at an extreme rate.

It wanted to resist?

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Don't be ridiculous.

It only had a single point of HP.

Just try to withdraw the barrier and resist if it truly dared.

The Eye of the Evil God simply could not even buy itself even a second of counterattack opportunity. Its power was indeed formidable, but its tricks were all seen through by Zhang Nu.

Right now.

It could only radiate its aura as much as possible.

It was attempting to constitute a threat to Zhang Nu with this.

And yet.

This amount of damage.

It was not too high nor too low.

At least it could not pose a threat to him in the short term.

But instead, it was crystal clear that the Eye of the Evil God was at its wit's end.

Under Zhang Nu's ferocious devouring.

The psychic barrier began to rapidly shrink and fade.

The huge MP pool of this eyeball had almost reached the bottom.

Upon seeing this, Zhang Nu clenched his right fist, thunder and flames wreathed and fused into a radiant high density thunderflame bolt.


His first hammered through the psychic barrier.


The Eye of the Evil God suffered a loss of HP. The entire eyeball was pierced by the thunderflame bolt and the terrifying energy shattered it into smithereens.

[You slain the Eye of the Evil God. Gold +???]

Succeeded? That's it?

Zhang Nu was a little bewildered.

He did not expect things to go so well.

Did this thing really just "die" like that?

This did not make sense. It was thought that Evil Gods were supposed to be unkillable, and it would take a lot more effort.

In the end, it turned out to have gone a little smoother than expected.

But of course, the major reason as to why he was able to defeat the Eye of the Evil God so easily was that it was too weakened.

Ten thousand years of sealing.

It had lost most of its powers and became extremely vulnerable.


The outcome of this battle could have been completely different.

After all, it was the Eye of the Evil God.

The very moment the eye was taken out, all the corpse fiends in the sealing chamber collapsed. The endless Evil God's Aura, as well as the chaotic contamination emanating from the corpse fiends, had finally dissipated.

[You've conquered the Sealed Land!]

[You gained "Gorgeous Mithminite Treasure Chest"!]

Only until now.

Zhang Nu was finally certain that the battle was won.

After all, the conquering treasure chest reward was already handed out to him!

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