First Immortal of the Sword

Chapter 478: Truly Over the Line

Those beside the silver-robed youth shook their heads too.

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Earlier, they felt displeased over the way Su ignored them, but now, they couldn’t be bothered to pursue the matter.

This was a pitifully ignorant fool; holding him accountable would only lower their statuses.

Qiu Hengkong sighed to himself, then attempted to comfort Su Yi via transmission. “Fellow Daoist, don’t let that self-conceited bunch anger you. It’s not worth it.”

Su Yi smiled but said nothing.

They were little more than flies buzzing about his head. How could he possibly concern himself with them? They simply weren’t qualified to make him angry.

Su Yi put his hands behind his back, then said to Yuan Heng and Bai Wenqing, “Let’s go.”

When they saw that Su Yi dared not respond to their taunts and that he seemed in a hurry to leave, the silver-robed youth felt increasingly fearless.

He shook his head and sighed, then turned to Qiu Hengkong and suggested, “Junior Apprentice Brother Qiu, I have to say that you really were incautious to choose someone like this as a friend. If you ask me, you’d best draw a line between the two of you. After all, you’re now an outer sect disciple of the Fulcrum of Heaven Sword Sect. How could you possibly associate with such a person?”

Qiu Hengkong’s expression instantly grew unsightly. A moment later, he took a deep breath and said in a low voice, “Fellow Daoist Su is my friend. I hope you can take those words back. Please, don’t make this difficult for me.”

The silver-robed young man was stunned; it seemed he didn’t anticipate that Qiu Hengkong would talk back to him.

He said coldly, “Junior Apprentice Brother Qiu, don’t tell me you think I’m wrong? This Su guy has no manners at all, and he’s foolish and ignorant. If he were even just a bit smarter, he wouldn’t dare overlook us like this!

“Even now, he speaks without restraint, and he looks down on our Fulcrum of Heaven Sword Sect. We ought to disdain to associate with such a person! Yet you think I’m in the wrong?” 

His cold, sharp gaze increased the pressure bearing down on Qiu Hengkong. 

Tao Yunchi and the others watched coldly from the sidelines. None of them planned to speak up on Qiu Hengkong’s behalf.

He was just an outer sect disciple, yet he refuted the silver-robed young man for the sake of a so-called “friend.” This left Tao Yunchi and company rather displeased too.

Qiu Hengkong lowered his head. The hands hidden in his sleeves silently clenched; it was obvious how conflicted he felt.

A moment later, he looked up and met the silver-robed young man’s gaze. His expression was calm and resolute.

When he spoke, he paused for emphasis between each word. “Senior Apprentice Brother Gu, I can endure anything else. It doesn’t matter if I’m bullied or if others look down on me, or if I’m ordered about like a servant. I’ve never taken any of that to heart. However…”

His eyes shone with sharp light, as if they’d been set ablaze. “You shouldn’t insult my friends!”

He spoke with determination and assurance, and he was so furious that his expression contorted slightly. The silver-robed young man couldn’t help but jump and take a step back.

It was as if Qiu Hengkong lost his rationality; he now resembled a wild beast!

Tao Yunchi and the others were surprised too. They saw Qiu Hengkong as an outer sect disciple they could order about as they pleased; this was their first time seeing him angry.

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The nearby Jiang Li turned, and her phoenix eyes bore into Qiu Hengkong. A trace of surprise appeared on her matchlessly beautiful face.

His friend?

Was this Qiu Hengkong’s limit? The one line he was unwilling to cross?

The silver-robed young man’s face flushed red; it was obvious that he was embarrassed, and that his shame had transformed into rage. He barked, “You only just joined us, and you’re nothing but an outer sect disciple, yet you dare talk back to me?”

He raised his hand to slap Qiu Hengkong, but Qiu Hengkong dodged. His eyes were bloodshot as he shouted, “Senior Apprentice Brother Gu, on this, I shall not lower my head, even if it means a fight!”

“You dare dodge?” The silver-robed young man was now utterly enraged. He leaped forward and swung his palm at Qiu Hengkong once more.

Jiang Li’s painted eyebrows knit together. She couldn’t bear to watch this any further, but just as she was about to intervene…


A hand grabbed Qiu Hengkong by the shoulder and carried him to the side, avoiding the silver-robed young man’s attack.

Qiu Hengkong was stunned. He looked up and saw a young, handsome face: this was none other than Su Yi.

His expression shifted. “Fellow Daoist Su, didn’t you leave?”

“You see me as a friend; how could I possibly just watch others bully you?” said Su Yi flatly.

At first, he was a bit disappointed in Qiu Hengkong. However, when he sensed that Qiu Hengkong saw him as a friend and that he was even willing to oppose the silver-robed young man for his sake, he couldn’t help but feel gratified.

This guy isn’t what I imagined. Reality might have shattered his pride, but I can still… lend him a hand!

The silver-robed young man was so angry that he laughed. “Hahaha, you really don’t know how to treasure your life. You actually came back! What, you want to fight me?”

He really was beside himself with anger. It was bad enough that Qiu Hengkong, an outer-sect disciple, dared argue with him. Now, even Su Yi, a rogue cultivator from some distant backwater, dared get mixed up in this too?

This left him with practically no face left.

“Fellow Daoist Su, why did you come back? Hurry up and leave!” Qiu Hengkong’s expression shifted dramatically. Hurry up and go!”

If he offended the silver-robed young man, he might take a beating, but with Jiang Li around, there was absolutely no danger to his life.

But it was different for Su Yi. If they cast aside all pretenses of cordiality, his life might well be at risk!

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“It’s too late!” The silver-robed young man snorted coldly and shook his sleeves. A green Dao Sword shot out, which he raised and slashed at Su Yi.


Dense sword qi and graceful green light flew through the air. It was sharp and unstoppable, and it carried the Dao Charm of Wood, further highlighting the silver-robed young man’s extraordinary cultivation.

Qiu Hengkong was just about to block this strike on Su Yi’s behalf when someone pressed down on his shoulder, and Su Yi’s faintly exasperated voice resounded in his ears. “You just stand back and watch.”

Moments later, Su Yi raised his hand and tapped.


The encroaching green sword qi burst apart, bit by bit.

Qiu Hengkong’s heart shook.

Jiang Li looked surprised.

Tao Yunchi and the others furrowed their brows.

Su Yi’s strike might have looked casual and understated, yet it effortlessly destroyed the silver-robed young man’s attack. This was unquestionably out of the ordinary.

The silver-robed young man, Gu Tengying, was an inner sect disciple of the Fulcrum of Heaven Sword Sect! His cultivation was in the late-stage Origin Palace Realm, and he could effortlessly destroy mundane cultivators of the same level!

Yet Su Yi, the rogue cultivator from a backwater, had destroyed Gu Tengying’s attack in a single gesture. Of course the onlookers were stunned. How could they not be?

Gu Tengying’s expression shifted. He swung his sword and advanced, circulating his entire late-stage Origin Palace Realm cultivation to unleash a secret art of the Dao of the Sword. 

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Streaks of green sword qi flew through the air, forming lustrous, crystalline flower petals. They swept toward Su Yi, enveloping him. Although they were bright and colorful, murderous intent surged around them.

The Greenwood Spirit Flower Sword!

Jiang Li, Tao Yunchi, and the others all recognized it: this was Gu Tengying’s proudest secret art of the Dao of the Sword. 

A hint of mockery appeared on Su Yi’s lips, and he waved his sleeves.


Boundless sword qi surged like an ocean storm. The lustrous flower petals filling the air burst, withered, and dissipated into nothingness.

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Beneath the group’s astonished gazes, Gu Tengying was sent flying back. He hacked up blood in midair, then let out a miserable shriek.

He landed about one hundred feet away, injuring his head in the fall. He was an extremely miserable sight.

“You overestimate yourself.” Su Yi straightened out his clothes and shook his head.

With a sweep of his sleeves, he dealt an inner sect disciple of the Fulcrum of Heaven Sword Sect a heavy blow!

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The entire area fell silent; everyone was surprised.

“This…” Qiu Hengkong’s heart shook. He knew better than anyone how terrifying an inner sect disciple was; Gu Tengying was a mighty existence that he could only gaze upon from afar.

How could he have ever anticipated that Gu Tengying couldn’t block even a single swing of Su Yi’s sleeves?

Jiang Li’s beautiful eyes were solemn. This person… Isn’t simple!

Tao Yunchi and the others were surprised too, and their expressions changed dramatically. They realized that they’d been mistaken all this time.

That Su guy might well be a rogue cultivator from a backwater, but his cultivation and accumulations are nothing to sneeze at!

“Master is still so compassionate. Otherwise, how could that man have survived his attack?” Yuan Heng sighed, and Bai Wenqing nodded in complete agreement.

Both of them had witnessed Su Yi’s heaven-defying abilities. The scene playing out in front of them was nothing but a petty squabble.

“You’re quite capable. No wonder you dared overlook us earlier. It turns out you had your reasons!” Tao Yunchi said coldly. “However, earlier, Junior Apprentice Brother spoke up to rebuke Junior Apprentice Brother Qiu. This is an internal affair of the Fulcrum of Heaven Sword Sect, yet you insisted on intervening, and you struck with so much force. Don’t you think that’s over the line?”

When he heard this twisted sophistry, Qiu Hengkong almost burst into angry laughter. However, he nonetheless repressed himself and transmitted to Su Yi, “Fellow Daoist Su, hurry up and leave! Don’t offend them; if you become enemies with the Fulcrum of Heaven Sword Sect, the consequences will be dire!”

He could tell how tyrannical Su Yi’s cultivation was, but he still couldn’t help but worry what would happen to him if he offended Fulcrum of Heaven Sword Sect disciples. 

Su Yi glanced at Qiu Hengkong but ignored him.

Qiu Hengkong was worried on his behalf. He naturally appreciated the thought.

However, since he chose to get involved, how could he possibly be concerned about the consequences?

“You insulted me earlier, as pesky as a fly, yet now you’re saying I’m over the line?” Su Yi said calmly. “Then I’ll just have to show you the true meaning of the phrase ‘over the line.’”

As he spoke, he raised his foot to approach Tao Yunchi.

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His gait was leisurely and unhurried. However, Tao Yunchi’s pupils nonetheless constricted. His keen senses told him that Su Yi had locked onto him; it was as if all of his secrets were out in the open. He felt thoroughly uncomfortable.

“Brazen!” Tao Yunchi’s expression darkened, and his aura surged. The distinctive power of the Gathering Stars Realm made him imposing and majestic to the extreme.

Yuan Heng and Bai Wenqing looked at each other. Both couldn’t help but feel surprised.

He was a legacy disciple of the inner sect, with Gathering Stars Realm cultivation. He was comparable to Zhang Yuntao, an outer sect elder of Cloudsky Divine Palace.

There was no doubt about it; this Tao Yunchi was no ordinary inner sect disciple!

When they saw Tao Yunchi attack, his companions all looked eager. They were eager to see him teach the brazen thug Su Yi a lesson.

However, it was as if Su Yi didn’t even notice. He approached, step by step, his expression leisurely and his presence placid. It was as if he were out for a stroll.

But Tao Yunchi’s expression changed dramatically.

Others might not sense it, but to him, it was perfectly clear. As Su Yi approached, terrifying killing intent blanketed heaven and earth, assailing him like the tide. It slammed into his heart and soul, making his hair stand on end and causing prickling pain all over his skin. 

An oppressive, terrifying sense of imminent crisis spread throughout his heart. He felt as if his blood were about to freeze inside him.

This is bad! Tao Yunchi realized that if things went on like this, his will to fight might well collapse before Su Yi even attacked.

He bellowed without the slightest hesitation, and his hands formed a seal. It was as if he were lifting a giant primordial mountain; his arms shone with monstrous golden radiance, and he swung ruthlessly at Su Yi.


The sky shook, and turbulent air currents scattered.

The Divine Ape Carrying the Mountain Seal!

The others couldn’t help but gasp; they would never have guessed that Tao Yunchi would use his ultimate killer move right off the bat!

Jiang Li seemed to find this a bit inappropriate. Her starry eyes focused, and she was just about to warn him when a calm voice beat her to the punch.


It was just one, light, airy syllable.

Su Yi then took a single step forward, and the Divine Ape Carrying the Mountain Seal burst apart like paper mache. 

Sparks of light scattered and fell like rain. Tao Yunchi was still thirty feet away from Su Yi, but beneath the onlookers’ stunned gazes, he knelt as if his body were no longer under his control.

His knees hit the ground with an audible thud. 

Su Yi’s light, airy command still echoed through the air. 

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