Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 102: I Am A Drifter of My Soul – 3

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Yu IlHan chose a few elf blacksmiths as his support and started making weapons. Naturally, the materials were the overflowing 3rd class dragonkin in his Cross Bag! The elves’ eyes flipped when they saw what he was handling.

“How are you processing such a high class material?”
“Like this.”

Purple flames burned within the furnace again. The fire had such power that 3rd class dragonkin’s bones were molten within 10 seconds.

“Y, Your Majesty the Emperor is so amazing!”
“I can’t believe my eyes!”
“I don’t have time to teach you metalworking, so learn some minor techniques from me by watching.”

Just working as support within the same workshop as the blacksmith meister Yu IlHan was a priceless experience for the elf blacksmiths.

Since he didn’t have much time, he didn’t do that many things to the bones and just made the gear by stamping them out, but since the raw materials and the skill of the smith was too good, all of them ended up as rare ranked or above.

The elves widened their eyes in order to learn his techniques if even a little, and with just that , they made huge leaps and bounds in their techniques.

Like that, the ten days Yu IlHan spoke of passed by, and another 3 days passed. The elven army that was fully armed with Yu IlHan’s gear finally started hunting monsters of their level as they had polished up their techniques during battle.

Meanwhile, Yu IlHan was holding on to the non-combat classes.

“If you make preserved foods with non-poisonous meat of the monsters, then you will have less worries when a super scary monster appears and you have to go in hiding.”
“What are preserved foods? We elves usually eat what we can get from nature…….”
“I don’t care, but if you don’t wanna die, then eat some meat and grow some muscles.”

Yu IlHan also started to educate the elf cooks. He had picked out a few thousand monsters without poison to hunt, then he dismantled them before teaching them not only grilling, frying and such cooking techniques, but also the method of making jerkies, sausages, bacons, and other preserved foods.

It wasn’t like the elves couldn’t eat meat, but that they traditionally didn’t. When they got used to it, they ate well without Yu IlHan having to tell them to eat.

When the empire was intact, they wouldn’t have ate even if he forced them, but their reasoning seemed to have changed after experiencing the downfall; they realized that they had to do anything to prevent it from collapsing again. Yu IlHan placed the elves high regard due to that.

After a mere 20 days since Yu IlHan started writing a new chapter of history for the elves(or so the elves said), the elves succeeded in transforming from refugees into talents.

Unlike when they lived in hiding, they washed up, they ate without being picky, and trained their bodies through fighting monsters, so their innate beauty started coming into light.
If Yu IlHan took them to Earth, then they would take over Hollywood hands down. However, perhaps the number 1 beauty Na YuNa would still be able to win against the elves.

Their rare smiles had returned, and now they started hunting monsters at their level without Yu IlHan needing to say anything. The first class elves also advanced to 2nd class quickly and proved their talents.

The blacksmiths repaired and created some equipments with what little ability they had and the buildings for habitation also became sturdier as the days went by. The share of stored foods increased, and the skills of the cooks rose accordingly.


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Yu IlHan finally decided to leave around that time. He stayed for around 3 more times as he originally decided on, but he did not see the need to stay any longer.
He judged that he didn’t have to look after Dareu any more if their foundation was set this solid.

“I’m going home now.”
“Your Majesty!?”

Just that one line, he tried to leave after vaguely telling them, but the elves caused an uproar.
When they found out that Yu IlHan was not joking, there were some who just collapsed and cried, some who cried while grabbing onto Yu IlHan’s legs, and some who just cried still…… They were all crying!

“Why must you abandon us! Did we do anything wrong?”
“It was decided that I leave from the beginning!”
“Even so!”
“Your Majestyyyyy!”

Yu IlHan didn’t know of this fact, but it seemed the elves were stubborn once they set sight on something.

It was just ‘you can just be our emperor’ at first, but now, their reliance and belief amplified while he worked with them for 20 days.

[And the result is the sea of tears we have here.]
“If you knew, then speak up first!”
[I didn’t. Not all elves are like this. And honestly, these guys are strange.]
“*Sob*, Your Majestyyyy!”
“Take me too!”
“Your Majesty!”
“These guys are playing a symphony of ‘Your Majesty’.”

If it was malice, hostility, or suspicion instead, it would be easier for him to do something; as he could rely on no one else other than his parents, and he did not believe in anyone.

That was also the reason why he could prepare against Reta’s betrayal, and the reason he could see through others’ inner thoughts quickly.

“Your Majesty, no!”
“Your Majestyyyyy!”

However this situation, the experience of receiving the pure love of so many people, was very new for him. He had never received such things, so he didn’t know how to, nor did he know what to do.

If he said it was unpleasant, then it would be a lie. However, he was more afraid than anything.

Is this love real? Aren’t they deceiving me since they have something they want from me like Reta did? – Starting with those suspicions, he became afraid that this love may disappear or change so he even wanted to just let go.

Right now, Yu IlHan wanted to just run away. If so, then he would have no need to doubt them, nor fear that their emotions will change in the future.

However, the thought that he couldn’t leave them like this held him back. If he ran away without saying anything after all this, then he would be too sorry for the elves.

It wasn’t that Yu IlHan looked after them with the mindset of playing Sim City for 20 days either.

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“I need to go.”

So, Yu IlHan spoke honestly to the elves.

“This place is dangerous, but my homeland, Earth, is in no less danger.”

He set up Vanguard and increased the battle powers of several guilds. The people of Earth definitely became stronger.
However, he was still worried. If he didn’t have the excuse of stabilizing Dareu, then he would not have received the position of the elven emperor even if it was temporary.

“I want to look after you more, but I can’t. I’m sorry.”
“How can this be…….”

The elves accepted, and became dejected.
They couldn’t hold Yu IlHan back after learning that his homeland was in danger.

Yu IlHan was also sorry for the elves. He did think that he wanted to hand over the possession of the magic formation, but that was impossible in two ways.

No matter how passionate the elves were fo Yu IlHan, he couldn’t trust them completely as he had only lived 20 days with them – which was the first reason, and the second reason was that it was only possible to hand over the ownership on the moment of the owner’s death.

There was something else that was possible, which was to divide the control of the magic formation.
The previous elf emperor did not do this because he didn’t want to split his power over the throne, and because he couldn’t acquire the materials, but Yu IlHan was different.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

The female elf, that was publicly acknowledged and self-proclaimed as the number two, due to her proficiency in both battle and productive ability, came towards Yu IlHan. She said she was 518 years old as of this year, but she was a beauty that looked no more than 25.

Yu IlHan handed over the mana crafter magic stone to her. It was an artifact made of a 4th class magic stone.

“You can control the formation with this, albeit not as completely as me. But you will be able to use them to transfer a battalion or for finding monsters. It’s very precious so don’t lose it.”

Mirfa became dejected and lowered her head after realizing what it meant by Yu IlHan handing over the item to her. With a bitter smile, Yu IlHan consoled her. This was the first time Yu IlHan had ever consoled anybody in his life.

“I’ll come back to play some time. Or you can come over when you’ve settled down. Wait, can you do that in the first place?”
“Your Majesty…….?”
[Even monsters can come and go, there’s no reason why elves can’t.]
“You can!”

Yu IlHan consoled her with confidence after receiving the confirmation from Erta. Fortunately, Mirfa’s expression became brighter.

“Then take some of us.”

And spoke nonsense.

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“I can only be relieved that way!”
“Even if I take you, you guys are too weak, so you will only become hindrances.”

The elves all became dejected when Yu IlHan spoke the truth. However, they recovered soon and attacked even more.

“Then you can make us do trivial things! We want to serve you at your side by any means!”
“We won’t become hindrances so please take us, Your Majesty!”
“Your Majestyyyy!”

The desperate gaze attacks of the elves lynched Yu IlHan. Yu IlHan’s chest prickled.

Yu IlHan was very strong in seeing through and destroying the false relationship on the surface between humans, but was very weak against honest affections towards himself. Even if it stemmed from loyalty due to overwhelming power and authority.

Although, until yet, he didn’t know because he hadn’t received true affection.1

In the end he couldn’t win against their gazes and spoke while turning his head.

“O, okay. Then about four of you can follow me.”

That was the limit of what Yu IlHan could handle as he still couldn’t completely trust the elves.

[Yu IlHan……. Do you know that you’re so cute right now?]

While Erta was touched at Yu IlHan’s new side and teased him, a battle royale occurred between the elves who wanted to follow Yu IlHn.

Hundreds of elves rampaged around with swords, axes, bow and arrows, spears, or hammers, and some even carried smithing hammers and frying pans. Looking at that vicious scene, Yu IlHan found it funny and muttered in happiness.

“If I put in a little more effort, would there be a person on Earth who would truly have liked me? Not just on the surface, but truly with the heart…”

For the first time in the loner’s life, Yu IlHan looked back his life alone.

[Probably no, because of your concealment.]

Spoke Erta, before adding.

[Although, it maybe different now, since you can control it now.]
“You really are horrible at consoling people.”
[I don’t wanna hear that from you!]

The battle royale ended. The strongest four were glistening their eyes in that place, and coincidentally, there were two women and two men.

If something could be called strange, it was that all four could be seen as nothing but beautiful women despite the fact that they gained muscles due to eating meat on Yu IlHan’s orders.

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However, Yu IlHan shook his head while looking at the four elves who had an average level of 85.

“What would the other guys do if I take the strongest ones? Pick again.”
“The rest are plenty strong too. They will grow fast.”
“We want to follow you!”
“Please let us follow you!”
“Your Majesty!”

Yu IlHan lost again due to the barrage of gaze attacks.

“O, okay. But on Earth, you need to call me Yu IlHan, not Your Majesty, got it?”
“Yes, Your Majesty!”

He finished saying farewell to the elves, and handed over the control of the magic formation to Mirfa, and the four to follow Yu IlHan was also decided. The elves wracked their brains thinking about how to hold Yu IlHan here, but Yu IlHan didn’t allow that anymore.

He let go of too many things. He quickly wanted to return to Earth, where no one cared about him, rather than being here where the elves made him feel uneasy.

[You are the center of attention due to Vanguard though?]
“That’s not me but the equipments, so it’s alright. It’s not the inside, but the outside.”

Erta felt that she got to know Yu IlHan better when she heard that; a little more about why Yu IlHan rejected Na YuNa so much, and instead accepted Kang MiRae more, along with the reasons as to why he cherished Lita and herself more compared to the others.

Yu IlHan left the in-the-middle-of-construction empire along with the 4 victor elves.

According to their levels, the four that followed Yu IlHan were: level 87 female greatsword warrior Mirey, level 86 male archer Paté, level 85 male shield warrior Jirl, and level 83 female thief Phiria.
In Yu IlHan’s eyes, they were weaklings who he doubted could fight against 2 3rd class dragons, but in truth, they were stronger than any other group on Earth right now.

Yu IlHan moved towards the outer areas of the magic circle and looked for the gate to Earth.

The elves had sparkling eyes in joy at going to where Yu IlHan was born and raised, Yu IlHan resolved to stowaway when going to Korea after applying his concealment on them after looking at their appearances.

It didn’t take too long to find the gate. It wasn’t too hard to make another dog hole with Erta’s power, and it was of course, even easier for the 6 including Yu IlHan to exit to Earth.

The problem was Earth.
Honestly, Yu IlHan expected that the 2nd Great Cataclysm may arrive on Earth while he was in Dareu, which was also the reason why he hurriedly cleaned out the dragonkin.

However, Yu IlHan’s thoughts were very naïve. How?

The three months Yu IlHan had left Earth.

Earth was at peace without any problems!

Author’s notes

Honestly, I want to write more Sim City, but I made IlHan back off since his personality isn’t one that plays around. Perhaps there will be another opportunity later. You should know from IlHan’s state, but since it’s just after Reta betrayed him, he couldn’t let any affections in his heart all the more. That much is plenty a miracle in itself. Yu IlHan is a tsundere~

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