I’m Not Obliged To Coax You (1)

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Ji Qingzhou heard Shen Rongyu exploring the blades of the grass. The subtle rustles echoed his gentle movements.

She closed her palm and retracted the Water Drawing Technique, and the last trace of blood from the wounds on her palms disappeared.

In the afternoon, the sun shone through the sparse leaves by the stream. On the stream sprinkled with dappled sun rays, the water was so clear that even the stones and tiny fish in the water were clearly visible.

As Ji Qingzhou squatted by the stream, her dress dragged on the ground and fell on the pebbles. The skirt was rolled up in a few folds.

She turned around and looked at Shen Rongyu, inexplicably feeling guilty.

Ji Qingzhou withdrew her palms and hid them in her sleeves before greeting him, “Xiao Yu-shixiong.”

Shen Rongyu seemed to have stayed in White Water Island today and did not go out. His clothes were not formal as usual. Except for his inner wear, he only had a robe on, a silver buckle in the shape of the Queen of the Night on his waist, loosely tied with a belt, along with the Burial Snow Sword that was lightly hung on his waist. His entire posture was relaxed.

He glanced at Ji Qingzhou, and his eyes stayed on her curled hands. He had already keenly smelled the scent of blood.

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Ji Qingzhou got injured again, he thought.

He didn’t respond, so Ji Qingzhou didn’t take the initiative to speak. She clutched her sleeves, stood up, and the hem of her skirt piled around her waist cascaded down.

Because it was the Beast Mastery Class, getting smudged with dust was inevitable, so Ji Qingzhou did not wear any of the beautiful dresses that Shen Rongyu and she had bought at the market that day. She wore the mortal dress that she brought from down the mountain, that was why Bing Shuang so easily slashed through her dress with her tail in class today.

Her dress today was colored gray, and Bing Shuang’s tail drew a huge gash on it. It didn’t affect her dress much, but it made her look disheveled.

“What happened?” After a long pause Shen Rongyu asked.

“Nothing.” Ji Qingzhou replied. She lowered her head and touched her purse, and took out the food she had prepared for Youyou.

“Hand,” Shen Rongyu told her.

Ji Qingzhou was, in fact, not that obedient. She hid her hands and replied, “The hands are busy with something else.”

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Shen Rongyu looked down at her skirt, where the outer skirt was torn and the inner fabric was exposed. The edges were torn sharp, and at a glance, he could tell whose masterpiece it was.

“The Profound Beast, Bing Shuang, has a bad temper, but she should like you very much,” Shen Rongyu said. He asked her again, “What are you doing here? Don’t tell me you’re drinking water, are you?”

Ji Qingzhou bluntly changed the subject, “I’m going to feed Youyou.”

The scratch on her palms healed quickly, and she didn’t want Shen Rongyu to come and help her heal her wounds. She later learned that the medicine Shen Rongyu had given her before was precious, so it was entirely unnecessary to use it for such scratches.

Shen Rongyu took her hand and turned her palm up. From the thin trail of blood stains, he could tell that her palm had suffered multiple scratches.

“Did you fall?” He took out the medicine bottle from his sleeve, sprinkled a little on her wound, and gently wiped it away.

“Yeah.” The cold potion seeped into the wounds. It stung, and made Ji Qingzhou gasp and flex her fingers.

“If she doesn’t suit you, change her into another one,” Shen Rongyu said as his fingers pressed her palm.

Ji Qingzhou considered it for a while, then shook her head. “If I abandon her, no one will want her anymore.”

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Truth be told, the arrogant Bing Shuang hadn’t realized one thing. When the disciples in the Beast Mastery Class selected their spirit beasts, although she had the strongest ability and the tallest stature, she seemed difficult to get along with, so none of the other disciples chose her.

“She hit you several times,” Shen Rongyu said. He thought that the one he had bought was more well-behaved.

“Yeah,” Ji Qingzhou responded in a muffled voice and withdrew her hand after the medicine was applied.

She didn’t sound entirely unhappy, but she wasn’t in the best mood either. In silence, she followed Shen Rongyu back.

When she was about to walk into Shen Rongyu’s yard, he stopped in his tracks. Ji Qingzhou, who had been walking sullenly, bumped into his back.

She caught a whiff of that familiar scent from his body, and after taking a deep breath, she backed away.

“Zhouzhou, I’m not obliged to make you happy,” Shen Rongyu said to her.

Even Ji Qingzhou’s system agreed to this statement. Ji Qingzhou, as the taskmaster who would capture him, didn’t have any reason to assume a sulky posture in front of him, or for a spirit beast in her Beast Mastery Class.

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“Yeah.” Ji Qingzhou replied in the same tone. Her long eyelashes were slightly drooping, and her spirit remained sullen.

She liked Bing Shuang very much, but she had no other choice because it was impossible for her to raise her.

Faced with a sullen Ji Qingzhou, even Shen Rongyu had to accept defeat with resignation. She was so stubborn. She neither smiled, nor acted coquettishly. Whatever happened to someone next to her was none of her business.

Ji Qingzhou apologized to him, “Xiao Yu-shixiong, I’m sorry.”

She said so in a detached manner. She was feeling genuinely sorry that she had upset a spirit beast that had been friendly to her in the Beast Mastery Class.

No man nor beast would probably ever befriend her anymore, so it was inevitable for her to feel a bit disappointed.

Shen Rongyu looked into her eyes. Her gaze was out of focus and his figure was non-existent in her eyes. She looked away and seemed to have emptied herself.

Ji Qingzhou almost never looked at him. Her eyes fell on his jawline, on the side of his ears, on his neck, on his shoulders, and around his waist, but she never looked at him squarely.

“Hey, Youyou,” Ji Qingzhou called. She learned from Elder Qu Ting today that Profound Frost Beasts also ate snow dew grass, and brought some back for a meal change.

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