Jealousy (2)

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Meng Yaolan walked over with her Profound Bing Shuang Beast. She glanced at Bing Shuang in the distance, and walked closer to Ji Qingzhou and greeted her.

“Huh?” Ji Qingzhou raised her head and looked at Meng Yaolan but soon enough, her eyes avoided Meng Yaolan’s and fell on her neatly tied ponytail.

“Some time ago, did you bring back a Profound Bing Shuang Beast cub from the market?” Meng Yaolan asked.

Ji Qingzhou carried her small basket of Ice Spirit Fruit, and replied with a nod, “Yes.”

“She’s jealous. She sniffed another scent of her kind on you,” Meng Yaolan reminded her.

“Ah…” Ji Qingzhou replied again. She turned her head to observe Bing Shuang who was standing in the distance. She frowned slightly, finding this reason incomprehensible.

Bing Shuang glared at her, and she still refused to gallop towards her.

“I had no idea,” Ji Qingzhou said. She was at a loss and didn’t know how to deal with such a situation.

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“Coax her, and she’ll be happy,” Meng Yaolan told her the solution. “This spirit beast is easy to coax. Just tell her that she’s your most trusted partner, and she will come back.”

Ji Qingzhou frowned once more. She looked at how Bing Shuang held her head high in the distance and shook her head. “I can’t lie to her.”

“Elder Qu is very fond of her, and she is not my most trusted companion. When the Beast Mastery Class is over, she will be taken away. How can she stay with me forever?” Ji Qingzhou reasoned out seriously.

Sometimes, she was terribly rational. She knew from the beginning that she couldn’t invest too much emotion into this class. If she was too enthusiastic, it wouldn’t be a good thing for Bing Shuang.

“You…” Meng Yaolan’s eyebrows rose. Her beautiful phoenix eyes beheld Qingzhou’s face, and found that her flawless cheeks showed almost no emotional fluctuations. Her eyes were calm and gentle, and inside her partly open lips, a shadow of her shell-like teeth peeked out. She looked somewhat cute, and seemed like a good target for bullying.

Ji Qingzhou was indeed like a block of wood, or she was more like a tree, shading the people who walked to and fro. She might look generous and gentle, but when the visitor left, she would never chase after them.

“Then…wait for her to come over by herself.” Meng Yaolan didn’t know what else to say. She called out to Bing Shuang for Ji Qingzhou, but the she ignored her.

She led her own Profound Bing Shuang Beast to leave. Her beast stuck to her and seemed to regard her as his only owner. Well, the beast didn’t understand her exchange with Ji Qingzhou earlier either.

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Ji Qingzhou thanked Meng Yaolan and walked towards Bing Shuang with her basket full of Ice Spirit Fruit.

This time Bing Shuang did not run away. She stared straight at Ji Qingzhou’s eyes, expressing her annoyance.

Ji Qingzhou was not afraid to meet spirit beasts’ eyes, because these beasts were simple and looking into their eyes would not make her feel nervous once she perceived their emotions.

“Bing Shuang,” Ji Qingzhou called to her softly.

Bing Shuang turned her head. She sniffed Ji Qingzhou’s hand again and stomped her feet, still pissed off.

“I can only see you twice a week.” Ji Qingzhou didn’t care whether she understood or not, but just slowly reasoned with her. “More often than not, Elder Qu accompanies you. Elder Qu has raised so many Profound Bing Shuang Beasts. How come you’re not annoyed with him?”

Bing Shuang seemingly understood Ji Qingzhou’s question. Why was she not angry with Qu Ting? Because Qu Ting was her owner, and Ji Qingzhou was more like the object of her mercy. No one chose her, and only she did, so why was she raising another Profound Bing Shuang Beast?

“It doesn’t make sense for you to lose your temper like this,” Ji Qingzhou said, patting her on the neck. Her tone remained gentle, and her voice trailed, as if she was going to fall asleep the next moment.

Bing Shuang only wanted Ji Qingzhou to coax her, but she didn’t want to lie to her. She fell silent, so she could only turn her head and nudge her shoulder again and again, trying to rub against her arms.

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Even though she nudged her gently, she still knocked Ji Qingzhou down. The ground scratched her hands, tearing her palms and causing blood to ooze out.

Ji Qingzhou looked at her helplessly. To a certain extent, she was a very lethargic spirit beast master. No matter how much Bing Shuang asked for a response from her, she didn’t pay her any attention.

Just this moment, Elder Qu Ting walked behind her, bent down and helped her up.

“Thank you, Elder Qu.” Ji Qingzhou bowed her head and thanked him.

“Bing Shuang really is ill-tempered,” Qu Ting waved at Bing Shuang, and the big beast ran towards him. She tilted her head and rubbed his palm, quite obediently.

“If she doesn’t cooperate with you, you can pick another one — or bring your own to take part in the annual assessment,” Qu Ting told her.

“Youyou is —” A cub. Before Ji Qingzhou could finish speaking, Qu Ting gestured to her to be silent.

When Bing Shuang heard Qu Ting’s words, she immediately raised her head up and stared at Ji Qingzhou and Qu Ting incredulously.

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“She is your master, not your lover or companion.” Qu Ting patted Bing Shuang’s head and said to her, “You are a grown up girl yet you don’t seem to understand such a simple truth.”

Bing Shuang obediently walked towards Ji Qingzhou, bowing her head in front of her.

“After taking the Beast Mastery Class for so long, only you seem to understand the way of beast mastery.” Qu Ting sighed. “Some years ago, there was a spirit beast that I kept. After Beast Mastery Class was completed, it got separated from the disciple it was assigned to. It didn’t eat or drink, and later died.”

“The disciple coaxed it, lied to it, and after he left, he never looked back.” Qu Ting pinched his brows, a little helpless.

“En.” Ji Qingzhou couldn’t say anything to comfort him. She just took over the rope holding Bing Shuang.

Bing Shuang didn’t dare to get angry in front of her again, because she knew that Ji Qingzhou would not spoil her.

In the Beast Mastery Class assessment, Bing Shuang cooperated quite well and earned Ji Qingzhou a good result.

After successfully managing to tackle her, Ji Qingzhou breathed a sigh of relief. She returned to White Water Island, squatted by the stream, and performed the Water Drawing Technique to wash off the bruises on her hands.

She wanted to heal her wounds first before going to Shen Rongyu. However, a rustle of leaves sounded in the forest. Shen Rongyu came out of nowhere and stood behind her.

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