Jealousy (1)

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Ji Qingzhou felt that this didn’t sound right. Shen Rongyu was simply stealing her job.

In the face of such an approach, of course, Ji Qingzhou was… happy to hear it.

There was nothing happier than knowing that she didn’t have to go through all the trouble of capturing someone on her own.

She accepted this fact calmly and fell asleep.

During the Beast Mastery class the next day, Qu Ting, the class Elder, also announced the contents of the annual assessment.

Behind him followed a pack of tall and mighty Profound Bing Shuang Beasts. He said to Ji Qingzhou and her company of disciples, “Everyone has been with Profound Bing Shuang Beasts for so long, so you must have built a good relationship, right?”

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Ji Qingzhou stood at the end of the crowd. She took a peek at the Profound Bing Shuang Beast assigned to her, and the big guy looked extraordinarily tall in the center of her companions, with her head held high and a rather detached bearing.

She felt that her relationship with her Profound Bing Shuang Beast was not particularly good. She still remembered the last time she kicked her.

“I will test your tacit understanding of the Profound Bing Shuang Beast. You will work together with your spirit beasts to complete the task I’ll assign you. By then, you will be graded according to the time you take to complete the task.” Qu Ting patted the neck of the Profound Bing Shuang Beast beside him and announced, “As for the specific task content, it is related to the ability of the beasts, covering speed racing, fighting, tracking, and ice-attribute magic.”

“The strength of an adult Profound Bing Shuang Beast, combined with a disciple under the Qi Refining level, can give full play to the strength of a Golden Core cultivator at most, so these assessment contents cannot be completed by your own strength alone,” Qu Ting explained. He knew that some of the disciples he took were very powerful, and they were rather proud and unwilling to rely on the power of spirit beasts.

Ji Qingzhou was fully satisfied with this kind of assessment method where they clung onto something or someone powerful. If she was incapable of something, she would let the Profound Bing Shuang Beast carry it out. This year’s assessment was truly humane.

In order to achieve a good result, she took the initiative to greet her Profound Bing Shuang Beast today, “Hello.”

The now adult Profound Bing Shuang Beast approached her. She was excited to see Ji Qingzhou coming, but the first thing she did was to lower her head and sniff Ji Qingzhou’s hand.

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She had caught the familiar scent of her kind.

The adult Profound Bing Shuang Beast stood vigilantly. Ji Qingzhou must have found another Profound Bing Shuang Beast!

She stared at Ji Qingzhou with wide eyes, then turned away. She wouldn’t let her hitch a ride on her anymore.

Ji Qingzhou didn’t expect this big gal to be jealous. It might have been different in the past, but this time, she sensed that something was wrong with her.

“Bing Shuang,” she called her. Qu Ting had given the beast this name.

Bing Shuang ignored her and flicked her tail, which was adorned with crystalline ice flowers that glistened in the sunlight.

The edges of the ice flower were fatally sharp. She deliberately flung her tail and swept Ji Qingzhou’s front, cutting a slit in her dress.

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Ji Qingzhou ignored the fact that her dress was now torn. She brought out some Ice Spirit Fruits and held them in front of her: “Do you want some?”

Bing Shuang turned her head away, ignoring the Ice Spirit Fruits.

Ji Qingzhou didn’t understand why she was angry. The content of today’s class test was to work with the Profound Bing Shuang Beast and let it spew out a whistling snowblast. Now that Bing Shuang was on strike, there wasn’t much she could do about it.

So she held the Ice Spirit Fruits without moving her hands. She just stood stiff. She was poor at coaxing people or beasts, not to mention that she wasn’t fond of Bing Shuang as much as she was towards Maomao and Youyou. So, she just spent time with her in this way.

Bing Shuang flicked her tail impatiently. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed the Ice Spirit Fruits Ji Qingzhou was holding, which she had extending for a long time.

She galloped away and deliberately knocked off the Ice Spirit Fruits in Ji Qingzhou’s hands. Although Bing Shuang was the most capable of the Profound Bing Shuang Beast raised by Qu Ting, she also had the worst temper. Back then, when the spirit beasts were choosing partners, no one chose Ji Qingzhou. Only Bing Shuang was the most rebellious and picked her.

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When Bing Shuang hit Ji Qingzhou’s hands and knocked the Ice Spirit Fruits down to the ground, she wasn’t annoyed because she knew how ill-tempered she was.

She squatted down and slowly picked up the fruits scattered all over the ground, carefully touching them.

Meng Yaolan, who was playing with her Profound Bing Shuang Beast in the distance, noticed what was going on in her direction. She turned around and looked at Ji Qingzhou.

Ji Qingzhou lowered her head to pick up the fruits on the ground, quite focused on her task. Bing Shuang stomped her hooves in anger, and her snowflake adorned tail wagged uncontrollably.

Bing Shuang was wondering why Ji Qingzhou didn’t come to coax her. She only needed to say a word, and she’d be happy.

But Ji Qingzhou would rather pick up the fruit on the ground than look at her. With this conclusion, she became even more angry.

Ji Qingzhou really didn’t understand the twists and turns in Bing Shuang’s heart. Besides, she couldn’t even figure out why she was angry.

She stuffed the Ice Spirit Fruits back into the basket one by one and sighed softly.

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