Deliberate Mark

Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Memories Flood Into the Mind, Fragments Connect Into… 

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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey wasn’t really expecting that twist


The two men’s mecha kicked in synchronously and launched their attacks with tacit understanding. Gu Ang was confident that Ye Fei would always fight alongside him, never leaving.

“Hiss…” One of the surrounding Zerg let out the first harsh roar, as if sounding the battle horn. Immediately after that, it was a roar that shook the whole ground and resounded through this world.

Hundreds of Zerg of the lowest seventh level, interspersed with a dozen or so arching leaders of the ninth level Zerg made their move at the same time, roaring and rushing towards the six people.

“Go!” The six generals who had come back from the future immediately pooled their firepower and charged at the Zerg with a counter-charge. A torrent of steel and flesh and blood began to collide at this moment.

Looking at the two sides of the crazy fight, Lu ChangBai leisurely leaned to the side, courteous to the demon Zerg woman as he said with deep affection, “Can I ask you to have a dance, Her Majesty Queen Chris?”

“On the battlefield?” Even the queen, who has faced the world, showed surprise on her face.

“How can we all enjoy the battle without an accompanying dance?” Lu ChangBai didn’t have the slightest intention to take back his outstretched hand, and still bowed slightly in an inviting gesture. His long hair flew wildly in the wind, covering most of his pale face.

Chris put her hand on it and said gracefully, “I really still don’t understand you humans, but you are really, really interesting!”

This side of the two just under the Lu ChangBai light hum to dance the tango, the other side of the two sides have been in a deadly fight. Although all kinds of Zerg were collectively called Zerg by humans, the actual internal racial divisions were as numerous as the stars. Some Zerg were of the same lineage, such as the Golden Cicada, born as a ninth grade. And like the gray beetle, if there were no accidents, they would reach third grade.

However, Zerg, no matter whether by racial advantage or acquired by chance, level seven were a watershed. After the seventh level, facing dozens of people driving the mecha, they are able to fight with ease.

But obviously, the six people present were not “ordinary” humans in any sense.

Whether it was Jiang HeYi, who brought the concept of “force” to its fullest potential, or the Qi brothers, who were connected in attack and defense, facing a level 7 Zerg was basically a face-to-face plus two or three moves.

The only ones who could pose a threat were the dozen or so level nine Zerg.

In particular, one of the level nine black and white striped maggots that could release energy shock waves, could accumulate photon energy from the mouthpiece and then launch it. Not only was it extremely penetrating, but it was also accompanied by strong corrosion. Even the most sophisticated human technology mecha had no way to resist for a moment.

And this fat striped maggot was extremely stoic, at first had been pretending to be a level eight Zerg watching from afar, until Yin WenXuan, in the rest of the three level siege, revealed a tiny break. Instantly, the dazzling red light cut through the air from the edge of the battlefield with a fierce blow.

Caught in a bitter battle, Yin WenXuan’s mecha’s right leg was completely invalidated, he opened his light wings to dodge in haste, only to escape. Gu Ang looked up and saw the battle, and launched a one-time on-board star destroyer. A wave of light scattered and debris splattered everywhere, and one blast killed the black and white striped maggot, interrupting its chance to unleash another unstoppable shockwave.

However, all Class 9 Zerg were unique, each with their own killer weapon. The death of the black and white striped maggot didn’t give anyone a slight reprieve, they just fell into a more bitter and long battle.

A giant translucent mosquito, long mouthparts from the front pierced the abdomen of Jiang HeYi’s mecha. If it had gone up a meter, it would have pierced right through the cockpit and killed Jiang HeYi on the spot.

Ye Fei was able to chop two different species of giant earthworms into pieces only after burning out two spare engines. He combined with the ion annihilation cannon to kill both of these extremely vital Class 9 Zerg with great difficulty. Even Gu Ang, who has the best combat power in the field, carried weapons that were destroyed in the battle, and the shockwave of the energy cannon from unknown sources was basically shattered. Only a long sword made of the same material as mecha, made of black dwarf stone, was left behind.

A melee down, both sides were bruised and battered.

The six-person mecha were in tatters, barely surviving. On the Zerg side, the losses were even heavier. The original dense Zerg, in this short thirteen-minute battle all the level seven Zerg were extinguished. There were very few eighth levels left, and although seven ninth levels had fallen, there were still a full six.

The field was splattered with blood and flesh, various colors of blood mixed together, emitting an unpleasant smell. The evening sun in the sky had turned crimson, and the color of blood spread without borders.

“It seems that your men aren’t powerful enough, it’s surprising that you have to come down personally for such a great superior situation.” Lu ChangBai finished dancing with Chris and sighed leisurely.

Chris sneered, let go of his palm and took a gentle step forward. Just a simple action, a powerful pressure directly pressed towards everyone on the field indiscriminately.

“Pfft—” Except for the humans and the level nine Zerg, the other level eight bugs directly burst open in place because they couldn’t withstand Queen Chris’ mighty pressure.

Disgusting flesh splattered and went limp on the ground.

“Can’t even get this done, causing me to lose face in front of my dear.” Queen Chris licked her plump red lips and hooked her finger at a few people, “Let me send you off personally, before the night gets too long.”

“Be careful, this queen is a bit difficult to deal with.” Gu Ang warned with a gruff expression.

Ye Fei hmmed and contacted the others, “That’s right, let’s defend a wave first and see…”

“What? Letting go of a fight?” Before Ye Fei could finish his sentence, he heard Jiang HeYi next to him muttering briefly in the channel before rushing out directly.

Ye Fei: …

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Gu Ang: …

Yin WenXuan: …

Faced with the sudden rush from Jiang HeYi, not only the surrounding Zerg didn’t react, all the teammates were also collectively confused. What was that? This Vajra Barbie wasn’t a simpleton? However, this attack didn’t hit even with the effect of being caught off guard.

Chris lifted her long, taut-skinned leg and kicked out, right into Jiang HeYi’s mecha’s iron fist.

In the next moment, Gu Ang and Ye Fei, in a very tacit agreement, both covered Chris’s side. The negative ion cannon and sword shadow were unleashed at the same time, covering Chris in the nick of time.

“Squeak…” A nearly indistinguishable infrasound spread outward with Chris as the center, directly wiping out Ye Fei’s negative ion cannon.

Chris then kicked her right leg and rolled over sharply, dodging Gu Ang’s black dwarf alloy longsword at arm’s length.

Only then did the rest of their teammates react and join the melee. Gu Ang exploded with amazing fighting power, charging recklessly and facing Chris alone, while the other five blocked the attacks of the remaining six Level 9 Zerg. Soldier against soldier, king against king.

At this moment, Gu Ang, turned into an iron-clad warrior inspired by battle intent, used the collision of pheromones in his body to the extreme. It was as if he had entered a state of rampage, and no one could defeat him as God stopped him from killing God.

At this moment, XuanCheng’s battle finally came to a white hot moment. The moment that determined life and death was now divided into two parts. If the soldiers win, they could go to support their king. If the king won, she could destroy the soldiers under them. At this moment, they forgot about the five-school league fight, forgot about the struggle to hold each other, and firmly united to fight for their side.

The Zerg also seemed to feel the end coming, and tried their best to protect their queen. Except for one person.

The human rebel, Lu ChangBai.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to be on the field, but with enough brains and no force, he could only be crushed on the field. Lu ChangBai, as the only onlooker in the room, watched in silence the drama that he was leading. The play was coming to an end, and he waited for the curtain call.

“Stupid elder brother, I wanted to watch a scene with you in peace and quiet, but you always said you didn’t have time, and the dead old man always wanted you to learn this and let you go there.” Lu ChangBai, sitting in the cockpit, picked up the white bone cup placed aside and kissed and stroked it, full of tender eyes. “Finally, we can watch a show together… This is my masterpiece… Do you like it?”

In the middle of this performance, life was running out one by one. All the movements seemed to be sped up, leaving only the shadows of swords. In the case of Gu Ang with pheromone annihilation, he had the speed to keep Chris in the middle. But his pheromone wasn’t unlimited, and the other party seemed to have more than enough physical strength.

Gu Ang gritted his teeth, he had to go back safely, for Ye Fei, and for the sake of the child. He once again pulled the output power of the launch energy to the maximum, followed by his pheromone towards the pheromone engine crazy input. Energy storage, attack.

A sword cut out, with the energy to explode at the same time.

After the light and shadow, together with Chris, a high building shattered at the foundation.

Chris was no slouch either, and with the pain of her broken half wing, he fought back with strength comparable to his.

A grasp in the air cut out five air-breaking scratches, the destructive energy pressed into Gu Ang in unison.

Ka-chow! Gu Ang dodged sideways, but his left light wing was still completely destroyed by his opponent. If he hadn’t dodged in time, he would have been split into six pieces.

“Light, are you okay?” Ye Fei asked anxiously in the communicator.

Gu Ang took a breath before replying, “Big brother, I’m fine, but my left wing is ruined.”

Ye Fei sank his eyes, ignoring his own condition, directly against the risk of engine explosion and paralysis, UHF and the remaining Zerg started a wound-for-wound battle. Just now, his heart almost stopped. If something happened to Gu Ang, he dared not imagine the consequences, “Hold on a little longer, I’ll be there soon.”

By ending everything earlier, Gu Ang’s life wouldn’t be in danger. Ye Fei covered Gu Ang while preemptively sending intensive attacks on the remaining level eight Zerg. Although the Zerg themselves had no fear of death or injury, Ye Fei’s sudden burst of strength and speed made it difficult for Chris to fight.

In addition to Ye Fei’s sudden, life-threatening combat, the opposite side was clearly not used to the change in attack mode and panicked. Just thirty seconds after the change in fighting mode, Ye Fei seized the kill opportunity. He directly detonated the double helix ion blaster on mecha’s left arm, killing all level 9 Zerg in exchange.

The balance was finally broken.

Ye Fei’s mecha turned around and joined Gu Ang in a bitter battle with Chris. Two against one, the battle was instantly turned around. Followed by the Qi brothers. Jiang HeYi and Yin WenXuan also joined afterwards.

All mecha’s cannon fire was aimed straight at the only remaining Zerg, their queen.

“These trash! What wastes!” At this point, Chris had long since lost the elegance she had begun with, cloaked in hair to fend off the siege from every direction. The simultaneous attacks of six generals were almost too much for her to handle.

The battle lasted for twenty minutes, and with a strong sense of resignation, Chris was decapitated by Gu Ang with a sword. The beautiful head in mid-air rolled down and with the last trace of stubbornness looked at Lu ChangBai who was standing not far away, “I’m sorry, ChangBai… I… I can only help you so far.”

Immediately after that was an endless darkness.

Finally, the battle was over.

Watching Chris’s torso fall to the ground raising a cloud of dust, everyone finally breathed a sigh of relief.

“Any more tricks up your sleeve, traitor?!” The crowd drove the tattered mecha to Lu ChangBai’s side, each with a face of hatred.

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“What is there to get excited about? After all, it was a bad move. I didn’t realize that there were six of you students with combat power comparable to that of a general.” Lu ChangBai looked frank and accepted defeat, “It’s not unfair to lose to you geniuses.”

Gu Ang and the others didn’t say anything else. In a battle of this intensity, if it was really a military school student, there was certainly no way to escape from the killing game laid by Lu ChangBai.

Sorry, someone on our side was hanging.

And all six of them were there.

Lu ChangBai straightened his hair to make himself look more decent, “But even if I can’t win today, I’m afraid I will be able to leave here alive.”

Yin WenXuan didn’t understand, “Why?”

However Lu ChangBai didn’t answer Yin WenXuan’s question, he just hung his head and mumbled to himself, “In fact, a long time ago I was curious about why all my layouts for this one move worked, and now I finally understand. I never thought that I would be a pawn in someone else’s hands.”

Gu Ang wrinkled his eyebrows, sensing that there was something in the words. He reached out and snapped Lu ChangBai’s mecha, asking in a stern voice, “What do you mean by that?!”

“Don’t get so excited, elder brother Gu Ang, I just didn’t think I would have the day to become the evil dragon guarding the gate.” Lu ChangBai’s mecha didn’t put up much resistance either, just let the other party pull his mecha like that. “However, I don’t think any level would be designed for such an evil dragon.”

Inside the cockpit, Lu ChangBai smiled faintly and put his finger into the mouth of the white bone wine glass.

“Identification complete, miniature black hole reactor… Activate!”

Immediately after that, in an instant, hundreds and thousands of dark lights started to converge behind Lu ChangBai’s mecha from all directions.


At the first moment when the dark light appeared, everyone reacted and quickly retreated. Lu ChangBai, in order to drag everyone down with him, had actually activated humanity’s most dangerous weapon — a miniature black hole reactor! Able to produce a tiny black hole in just under a minute, this black hole will then cause everything around it, including space and time, to start collapsing.

This black hole would continue to expand with the loss of time, swallowing everything up and turning it into nothingness. The only way to do this was to use the black hole annihilator developed by the Imperial Supreme Academy of Sciences to completely annihilate the black hole within the first minute of its formation. But the problem was that not only would no one carry such a thing, everyone present at the current military rank wasn’t even qualified to touch it.

“Light…” Ye Fei’s panic flashed inside and he turned sideways to touch Gu Ang’s mecha.

An extremely strong sense of crisis hit his heart, and in the next second, it seemed like he was going to lose Gu Ang again. 

This black hole in front of him could indeed swallow everything, including Light. Suddenly, there was a violent flash above the originally dim sky, and a mecha rushed down with unparalleled haste. With an odd box enveloped the black hole that had just erupted for a second, along with everything in Lu ChangBai’s mecha.

“Surprisingly, even this step has been calculated, huh? But forget it… Finally, we can rest. Now that we’re both free, you can keep me company, elder brother.” Before the box closed, half of Lu ChangBai’s face was revealed. In his arms, he held the skeleton wine glass tightly, his fingertips embedded in the skeleton’s empty eye sockets. He wore a calm smile, his eyebrows loosened, as he turned back to just an ordinary seventeen-year-old boy.

“Shen Fei Zhou?”

After everyone breathed a sigh of relief, they saw Shen Fei Zhou along with the mecha appear above the black hole annihilator, “Student Gu Ang, having been saved by me again, did it give you an urge to give your body to me?”

Gu Ang: … 

Ye Fei: … 

Now there wasn’t even a hint of impulse.

“Come on down, Lapdog Shen.” Jiang HeYi couldn’t stand watching and opened her mouth to mock.

“Hahahahahaha, Lapdog Shen, came back and you still haven’t caught Gu Ang?”

“We brothers actually share the same name with people like you, shame.”

“You were given chances and you can’t even catch Gu Ang, you may really have to go reincarnate again.”

Those who used to know each other, felt close to each other and called out. Seeing that the crisis was now truly lifted, they all relaxed a little, so they couldn’t help but jokingly say a few words.

“Others can speak, but fat girl Jiang, you have the nerve to say this? You also used to chase Ye Fei, shouldn’t we be in the same gang?” Shen Fei Zhou’s handsome face slightly reddened, raw trying to pull an alliance, which resulted in another burst of laughter from everyone.

Everyone landed the ship, each sweating and jumped out of their mechas. The sky was silent, just like that one calm night.

Shen Fei Zhou was taken aback, “Wait, so you all crossed over?”

“Uh huh, Lapdog Shen is just slow to react.” Jiang HeYi rolled her eyes.

Shen Fei Zhou slapped his head. No wonder Gu Ang and Ye Fei were eye-to-eye last time. Damn, he lost the plot.

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“Although there may be a factor of Lu ChangBai misleading us in it, there’s someone else behind this incident who’s manipulating everything, I’m afraid there should be no need to suspect.” Yin WenXuan was the most stable, the first to speak up and throw the topic out.

If Lu ChangBai was the pawn, the person behind it would shudder.

Ye Fei avoided Shen Fei Zhou’s probing gaze and added, “We crossed collectively and were arranged to challenge the Zerg peak battle force here, both of which should have come from the manipulation of one person, or one force.”

“In that case, we really underestimated this mastermind. Placing Lu ChangBai, who has defected to Zerg, into the tournament, directly raised the intensity of the tournament too much.” Qi MingFeng still had some afterthought in his tone.

“I thought the five-school league for the top four was the test, but I didn’t expect Lu ChangBai and Chris to be the final boss. Eh, you think if we don’t pass this test, it’s not a huge loss for the Empire?”

“Idiot.” Qi MingYu’s usual disgusted tone, “If we were all killed, it only means that we haven’t grown enough in the golden period of strength growth after crossing? Don’t you find that our group is basically the same age except for Shen Fei Zhou who is older?”

Shen Fei Zhou’s face darkened, “What are you mocking my age for? Who just saved you?”

Everyone collectively booed, but also became dejected.

Shen Fei Zhou coughed lightly and circled back to the topic, “If you’re not strong enough to be destroyed by the group now, it only means that if you keep this progress and continue to grow, you will not be able to stop the end of the destruction of the Empire in the end. But from another perspective, the person behind the scenes who arranged for us to cross over is at least on the side of the Empire. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have used our hands to get rid of the Zerg, and Lu ChangBai who betrayed the Empire.”

Gu Ang nodded, “They can arrange all this, and now know Lu ChangBai will later betray the human race. I’m afraid that not only did they follow us, they should now be in a really high position.”

“Really played by him, ah.” Jiang HeYi sighed.

“By the way!” Gu Ang snapped his eyes up and looked at Shen Fei Zhou and asked, “You brought the miniature black hole annihilator so coincidentally, who assigned you to come here?”

To make Shen Fei Zhou come purposely with such a targeted weapon to save the day, the chances of the assignor being the manipulator behind the scenes were high.

“It was Lord Qi.” Shen Fei Zhou hesitated for a moment before spitting out a name.

Ye Fei’s expression moved slightly, “Qi Cang? The head of the Imperial Royal Knights?”

He didn’t expect that this was the name that came out of Shen Fei Zhou’s mouth. The Royal Knights that Qi Cang was in was the most powerful army in the Empire in terms of combat power, the head of His Majesty’s escort. Shen Fei Zhou hmmed and didn’t say anything more.

Ye Fei twiddled his fingertips, “If it was him, instead, it makes sense. Not to mention eight years forward, even sixteen years forward, it is still this lord in power.”

This thundering name undoubtedly influenced the generation present, everyone grew up listening to his legendary stories. When the Emperor’s new government, the Federation seized the opportunity to attack in a big way and defeated the Empire one after another. Almost a third of its territory was lost, and dozens of galaxies were occupied by the Federation.

Qi Cang appeared at the age of eighteen, freshly dressed and angry, to turn the tide of battle, a squad leader all the way to beat the Federation army but couldn’t find the north. And he only used three years, from a worthless squad leader became the Empire’s youngest champion.

The people of the Federation said he was a calamity descended from the world, while the Empire thought he was a born military god.

Everyone fell into silence.

This crossing, because of Qi Cang’s appearance, suddenly changed the atmosphere. But in the end, why? What was the reason that even the champion, who was the brave leader of three armies and had never been defeated in his life, had to rewind to eight years ago?

“Do you still have an impression of what happened before you crossed over?” After a sweaty silence, Yin WenXuan opened his mouth to break the extremely uncomfortable atmosphere, “Could it be that there was a major crisis in the Empire, so that we traveled back in time to change it?”

“Just got divorced and came back.” Gu Ang and Ye Fei looked at each other and spoke in unison.

“I seem to have crossed over when I was drunk, somehow.”

“You may not believe me when I say it, I was struck by lightning…”

The crowd discussed with all sorts of stories but couldn’t find a pattern.

“Wait.” Ye Fei suddenly interrupted everyone, looked around and opened his mouth to ask: “When did you cross over and when did you wake up?”

“Crossed over on November 2, 3391 AH, and came over to enroll.”

“The 7th of February, 3391 on the astrological calendar, crossed over the first day of September.”


After everyone finished, Ye Fei slowly spoke, “That means we woke up at the same time, but didn’t cross at the same point in time. Jiang HeYi surprisingly came half a year later than Yin WenXuan.”

Shen Fei Zhou pulled the corner of his lips, “Fat girl Jiang, were you lost in time and space?”

“Fuck you.” Jiang HeYi kicked him with a face of impatience.

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Ye Fei looked at the childish two breathlessly, “If this traversal machine wasn’t able to set to fixed point traversal, I’m afraid all of our memories should have been tampered with, deleted or tampered with before traversal.”

Gu Ang shook his head, “It’s blank, we can only wait to find the person who made us cross to confirm it.”

“Then that’s enough discussion for today, let’s keep in touch.” Yin WenXuan held everyone steady and thought of everyone who came with him, saying helplessly, “I still have to go now to get those kids back. With all of us being dragged to this place, it’s really bad luck.”

“Okay, we also have to go and find Wei YangZe, that daredevil.” Gu Ang looked at the time and nodded his head in agreement.

The day after the crowd dispersed, the huge Class 8 Zerg Sun Bug in the sky suddenly exploded. It turned into a huge fireball in the air and crashed down towards the planet. The game was officially declared complete.

Everyone dawdled to finish assembling, all followed Shen Fei Zhou on the return trip to the airship.

The rest of the people who didn’t participate in the battle were still discussing the killing experience with an excited face, they didn’t know that behind this apparently calm five-school league, a huge plan had already unfolded.

Ye Fei and Gu Ang blatantly lived in a room, talking about love, lazy to cover up.

Shen Fei Zhou felt heartache and didn’t want to see them. It had only been a few months, but these two actually reconciled. Every time he saw Ye Fei, he couldn’t wait to punch him, but he could only hold it in and keep his poise. He felt that he was really miserable, he didn’t catch Gu Ang in his last life, and when he came back, he was hoping he was still the first one to find him.

If Ye Fei was the lucky one, he was the most miserable and pathetic cannon fodder. Watching the person you like fall into the arms of your rival, but you can’t do anything about it. That feeling was really bad.

Ye Fei wanted to ask Shen Fei Zhou about that night alone, but Gu Ang was always in the shadows and couldn’t miss the time. Fearing that Gu Ang would be too concerned, Ye Fei also didn’t ask directly.

The day of the report was getting closer and closer, but his heart was getting more and more nervous.

Recently Gu Ang’s stomach was showing a little bit of a bulging curve. Just lifting his shirt, Ye Fei could see a little bit of a mound. The longer the days went by, the more this couldn’t be hidden, but even the cause wasn’t clear.

These days, Gu Ang’s physical exertion was too much, and he began crazily eating, making his body round some more. His stomach was soft, waist was soft, and even the curvature of his chest was softer.

Lying in bed at night, Ye Fei touched the small of his belly and reminded him in a roundabout way, “Light, did you eat a little too much in the past two days?”

“Not much, I’m hungry.” Gu Ang lazily fell into his arms and found a satisfactory position.

Ye Fei played with the teeth on his neck and whispered, “I’m afraid you’ll gain weight and complain, but for the sake of the baby, it’s good to eat more.”

Gu Ang stopped talking, his eyes drooping as he rubbed his stomach, fearful of the future he dared not face.

Ye Fei pinched his earlobe, “What are you thinking about?”

“What if he grows up slowly?” Gu Ang’s face was full of worry, “My belly will not turn into a ball, right?”

Ye Fei laughed, “No, I heard that Omega men don’t look too pregnant, and it’s not that exaggerated.”

Gu Ang let out a cry, “Luckily we came back safe and sound, another escape from death.”

Ye Fei reached out and hugged him tightly, dropping his eyes and biting his lips, “With a small child, and your rampant personality, you need to learn to cool down.”

“Anyway, with you around, you will protect me.” Gu Ang closed his eyes with a reassuring look. He put away his fighting edge and was willing to soften into a little cutie in Ye Fei’s arms. Just reach out and hug that lean waist, it was like getting a whole harbor.

The two of them had a chat and Gu Ang soon fell asleep.

Ye Fei raised his hand to turn off the light and also slowly closed his eyes. The darkness of the night gave him infinite room for imagination. Ye Fei’s fingers slowly slid around Gu Ang’s waist, and his brain suddenly ached. Some fragmentary memories flooded into the mind, slowly overlapping with the fragments after the coma.

Ye Fei’s eyelashes moved slightly, feeling that the scene was as real as if it had really happened. If it was a dream, how could it even be synchronized with touch?

He saw Gu Ang sitting on top of him, shifting around with a red face, his clothes being messed up as if he was being bullied. The bottom of the loose shirt rubbed against his skin, a little itchy and tantalizing. His hands made a mess of Gu Ang, little by little, teased his abs, and then reached deeper. The repressed breath, and the hooked pheromone were pervading everywhere.

His muscles were tense, and his nose seemed to smell the sweet, soft aroma of white peach oolong. That smell stimulated more fragrant fragments, fragments that were almost connected into a complete picture. The next second in the fragment, he rolled over and took control of Gu Ang in his arms. Thrust in one after another, as if to pin the person to himself, inseparable.

It was hot, steamy, reckless, and delusional.

If it was a dream, why did it feel so real?

He could even feel the tension of the fit, the heat, and the urge to mark.

His lover purred like a kitten, a wisp of air sound running into his ears, “Big brother, don’t go, give it to me.”

The image was tinted dimly, like the color of a bedside lamp. He seemed to respond with all of his heart.  Ye Fei felt his palms sweat as all the images came together into a guess that almost called out. He needed to find a missing answer this late at night.

Ye Fei put Gu Ang gently on the pillow and got up gently. He pushed the door open and went out, found Shen Fei Zhou’s room, and knocked on the door, “Are you asleep? Come out and talk.”

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