Deliberate Mark

Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Maybe, It’s Not Really a Dream

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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey’s eyes are burning


Ye Fei spent two days in the dormitory recovering from his knee injury, which was almost healed, with a little scar left. But walking and fighting, it wasn’t too much of a problem. After all, for soldiers, being wounded was the norm, so he recovered quickly.

The day before Qin LeHe left, she sent a large amount of food, fearing that Gu Ang wouldn’t be able to keep up with the nutrition. She was worried and told her son again and again not to tough it out.

Gu Ang responded with a mouthful, not taking it seriously. He and Ye Fei simply packed their bags, and followed the group to Planet Z.

With a pregnant Omega by his side, Ye Fei had spent the last few days catching up on his caregiving knowledge, fearing that something might happen to Gu Ang. After three months, the child was developing rapidly, but it was only two days before the original flat belly had some slight amplitude.

Wei YangZe couldn’t stand it, “Ye Fei, what are you doing touching Gu Ang’s stomach all day long? Are you a pervert?”

Ye Fei grimaced, “You don’t understand.”

He was cultivating his fatherly love, to become attached to a little life that suddenly arrived.

“I do wonder… How you two don’t get tired of lovey-dovey crooked when you’re in a relationship.” Wei YangZe shook his head, “Me and Xinxin aren’t so…”

“Stop it, don’t say it.” Gu Ang felt physically ill at the thought of Wei YangZe showing his affection. He hadn’t eaten much in the past two days, and he was sick to his stomach and had no appetite.

Ye Fei handed over the nutrient solution, “Drink some.”

“It’s hard to drink.” Gu Ang looked away, a stubbornly resistant face.

Ye Fei made a move to pour it into his mouth, “I’ll feed you?”

“Ah, I can’t stand you guys anymore, goodbye.” Wei YangZe really didn’t have eyes to see, and turned around to run to the other side of the airship to watch the scenery.

Gu Ang shrank back into his chair and raised a hand to his stomach, “Thankfully it’s only three months now, this little thing feels grumpy.”

“Whatever you say.” Ye Fei unscrewed the nutrient solution and shoved it into Gu Ang’s mouth when he wasn’t looking.

They both were now comfortable talking about things regarding the child. It was just that there was still a hidden thorn in Gu Ang’s side, and it felt weird until the results came out.

Gu Ang drank half the bottle and wiped his mouth, “Don’t hold your fire, there’s a chance later…”

He said it until then, and he felt a little unable to open his mouth.

Ye Fei asked, “Hmm? What?”

Gu Ang moved his lips and said in a low, slurred voice, “Later, when we get a chance, we can have another one of yours.”

He felt that he had changed so much that he would never have been able to say that in the old Gu Ang’s mouth. Back in the day when he was an Alpha, all he wanted was for the two of them to just live out their lives and forget about it. But now that they’ve come this far, all that stubbornness and pride didn’t seem to matter so much. He really wanted to have a child that belonged to him and Ye Fei.

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Ye Fei narrowed his eyes, “How do you know this one won’t be mine?”

“How small are the odds of that?” Gu Ang winked, “Though I wish it was.”

Ye Fei was silent. He remembered the shattered fragments of the coma that had passed, the fragments of charming eroticism. Perhaps that spring dream was, indeed, not a dream. But there were more details than he could recall. Those wonderful lingering in the dark, and he couldn’t tell if they were from fantasy or real.

Before getting on the ship, he tried to contact Shen Fei Zhou, but the man had gone on a mission to another planet and couldn’t be contacted.

Ye Fei let out a long sigh, still having to wait for the results of the doctor’s tests. He was afraid that by telling Gu Ang this fragment that he couldn’t even tell if it was real, he’d end up disappointing him again.

Gu Ang had taken too much and couldn’t take any more hits. This waiting process was a huge torture for each other. They were tacitly silent, what was coming would come anyway.

After a three-day voyage, the ship landed at the Imperial garrison of the 1063rd Regiment of the First Army in the Third Spiral Arm. They were the last squad to arrive, and the two who had just disembarked from the airship blushed abruptly straight away when they saw the students from the various schools already assembled.

Not only was it because Lu ChangBai had actually appeared in the crowd, but there were “familiar faces” almost everywhere. Or rather… Crossing over to a former acquaintance.

Yin WenXuan of the Ming Navy University was a former Imperial four-star Admiral with top-notch combat abilities. Qi MingFeng and Qi MingYu of the Star River Military University, the strongest twin sons of the Empire, were both previously at the rank of Lieutenant General. Gu Ang had never dealt with the two of them directly, but there were rumors that the two had teamed up to suppress Shen Fei Zhou. Jiang HeYi of the Imperial Sail Military University, later became the strongest female Alpha in the Empire.

Obviously so cute but a vajra Barbie, used to chase after Ye Fei and the swashbuckling tactics were scary enough. He was under the impression that the two had just been promoted to five-star Admiral around the time of their divorce.

As well as Lu ChangBai, who was standing at the very edge of the crowd and had just enrolled in Chi Military University. While it was true that it was a few school leagues, it was just too weird to see this group come together.

Gu Ang and Ye Fei both looked at each other, both seeing the shock in the other’s eyes.

Gu Ang whispered, “I have a bad feeling about this.”

Ye Fei hmmed and didn’t say anything.

With so many once awesome people gathered here at the same time, it felt like a conspiracy. If everyone was a pawn at the mercy of the chessboard, then this game was already open. But the man who played the game was slow to reveal his horse.

“Yin WenXuan, Jiang HeYi, bumping into you guys again, looks like this race seemed to have come to the right place. So damn exciting!!!” Wei YangZe drilled out of the airship right after the two, and straight away both eyes started to glow.

They were both participating too. It was going to be a bloodbath.

Several people looked at Gu Ang and Ye Fei at the same time, and a thought rose up in their minds. Several streams of S-ranked pheromone from a million miles exploded without warning, not budging from each other at all and exploding invisibly in the air.

A circle of strong Alpha pheromone collision encounters directly enveloped both Gu Ang and Ye Fei. No one made a move, but the arena was filled with the shouts of the powerful.

Ye Fei shielded Gu Ang and gestured for him to step back and took a step, instantly releasing the brandy pheromone to fight back. All sorts of smells permeated the field, and the air stirred with a vigorous wariness and suppression.

Before several parties of pheromones could really start confronting each other, a chortle was heard, “Enough!”

A stout man drew everyone’s attention all together, “The competition would start soon, have this kung fu to perform when you get to the competition.”

As soon as the words left their mouths, everyone had an extremely tacit agreement to retract their pheromone at the same time, as if nothing had happened.

Ye Fei nodded to Gu Ang with a stony expression, worry written in his eyes.

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Gu Ang immediately understood it by heart. Something was indeed wrong with this five-school league. Just this simple clash of pheromone just now had tested some of each other’s strength.

Other than that, just these few people who came to compete were able to know what the other side was sending over just by the look in the crowd’s eyes and the decisive pheromone confrontation…

Except for Wei YangZe and Lu ChangBai, who was eerily caught in the middle of it, several strong Alphas, who all looked like people who had somehow crossed over. It was sure that the men had already identified themselves to each other before they both arrived.

It was only because of the pride of soldiers not wanting to take advantage of each other that this information was given to them in such a way. The stout man looked surprised to see how quickly everyone had gathered the mental energy attached to the pheromone. He didn’t think these cadets had more control over the pheromone than he did as a brigadier general, he looked pale in the face.

The wave after the Yangtze pushed the wave before it, and the wave before it struggled on the beach. He coughed lightly before speaking slowly, “Hello students, I am the Supreme Commander here, Commodore Theis. I would be explaining the rules of the tournament to you students.”

Brigadier General Theis, being a long-time front-line soldier, with an extremely obvious military style, cut to the chase without a half-assed word.

“In this tournament you students would use this short distance portal to teleport to the most central city of the Zerg race and hunt within the city where countless seven-star, eight-star, and even nine-star Zerg races are cooped up.”

“10 Seven Star Zerg worth 1 point. 1 eight-star Zerg worth 1 point. 1 nine-star Zerg worth 50 points. And our army would also launch an attack at the same time, advancing towards this city. In about three days, our army would head to this city to retrieve you all and complete this examination. This is an individual tournament, and the top four point earners advance to the finals. The tournament would begin at any time, and you may choose to take a short break, or you may choose to fight immediately, above.”

A simple and straightforward format and race style, but full of so much uncertainty. Because there was so much room for maneuverability and loopholes. If everyone was honestly killing Zergs with their skills, that would naturally be fine.

But if…

Wouldn’t all the trophies of three people from each school count for one person, ensuring that at least one person from the school would advance when everyone was about the same strength? Could schools that have had private contact with each other cooperate to grab other schools’ student loot? Or even, if all the other schools’ contestants were killed or framed to death, leaving only four, they could equally advance to the finals with no restrictions on the tournament system.

Gu Ang pursed his lips, this wasn’t a competition anymore, this was practically a compulsion to feed. It was as if the group of these players had been thrown into a giant compote, and the one who could either climb out was the one whose hands needed to be behind it.

There was silence on the stage and no one asked any questions.

Although everyone’s expressions were a little surprised, there was a tacit agreement to remain silent. Gu Ang looked around and saw several people open their mouths slightly and swallow their words back silently. He thought about what Ye Fei had told him earlier, that this mission was completely different from the last one.

It was the same last time they were on the Ice Blue Star, and it was the same this time when they defeated the Zergs. Those big hands, as if dropping them into the most dangerous places possible and then waiting to see the outcome. It was as if the more dangerous the task, the better the winner could be picked out.

Gu Ang’s eyes met with Wei YangZe, who was the only one in the room full of excitement. Forget it, he was afraid this husky simply didn’t understand how brutal this game was.

“Finally, students, I have something else to say to you.” Theis hesitantly spoke from the stage when she saw that no one was asking questions.

“I don’t know what kind of consideration was given from above to issue such an almost certain death mission to such young students as yourselves. But if any of you want to quit, no one would laugh at you.”

Gu Ang raised an eyebrow, listening intently to his next words.

“Personally, I’d like to see you die in more worthy places than the misjudgment of your corporeal superiors regarding the Zerg.”

Theis spared the talent and advised rather seriously, “So now, if one’s willing to quit now, then I could take my rank and guarantee that this, today, would never be recorded and wouldn’t affect your future careers.”

Hearing this, several faces showed their appreciation for the brigadier general.

Unlike the person who issued the mission, he was bleeding concern for this younger generation from the bottom of his heart.

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A tiger at heart, a rose at heart.

“Don’t think so much about it, pass me first.” Jiang HeYi rolled up his sleeves, revealing his strong muscles with a leap of faith.

“You, ugh…” Looking at the female Alpha, whose pecs were bigger than his own, Theis sighed helplessly.

He guided Jiang HeYi to the portal with the two people from his same school.

Before leaving, Jiang HeYi wiggled her twin ponytails and gestured to the crowd.

The meaning was clear, I’m going to win this game!

Seeing the familiar gesture, Ye Fei took a half step back with a black face, his mind flashing back to Jiang HeYi chasing him. And violent and overbearing and gut-wrenching. When he thought about it, he and Gu Ang were pretty miserable, with all their suitors being crazy.

“Don’t be afraid, people have a new target this time, their desire to win and lose is high.” Gu Ang teased with a laugh.

Ye Fei glanced at him breathlessly, “I suddenly thought this one was a pretty good match.”

Wei YangZe, who was following behind the two, didn’t understand but still picked up the conversation excitedly, “Yeah, I also think this tournament’s pretty good. It’s real, it’s exciting, and you get to play against so many masters.”

Gu Ang slapped him on the head in no uncertain terms, “Get out of here and watch yourself when you get in. Don’t let us just get there and you’ll already be cold.”

As he spoke, a figure passed in front of the three.

“After thinking about it for a long time, it’s really interesting to go down and play with you guys in person, so wait until everyone over there has a good time and meet again.” Lu ChangBai, who was holding the white bone wine cup, spoke grimly and shook the cup at the two.

Without stopping in his tracks, he walked straight towards the portal and disappeared instantly.

Wei YangZe looked at the man’s back and rubbed his chin and spat, “Where did this skinny guy come from? Ten or twenty years old and carrying a skull shaped wine glass, so fucking middle-aged.”

Gu Ang looked back and spoke up to remind him, “Don’t you think that that wine glass was very realistic?”

He was afraid that Wei YangZe would run into someone hard and not know where to die when the time came.

“Oh? I didn’t know you were a fellow Gu Ang? I should have known I wouldn’t have pretended, I also think the workmanship on this white skull wine glass of his was really great, and I don’t know where he bought it…”

Looking at the chattering Wei YangZe, Gu Ang was speechless. It was useless to mention it to the simple-minded fools with four limbs.

Ye Fei, intent on keeping them out of the way of Lu ChangBai, he casually mentioned, “We’ll wander around the town first and leave later.”

“Why? I can’t hold my fist down anymore.” Wei YangZe fist pumped, “I’ve been training my ass off lately for times like this to go on a killing spree.”

Gu Ang understood the intent and tugged Wei YangZe’s arm towards the main road next to him, “Tour to buy souvenirs.”

Wei YangZe was dumbfounded, the first time he had seen a teammate who was so laid back playing a game. He froze and nodded, “Oh, that’s fine, I’ll get one for XiuXiu too.”

The three of them walked along the road for a while, finally seeing some signs of people.

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The neighborhood hadn’t been completely overrun by Zerg, and there were a few humans left who had been coerced into slavery. Next to it were a few sparse, ramshackle shops selling objects stripped from dead Zerg.

Ye Fei pushed the door open and entered, casually browsing the shelves to pass the time. It was just to make a time difference and not really to buy anything.

Wei YangZe had never seen the world, and wanted everything he saw, and turned around and had a whole lot more in his hands.

“Hmm? I thought we were buying souvenirs? Why aren’t you guys buying them?”

Gu Ang snickered as he watched him clutch the big handful, barely able to hold it, “Nothing to see here.”

He turned and wandered around with casual steps when his eyes were suddenly drawn to an ornament on dark blue satin in the corner. Two slightly curved ivory white teeth, wearing silver chains, were pieced together left and right in the shape of a love heart.

Right in the middle, set in the middle, was a dark blue, transparent heart that shimmered with glinting light. Gu Ang touched his finger and moved it, and it turned out to be detachable. The item was beautifully polished and had a rustic romance to it.

Ye Fei followed his gaze and asked softly, “Do you want it?”

Gu Ang looked away and said stiffly, “No, it’s ugly.”

He saw the subconsciousness of the thing and thought it looked like a family of three. Two teeth took care of the love between them, inexplicably making him feel touched.

Ye Fei saw what he was thinking and avoided Wei YangZe and whispered, “This thing, does it resemble us and the baby?”

Gu Ang moved his lips without speaking, his eyes staring straight ahead.

It wasn’t that good looking either. It just felt, well, pretty monumental.

“I’ll buy it.” Ye Fei took it in stride and went straight to the shopkeeper with the box and paid for it.

When he circled back around to Gu Ang again, he smoothly put one of the chains on him from behind. The white teeth glowed softly, a little flaring, a little fierce, perfect for Gu Ang. But pieced together with another, there was a gentle romance to it.

Ye Fei’s fingertips rattled his teeth, interlocking with the neck ring he’d given him and landing at his collarbone.

Gu Ang dropped his eyes to the chain, “Mn, it’ll do.”

“It looks good, I’ll put it on too.” Ye Fei lowered her head to himself, “Help me.”

Gu Ang responded, clumsily sliding the chain down his lowered head, teeth landing sharply on Ye Fei’s neck.

He muttered, “Fuck, who has a couple’s necklace so open-jawed?”

“Our family.” Ye Fei took Gu Ang’s shoulders and smoothly circled the person into his arms to snuggle loosely, “Put the middle one away, give it to the baby later.”

As he spoke, his palm fell to the small of his back and rubbed it soothingly twice. Gu Ang cupped the dark blue heart that had fallen out in his hand, the hard material diaphragming his palm a little.

The evening sun stained the sky red, and the roiling clouds rolled over with abandon, as if foreshadowing the bloody brutality of the days to come. And at this point, they buy this boring pleasure with the spare time they squeeze out of the battlefield.

Ye Fei was a really good man, he thought, tough, long-suffering, and unselfish. Just took it upon himself to take him and a little being from an unknown source, and captivated them both into his arms. The wind and rain were beyond his arms, and he only had to enjoy the sunrise.


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