As they had experienced it before, the people quickly steadied themselves. As the world turned upside down, giant black monsters with feet on the ground and heads in the sky appeared. Black threads danced in the sky, and in just two short moments, it had captured more than ten people and swallowed them whole!

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Perhaps it was not satisfied, but the only giant monster with a pair of blood-red eyes had its eyes on the Wild Bear.

Countless black threads twined into a huge arm, easily grabbing the Wild Bear and forcefully sending it to the part that looked like its mouth.

“Yiya!” The Astral Spirit was enraged. It used the max-level illusory light fused with sword intent and sword energy. Countless sharp swords wrapped with the destructive power of the galaxy and Lethe attacked the black giant monster with incomparable sharpness.

Countless black threads swirled and hooked onto the extremely fast sword lights, exploding them.

The Wild Bear suddenly shrunk. After falling out of the giant palm, it unleashed the maxed-out heaven earth stomp, stomping on the black monster before expanding its body instantly by ten thousand times, bringing with it a world-shaking heavy pressure as it smashed downwards!

The monster met the attack with a giant black net that was then smashed open. Then, the monster collapsed from its head down! At this time, the people in the pagoda finally came to their senses and began to use all kinds of attacks.

“Magic lightning slash!”

“Ten-sided bombardment!”

“Look at my heaven-suppressing ice and fire talisman!”


For a time, there were all kinds of moves.

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However, Chu Feng noticed that other than a few God Kings whose attacks were effective, only the moves of the three light magicians were more powerful. As for the others, their skills were loud but ineffective.

“Boss, the situation is not right!” The voice of the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet appeared in Chu Feng’s mind.

Chu Feng raised his eyebrows and immediately put the Wild Bear that was still on the black giant monster back into the beast world.

Whether it was strength, speed, or defense, the Wild Bear was very powerful. When it suddenly left the place, the black giant monster that had been below it suddenly exploded with a bang! A violent wind blew in the sky, and all the creatures in the Bloody Pagoda were shrouded in the thick black gas.

Chu Feng casually waved away the black gas, but after a few breaths, the black gas gathered again. It was extremely quiet as if the battle had completely subsided.

He smelled a vague fragrance and suddenly frowned, “Mirage Butterfly, Dark Sky Azure Dragon, use your skills to blow away this black gas!”



For some reason, the sounds only sounded in his mind. After the two beasts responded, a strong wind blew again. This time, the hurricane was much stronger than before.

At the same time, Chu Feng also heard the sound of the wind. As soon as he saw the surroundings clearly, he frowned deeply.

God knows when, but the dark red ground was now covered with black man-eating flowers. A strange fragrance was coming from the flower buds. At this moment, there were less than twenty people who were still awake.

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Even one of the three light magicians had disappeared. As for where the others went, it could be seen from the abnormal shape of the buds. Moreover, there were a lot of dark red blood stains on the black petals.

The six beasts quickly gathered next to Chu Feng. Cena, Richardson, Leng Qiu, Annie, Puppeteer, and Santana also came over. The remaining group of unknown people did the same.

The evil spirits were too mysterious and unpredictable. It was safer to stay by the side of a stronger person.

“Mystic, open the mechanical treasury and bombard those flowers,” Chu Feng looked at the black flowers on the ground and gave the order.

Mystic responded. After opening the mechanical treasury, it activated its mythical mode and began to bombard the black man-eating flowers.

Chu Feng turned to look at the ten or so people beside him and said slowly, “I’m going to do something very dangerous next. If you guys stay here, I’m afraid you might not survive.”

A true God asked, “Senior, what do you want to do? If you need our help, just say it.”

The other people also cast curious gazes, but they all agreed.

“We know that our strength is limited. Even if we go all out, we can’t do anything to the evil spirit.”

“Sigh, if it weren’t for the fact that we can’t get out, I would have left long ago.”

“There’s no other way. We can’t escape even if we run now. It hasn’t been easy for us to survive until now, but we still don’t know what the true bodies of the evil spirits are.”

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“Indeed. They come and go. It’s as if we can’t kill them!”

“If my Lord has a way, I’ll cooperate no matter what.”

Chu Feng looked at Lila, who immediately released the tree world, “All of you know how difficult it is to deal with the evil spirits. If my Master is distracted by you during the battle, the chances of winning will be even lower. I see that all of you are injured, so why don’t you come into my tree world to recuperate?”

These words were obviously a hint. Those who were weak, whether they wanted to or not, would be in the way at certain times.

“Alright, I’ll go in,” An immortal who was covered in blood nodded and came forward to express his agreement to enter the tree world. At this point, there was no use in being stubborn.

He looked at the others who were still hesitating and said straightforwardly, “Everyone who entered the Bloody Pagoda knows how strong senior is. If someone can walk out of here alive, he is the most likely one. I, Wang, admit that I’m not strong enough and I don’t want to die in this pagoda. I can only place my hopes on senior.”

These words were spoken calmly, inexplicably making people feel relaxed. Annie agreed and wanted to pull her sister into the tree world.

However, Leng Qiu pushed her over, “Annie, you’re still young. You can go in.”

“I don’t want to be alone. Sister, you should go in with me!”

“Be good, don’t mess around…”

Chu Feng didn’t care about the small fight. His black eyes calmly swept over everyone. What Wang said wasn’t wrong, even if all of those who entered the pagoda died, he might not necessarily die.

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Even if he died, it was unlikely that he would die completely. As an auxiliary in the rear of the battlefield, the Mythical Tree Lila’s tree world was definitely the safest.

Although not everyone who entered the Bloody Pagoda was a genius, it was not wrong to say that they had outstanding talent since they could cultivate to the immortal or true God level.

Since so many had already died, there was no need to add these dozen to the toll of death. The explosions that sounded like background noises gradually died down, and everyone made their choices.

In the end, other than Cena, Richardson, Leng Qiu, the puppeteer, Santana, and his companion, Brin, the others in the pagoda all entered Lila’s tree world. Annie was knocked unconscious by Leng Qiu and sent in.

As for the other six people who remained in the tower, Chu Feng stated frankly that he could not guarantee that they would be able to walk out alive.

Cena, Santana, and Brin respectfully replied, “No matter what the outcome is, we have no regrets.”

Richardson, Leng Qiu, and the puppeteer also said the same.

Chu Feng couldn’t care less for their words. In any case, he would save them if he could, but it did not matter if he could not.

To be honest, if he could, he would rather pack everyone into the tree world. However, if he really did that, it would make people feel like he was hiding a big secret.

[It has been detected that there are less than ten people in the pagoda. The evil spirits have activated the second stage, wreaking havoc.]

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