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Xu Zhi was notified that he was to be betrothed to someone else. Someone who had fair beautiful skin, and a lovely smile.

The Xu parents were thrilled with his soon to be, they praised him for his beauty and family-centeredness. Li Ting shyly lowered his head and said thank you.

However, Xu Ji hates good kids like him. He said expressionlessly, “This is just a business marriage. You do your thing and I’ll do mine.”

Li Ting’s tone instantly dropped. “Okay.” he said.

Even so, every time Xu Ji came home, there would be warm food and a made bed waiting for him, as well as a beautiful wife who would tenderly say, “You’re back.”

If it weren’t for the chance encounter at the party——

Li Ting, attired in a silver-gray suit, with a little beauty resting on his leg, was blowing out smoke rings even more impressive than he could.

Seemingly unsatisfied, Li Ting faintly clicked his tongue, grabbed the little beauty’s hair and pulled it back.

Xu Ji, “…”

The other party wasn’t surprised to see him. He even lazily raised an eyebrow, saying to the person next to him, “Look, my husband’s here.”

Later, through a series of events, the two ended up in bed together. Xu Ji patted Li Ting’s face and said, “Be good, and I won’t hurt you.”

Li Ting closed his moist eyes and rubbed his cheek against Xu Ji’s hand.

Xu Ji was very satisfied, to the point that he didn’t even react when his wife suddenly flipped him over.

He cursed and tried to flip him back over with all his strength – but he couldn’t budge him!

Li Ting was pressing down on him, smiling beautifully. “You do your thing, and I’ll do you,” he said.

Then when he woke up, Xu Ji calmly asked for a divorce, and the smile on Li Ting’s face froze.