Villainous Undercover (10)

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“Actually, Yu Rudi is also a pitiful person. She is the child left behind by her promiscuous father. Her mother was just an ordinary healer in the Medicine Valley. Initially, Yu Rudi had been living with her mother in the valley. Who could have imagined that her father, on his deathbed, would pass on all his demonic powers to her?

Yu Rudi ‘s father was the leader of the Demon Sect, originally having more than a dozen children, some of whom he killed, while others engaged in fratricide until none were left alive. The members of the Demon Sect somehow found Yu Rudi and brought her to her father. In his final moments, he forcibly transferred all his powers to her. Yu Rudi never expected that overnight, she would transform from an ordinary healer into a demonic enchantress who everyone wanted dead…

The members of the Demon Sect only worship the evil technique known as the Immortal Annihilation Tribulation. They only need one person with the title of ‘the strongest in the world.’ Since Yu Rudi inherited the Immortal Annihilation Tribulation, even if she didn’t want to, the elders had their ways. They used Yu Rudi’s mother to coerce her into becoming the sect leader.

From being a healer who saved lives to becoming a hated member of the Demon Sect, Yu Rudi must have been deeply distressed. Looking back now, during the years when Yu Rudi was the sect leader, it was indeed a period when the Demon Sect committed the fewest atrocities. Unfortunately, the good times didn’t last long. The drawbacks of cultivating the Immortal Annihilation Tribulation gradually surfaced. Either she had to find someone to pass on the chaotic true energy or she had to pass it to her only remaining mother in the world… Yu Rudi naturally couldn’t harm her loved ones, so she targeted the current Taiji Sect Leader, Lu Dun…

In any case, later on, no one knows what happened, but Lu Dun managed to escape from the Demon Sect, and Yu Rudi disappeared without a trace. I heard that the Demon Sect has a new leader, so Yu Rudi’s fate is likely grim. No one knows who the new leader is, but in recent years, under their command, the Demon Sect has become increasingly brutal and ruthless…”

Following that, Li Xuan told a few more stories of the distant past about the ‘strongest in the world.’ As the stories came to an end, the rain outside gradually stopped, and the village echoed with continuous firecracker sounds. The new year had arrived!

Everyone greeted each other, saying, “Happy New Year!” Li Xuan took out candies from inside the house and distributed them to the children. The children received the candies but didn’t leave immediately; they insisted on watching Li Xuan perform some swordplay for them.

Li Xuan had a great relationship with the people in the village. During his free time, he often taught the children self-defense techniques. The children liked him a lot.

Li Xuan smiled and shook his head, but his gaze fell upon Fu Xi Yu standing nearby. Fu Xi Yu had woken up at some point, seemingly lost in thought, watching the cheerful children.

Fu Xi Yu seemed to carry a sense of loneliness and solitude. Although appearing amidst the crowd, she seemed perpetually isolated from the clamor.

Li Xuan laughed, “You must be tired of watching this old man practice sword every day. How about this! Today, Little Fu and Song Xu will exchange a few moves and let these little rascals widen their eyes.”

Fu Xi Yu initially seemed unaware that Li Xuan was referring to her as “Little Fu.” After a moment of daze, she quickly realized it and didn’t feel embarrassed. Carrying her sword on her back, she walked to the open space and made a “please” gesture towards Song Xu.

Song Xu also unsheathed his sword.

The two of them were just playing around and didn’t use their real skills. Initially, they displayed flashy moves without substance, making the children exclaim in surprise, their hands turning red from clapping!

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Song Xu was a young and handsome boy, while Fu Xi Yu had a cold and indifferent expression. Despite the scars on her face, she possessed a remarkable temperament…

Li Xuan looked at the pair in the open space and unconsciously smiled. He leaned closer to Song Xu Yi and whispered softly, “Little Xu Yi, what do you think of them?”

“What do you mean, how?” Song Xu Yi looked puzzled.

“Little Fu could become your sister-in-law! It’s not bad to go from being your senior sister to your sister-in-law—” Li Xuan lowered his voice even more.


Song Xu Yi was taken aback when she heard clearly, nearly choking on her saliva. She couldn’t even dare to think about it in her wildest dreams!

You see, in the original plot summary, Song Xu died at the hands of Fu Xi Yu…

“You, you…” Li Xuan looked at Song Xu Yi’s expression, wearing a “you’re still young, you don’t understand” look on his face. There was a subtle smile on his face as he turned his head to the pair in the arena.

At this moment, Song Xu and Fu Xi Yu realized that time was running out and began to fight seriously. Song Xu had a serious expression, while Fu Xi Yu’s face remained emotionless. However, Song Xu Yi knew that Fu Xi Yu still had some strength left because her condition seemed not much different from when she was guiding Song Xu Yi.

Song Xu still lost.

Real combat was devoid of showmanship; it often happened in an instant.

When Song Xu realized it, the sharp tip of a sword was already against his neck.

The surrounding children didn’t know how everything had unfolded, but it didn’t stop them from cheering. In unison, they clapped their hands and shouted, “Sister is amazing!”

When Song Xu Yi’s gaze met Fu Xi Yu’s, she snapped out of the shock Li Xuan had given her and followed suit, applauding. “Senior sister is incredible!”

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Fu Xi Yu carefully glanced at Song Xu Yi and noticed that she wasn’t disheartened by her defeating her older brother. She then lowered her sword and a barely detectable smile appeared on her lips.

“I am sincerely impressed!” Song Xu also didn’t feel discouraged by his loss. After all, he had been practicing martial arts for a short time. With admiration on his face, he respectfully cupped his hands towards Fu Xi Yu. “Thank you, Senior sister Fu, for your guidance, and also for taking care of Xu Yi during this time…”

Fu Xi Yu returned the gesture, and by this time, the surrounding children had swarmed around them, pleading for Fu Xi Yu, who had defeated Song Xu, to teach them martial arts. Fu Xi Yu’s expression clearly froze for a moment. After all, the younger generation in the Taiji Sect feared Senior sister Fu the most. They would take a detour upon seeing her and didn’t dare to have such courage in front of her.

Song Xu Yi also paused for a moment.

While others might not be aware, Song Xu Yi knew exactly how Fu Xi Yu was within the sect. If she were to really start teaching, these children would probably end up in tears…

It was the Lunar New Year, and if these children started crying, it would be difficult to bring the situation under control.

Just the thought of that scene made Song Xu Yi’s scalp tingle. She had no choice but to step forward herself. “Senior sister must be tired. Let me teach you all instead!”

Song Xu Yi had the children line up and began teaching them some basic footwork and techniques…

Song Xu Yi’s adorable appearance in this body, dressed in a new jacket that was fitting for the Lunar New Year, and her serious expression while lecturing made her even more charming.

Beside her, Li Xuan couldn’t help but smile as he watched. He glanced at Fu Xi Yu and Song Xu, who were engrossed in their conversation, and his mouth almost stretched to his ears. He said, “Oh my, I’ve had too much to drink. I’ll go rest first. I can only rely on you to take care of these children a bit more.” Then he went back to his room.

The two conversing individuals didn’t notice his intentions and continued their conversation.

“Xu Yi is better than me in her studies. What have I done to deserve such a sensible and diligent younger sister?” Song Xu reflected on their experiences over the past year, unable to help but sigh. “After hearing the news of our parents’ death, I was filled with despair and overwhelming fear. It was still Xu Yi who helped me come out of it.”

After Song Xu praised Song Xu Yi, Fu Xi Yu would also add a few words whenever something related to Song Xu Yi came up. She nodded, saying, “Xu Yi has a naturally kind and resilient nature. She’s intelligent and driven.”

“Yes, yes, exactly!” Song Xu’s eyes lit up, feeling that he had found a kindred spirit. He continued, “You don’t know, my sister… “

Unbeknownst to them, the two of them had unwittingly become the “praise squad” for Song Xu Yi, extolling her various virtues. Song Xu even mentioned the time when Song Xu Yi lost a baby tooth without crying, believing that his sister had always been resilient from a young age, different from ordinary people…

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Ironically, neither of them thought there was anything wrong with this.

When Song Xu Yi finished teaching the children and turned around, she noticed that both Song Xu and Fu Xi Yu were looking at her with strange expressions…

“What’s happening?” Song Xu Yi, puzzled, quietly asked the system in her mind.

The voice of the system sounded somewhat strange, as if it was struggling to suppress a laughter: “They are praising you!”

The system repeated their words verbatim.

Song Xu Yi listened to those exaggerated compliments and couldn’t believe that these were the words spoken by the male protagonist and villain in the original summary. She couldn’t even bear to hear a few sentences before her face turned red with embarrassment…

Song Xu Yi had a three-day vacation, but Fu Xi Yu was busy with numerous tasks and could only find a spare day to take a break.

At the mountain gate.

Li Xuan smiled and said, “Miss Fu, feel free to come by whenever you have the time. Don’t worry about anything. Consider this place as your home, and it would be great if you could come here for New Year every year.”

As soon as Song Xu Yi heard Li Xuan’s words, she knew that Li Xuan’s matchmaking intentions between Song Xu and Fu Xi Yu were still alive. Unable to bear looking at Li Xuan’s smile at that moment, she furrowed her brows and looked away. Fu Xi Yu caught a glimpse of Song Xu Yi’s expression, witnessing for the first time a hint of helplessness on her usually mature face. A faint smile appeared in her eyes as she nodded and softly uttered, “Hmm.”

Back at the mountain gate, Fu Xi Yu once again transformed into the silent and busy senior sister. She was known for her aloofness, fairness, and rarely showing any emotions. Song Xu Yi even overheard disciples privately discussing how Fu Xi Yu seemed like a porcelain doll without desires or emotions, except when she was with Song Xu Yi, where she would reveal a trace of genuine affection.

And Song Xu Yi also felt the favoritism from Fu Xi Yu towards her. Perhaps it was because Fu Xi Yu spent every New Year with her family, brainwashed by Li Xuan, making Fu Xi Yu consider herself as part of their “family.” Or maybe it was because Song Xu Yi pitied the poor girl who fell “ill” every winter and had to go to the Medical Valley. It could also be because she had never seen any signs of Fu Xi Yu having contact with the Demon Sect.

Song Xu Yi gradually let go of her guard towards Fu Xi Yu. Despite calling her senior sister, Song Xu Yi gradually began to treat Fu Xi Yu as a little sister. She would occasionally make some modern snacks for Fu Xi Yu to taste, and when she came across beautiful clothes or jewelry, she would think of buying them for Fu Xi Yu. She would also share half of the things that Song Xu sent to them with Fu Xi Yu.

And as for what Song Xu Yi did, Fu Xi Yu would often reciprocate in double measure. After tasting Song Xu Yi’s snacks several times, Fu Xi Yu began to cook meals for Song Xu Yi. It was then that Song Xu Yi realized that Fu Xi Yu had excellent culinary skills comparable to those of a professional chef. She had initially hired Song Xu Yi to make snacks as an excuse to support herself. Every time Fu Xi Yu went down the mountain for work, she would bring back many clothes and accessories for Song Xu Yi. It seemed that all her patience was devoted to Song Xu Yi, tirelessly teaching her medical and martial arts skills. Even when Song Xu Yi’s sunflower water came, Fu Xi Yu carefully taught her how to use the menstrual products of this world…

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And as time passed day and night without stopping, 10 years flew by in the blink of an eye, and Song Xu Yi suddenly turned 16.

During these 10 years, Song Xu Yi had been focusing on cultivating her skills in medicine and martial arts. Unlike her previous low-profile approach, Song Xu Yi dedicated herself to gaining some reputation. After all, her current adversary was the heavily disguised leader of the number one sect in the world. Having a reputation would grant her some influence. Song Xu Yi had above-average talent and was diligent in her endeavors. During her time at the Medical Valley, she was generous and charitable, even helping treat impoverished people who couldn’t afford medical treatment. Over time, Song Xu Yi gained some reputation in the martial world. Like the original owner of her body, she was regarded as the next successor of the Medical Valley.

However, Song Xu Yi understood that this reputation was a rumor among outsiders. The true successor favored by Master Song was still Fu Xi Yu. But for some reason, Fu Xi Yu refused to inherit the Medical Valley, and whenever this topic was brought up, they would part ways unhappily.

According to the regulations of the Taiji Sect, disciples could leave the mountain and travel at the age of 16. In the original plot summary, the female protagonist, Gong Huan, met Song Xu when she descended the mountain at the age of 16. In the letter he wrote to Song Xu Yi, he mentioned that he had encountered a good brother named Gong, praising him highly and expressing his intention to introduce him to Song Xu Yi when they returned.

Song Xu seemed to have encountered some troubles with Gong Huan. In his letter to Song Xu Yi, he asked her to wait for him for another two months and suggested that they all travel together after his return.

Meanwhile, something happened in the Taiji Sect. It may not be a significant event for the entire martial arts world, but for Song Xu Yi, who has been paying close attention to Lu Dun, it was an extremely ominous signal—her third senior martial brother, who was supposed to accompany her on her journey, had died.

What’s even more peculiar is that Lu Dun was absent from the Taiji Sect during those two days when the third senior martial brother passed away.

The author has something to say:

Song Xu: I want to matchmake my sister with Brother Gong!

Song Xu Yi (   ): Brother, you have green stuff on your head!

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