Villainous Undercover (8)

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Song Xu Yi continued to listen to the system’s broadcast until she heard the voice of the system, tinged with regret, saying, “They removed the silver needles, and the villain’s complexion looks much better.” Only then did Song Xu Yi’s raised heart finally settle down.

“That valley master scolded the villain, saying that she’s always so reckless, and if there’s another time, she won’t save her. But the villain has always maintained that silent and lifeless appearance, which made the valley master very angry…”

The system cleared its throat and paused for a while before continuing, “Then the valley master, in anger, ignored her and let her soak in the pool, while she packed her things and left…”

Song Xu Yi let out a tired yawn and responded with a mumbled “Hmm,” listening to the sound of the neighboring door being forcefully closed, and thought drowsily, finally understanding where Fu Xi Yu learned the habit of slamming doors and throwing things when she’s angry…

Finally, Song Xu Yi couldn’t resist the heaviness of her eyelids any longer and wearily closed her eyes.

After the system realized that Song Xu Yi had fallen asleep, it quietly breathed a sigh of relief. It actually felt a little guilty because it had concealed a scene from Xu Yi:

When Fu Xi Yu woke up silently lying in the medicinal bath, Master Song (Valley Master) said things to her, but she didn’t react much. It was only when Master Song sneered and taunted her, saying, “Since you’ve made preparations for death, why bother provoking that girl surnamed Song? That girl worries and quietly cries in her room. You have a heart of stone, but she’s just a soft and tender dough. If you’re gone, who knows how she’ll be shaped by others…”

“She’s not a dough that can be molded, and she wouldn’t cry,” Fu Xi Yu replied expressionlessly, avoiding Master Song’s gaze and closing her eyes.

Previously, Master Song said a lot, but she didn’t react. However, the moment Xu Yi was mentioned, she spoke up. Even the system could see that Xu Yi held a different position in the villain’s heart.

But the system didn’t want Xu Yi to know about this. Xu Yi had a sentimental nature, and it was destined that she and the villain would become enemies in the future. The system didn’t want Xu Yi to bear any psychological burden.

However, even though the system kept this matter hidden, it had a foreboding feeling. As it looked at the villain’s beautiful face, its worries grew. Perhaps it was due to the lingering illness, but Fu Xi Yu, soaked in the pool inside the bamboo house, tossed and turned without a hint of sleep… The only one who slept well that night was probably Song Xu Yi alone.

The next morning, when Song Xu Yi woke up, the first thing she did was run to the bamboo house to check on Fu Xi Yu’s condition.

However, to Song Xu Yi’s surprise, two middle-aged women at the door stopped her. “Miss Xi Yu is physically unharmed, but she still needs two more acupuncture treatments. It will take about half a month. During this period, Miss Xi Yu needs rest and cannot be exposed to drafts or receive visitors. We hope Miss Song understands.”

“Miss Song, you can explore the surroundings of the Medical Valley and enjoy the scenery,” one of the women kindly suggested, observing Song Xu Yi’s astonished expression. “Rest assured, Miss Xi Yu will recover soon.”

As Song Xu Yi looked at the determined faces of the two women, she knew that she probably couldn’t go in. She gave up on the idea of finding Fu Xi Yu and remembered her other purpose. She continued to ask, “Then… if I want to become a secular disciple of the Medical Valley, how should I prepare?”

“To become a secular disciple of the Medical Valley,” one woman frowned and glanced at Song Xu Yi from head to toe. “Secular disciples are required to spend at least six months of the year within the Medical Valley, and Miss Song doesn’t quite meet the conditions of our Medical Valley.”

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“Are there any other ways?” Song Xu Yi didn’t expect there to be such restrictions for secular disciples, and her brows furrowed involuntarily.

“Miss Song,” the other woman smiled and half-squatted down, giving Song Xu Yi a glance. “Could you tell us why you want to join the Medical Valley?”

Song Xu Yi hesitated for a moment.

Naturally, she couldn’t say that it was because originally, in the plot summary, she was supposed to be a member of the Medical Valley. She had to come up with another idea. Fortunately, there was a ready-made excuse right in front of her.

“I want to take good care of my senior sister and help alleviate people’s suffering,” Song Xu Yi murmured, lowering her head with a hint of guilt.

And in the eyes of the people, the lowered head of Song Xu Yi became a display of shyness.

Upon hearing Song Xu Yi’s response, a smile appeared on the woman’s face, and her voice softened slightly. “Here’s the deal! When your senior sister gets better, you can plead with her. If she agrees, then you can become a secular disciple of the Medical Valley.”

The woman regarded Song Xu Yi as a naive young girl, so she didn’t carefully choose her words. However, Song Xu Yi felt a sense of doubt after listening: Isn’t she from the Taiji Sect? Can Fu Xi Yu really have the authority to decide in the Medical Valley?

But Song Xu Yi had a faint feeling that the two women weren’t deceiving her. Perhaps Fu Xi Yu truly had the power to influence the decisions of the Medical Valley.


After bidding farewell to the two women, Song Xu Yi began wandering aimlessly around the Medical Valley, sorting out the events of the past few days in her mind. Lu Dun and Fu Xi Yu agreed on a three-day period, followed by an improvement in Lu Dun’s condition and Fu Xi Yu becoming fragile as if made of paper…

Recalling Fu Xi Yu later stabbing Lu Dun with a sword, Song Xu Yi felt that she might understand the reason behind Fu Xi Yu’s act of killing him.

Her emotions became complex for a moment. Song Xu Yi had considered that the villain might have her reasons, but she hadn’t anticipated this particular situation.

Currently, it didn’t seem like Fu Xi Yu had any connection with the Demon Sect. After all, Fu Xi Yu was still young, and perhaps she hadn’t come into contact with the Demon Sect or become a spy for them…

In the future, Fu Xi Yu might very well become a great demon lord bringing calamity upon the mortal world, but for now, she was a victim persecuted by self-righteous individuals…

Countless thoughts flashed through Song Xu Yi’s mind, and in the end, she made up her mind: Fu Xi Yu hadn’t yet taken the wrong path according to the original plot outline. If she helped Fu Xi Yu seek revenge, would it change everything in the future, including the fate of Qi Jun?


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After making up her mind, Song Xu Yi felt an urgent desire to become stronger.

Although the women had pointed out a path for her to join the Medical Valley, Song Xu Yi also wanted to earn the respect of the valley through her own abilities, in order to learn more.

Therefore, after contemplating, Song Xu Yi walked towards the medical cottage located near the valley entrance.

The medical cottage housed patients from all over, and within the Medical Valley, there was no distinction of status or nobility. Whether they were princes or peasants from remote villages, they were all placed in the medical cottage. The Medical Valley had a rule that each patient could only be attended by one caregiver.

This further confirmed the special status of Fu Xi Yu. Fu Xi Yu resided in a separate small building within the Medical Valley, and the Valley Master personally intervened to provide treatment.

The medical cottage was filled with the rich scent of herbal medicine, along with certain unpleasant odors emitted by some patients. Most people found it uncomfortable upon entering, but Song Xu Yi stood in the cottage for a whole day, carefully observing the practitioners as they administered acupuncture and medication. She assisted them in delivering and feeding medicine with remarkable dexterity.

The practitioners were mostly busy and assumed that the child was merely curious. Since Song Xu Yi didn’t cause any trouble, they allowed her to stay in the cottage without interfering. Initially, they thought she would give up after a day, but to their surprise, she returned the next day.

Song Xu Yi continued coming for seven consecutive days, and everyone could see her growing interest in medical skills. Some practitioners took the opportunity to test her during their leisure time, but Song Xu Yi responded with fluency and even provided insightful perspectives on disease prevention and control.

More than one practitioner developed a fondness for her talent and wanted to take her as their apprentice. However, upon learning that Song Xu Yi was a disciple of the Taiji Sect, they could only regretfully give up.

After all, the Medical Valley had its rules, and without a word from the Valley Master, no one dared to take the initiative to accept Song Xu Yi as an apprentice.

However, Song Xu Yi had only encountered Master Song once, and the Valley Master was extremely busy, occupied with numerous responsibilities. Song Xu Yi hadn’t had the chance to see Master Song during these days.

Nevertheless, perhaps due to the affection of the practitioners for Song Xu Yi’s diligent and meticulous attitude, even without the formal master-disciple relationship, some practitioners began secretly imparting medical knowledge to her. Song Xu Yi was busy learning new things and even took on a task to treat a young nobleman, keeping her occupied to the point of losing track of time. She had forgotten that half a month had passed, and it was already the day for Fu Xi Yu to leave the bamboo house.

When Song Xu Yi caught sight of Fu Xi Yu, she was in the midst of treating the young nobleman. Although the young nobleman’s symptoms were not severe, he had numerous problems, and his servants were exhausted from taking care of him. Moreover, the young nobleman kept nitpicking and berating his servants.

Song Xu Yi couldn’t bear it and directly approached the young nobleman, giving him a stern rebuke. The young nobleman’s face turned red, but he retorted, “Xu Yi, this is my household servant. Even if I were to kill him, it wouldn’t matter. However, if you allow me to pinch your face, I won’t scold him anymore–“

Song Xu Yi’s eyes turned cold as she contemplated adding some coptis to the young nobleman’s medicine to teach him a lesson. However, before the young nobleman could finish speaking, a black figure swiftly passed by Song Xu Yi’s side—Fu Xi Yu walked calmly to the young nobleman and picked up a silver needle nearby. She said, “The young master’s ailment lies in the liver, caused by excessive internal stagnation. It would be better to nurture vitality and find balance.”

Song Xu Yi’s eyes widened—Fu Xi Yu had emerged?

What astonished Song Xu Yi even more was that it took her two days to determine that the young nobleman’s illness originated from his liver, yet Fu Xi Yu had recognized it at a glance!

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Could it be that Fu Xi Yu also possessed medical skills?

And the subsequent actions of Fu Xi Yu confirmed Song Xu Yi’s speculation. Ignoring the terrified gaze of the young nobleman, Fu Xi Yu swiftly inserted the silver needle into his body with a decisive and precise movement. Immediately, the young nobleman let out a shriek of agony—

Could it really be possible like this?

Song Xu Yi subconsciously glanced around and saw Master Song, who was wearing a veil, standing nearby with a smiling expression in her eyes. The other medical practitioners also wore an indifferent look, as if it was a common occurrence, showing no signs of intervention.

If even Master Song didn’t intervene, then… it’s possible that Fu Xi Yu truly possessed medical skills.

While ordinary individuals would carefully feel and search for acupoints before inserting needles, Fu Xi Yu’s needling technique was incredibly swift. She almost instantly found the precise positions to insert the needles. After a few needle insertions, the young nobleman stared at Fu Xi Yu in astonishment and doubt, saying, “Huh, it doesn’t hurt anymore? I didn’t expect someone as ugly as you… I mean, someone like you to be so skilled!”

The young nobleman trembled once again and looked towards Song Xu Yi.

“Xu Yi, I believe I’ll recover soon. These past few days, you’ve taken care of me diligently, and I feel joyous every time I see you. How about coming back to my home with me once I’ve recovered? I have several mansions, abundant wealth, and countless servants…”

“Ah! It hurts!”

Before the young nobleman could finish speaking, his lips twitched violently, and he glared angrily at Fu Xi Yu beside him.

Fu Xi Yu calmly removed a needle, her gaze lowered, and she spoke in that infuriatingly serene tone, “Young Master, you’re too noisy. You’ve disturbed my concentration, and I made a mistake in the needle placement.”

The young nobleman clearly felt aggrieved, his face turning red as he glared at Fu Xi Yu. However, as he looked at the cold gleam emanating from the silver needle in Fu Xi Yu’s hand, he flinched slightly. In the end, he chose to submit, bowing his head with a suppressed voice.

“I heard you want to join the Medical Valley?”

At that moment, Master Song approached and smiled as she led Song Xu Yi outside the medical cottage. “I’ve observed your talent, and I wholeheartedly agree. We have an instant connection, and now that I have an empty position, if you are willing, become my goddaughter!”

As she spoke, Master Song’s gaze turned towards Fu Xi Yu inside the medical cottage. “Originally, I had chosen a successor, Fu Xi Yu. Normally, I should have discussed everything with her. However, it seems she’s unwilling to inherit the Medical Valley. So, I took the liberty of not consulting her this time and directly accepted you as my disciple. Later, I will make a post in the Taiji Sect to explain this matter. That crafty old thief, Lu Dun, will certainly not object…”

Song Xu Yi followed Master Song’s gaze and looked over. Fu Xi Yu tightly pursed her lips, her complexion slightly pale, perhaps due to her recent recovery from a serious illness. She was earnestly administering acupuncture to the young nobleman.

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Fu Xi Yu was the successor that Master Song had chosen?

Song Xu Yi widened her eyes, her astonishment at this revelation surpassing even her amazement at being asked to become Master Song’s goddaughter.

In the original plot summary, wasn’t there a rumor that the original owner would become the next Young Master?

If everything remains unchanged, at this point, the original owner hasn’t entered the Medical Valley yet, and rumors about the original owner only start spreading much later. So, in fact, Fu Xi Yu was the designated Young Master of the Medical Valley?

Did something happen to Fu Xi Yu in the future that led the Medical Valley to abandon her, or… was the original owner merely a pawn placed openly?


Seeing the expression on Song Xu Yi’s face, Master Song thought that Xu Yi was surprised because of Fu Xi Yu’s medical skills, and the smile in her eyes deepened a little more. “Your senior sister is always so reserved, but she’s actually very capable. If you have any questions or don’t understand something in the future, you can ask her. Unfortunately, she’s good at everything except for living a difficult life. She hasn’t figured out many things…”

Master Song restrained her smile, let out a low sigh, and said, “Xu Yi, I have a personal motive for accepting you into the Medical Valley. Your senior sister lives a hard life at such a young age, like an old lady. Due to some old grudges between me and your Sect Leader, it’s inconvenient for me to take care of her. Can you help me take care of your senior sister more in the future?”

Perhaps because she saw Song Xu Yi as a child, Master Song didn’t hold back much when speaking to her. However, it just confirmed Song Xu Yi’s speculation: Master Song and Fu Xi Yu had a deep relationship.

Sure enough, Song Xu Yi clenched her lips and decisively nodded.

Little did Song Xu Yi expect that after she nodded, Master Song eyes brightened, and she laughed out loud. “Very well! Xu Yi, from today onwards, you are my goddaughter!”

“Don’t worry, my dear, after you grow up, your godmother will find you a good match and ensure you have a splendid wedding! The Medical Valley will be your natal family…”

Song Xu Yi stared at her with a bewildered expression, still unsure how to respond to Master Song’s words. But before she could gather her thoughts, the young nobleman inside the medical cottage let out another agonizing scream that echoed through the cottage, filled with a sense of grievance.


“I didn’t say anything! Why are you poking me again?!”

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The young master: It’s always me who gets hurt~T_T

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