Blame The Villain For Being Too Beautiful

Blame The Villain For Being Too Beautiful is a popular light novel written by Anonymous. The story is translated to English and covers Fantasy, Shoujo Ai, Yuri genres. releases the latest English translated chapters of Blame The Villain For Being Too Beautiful and can be read for free.


Song Yu Xi is a tasker.

The system told her that she has a great and glorious task on her shoulders – to save the world!

Song Xu Yi is dedicated to her work, remembering the first rule of the Fast-Travel Code of “no love”, and is dedicated to reforming the world-ending villain and strengthening the power of the protagonist, but she never thought that every world would develop in an unpredictable direction:
The beautiful and charming villainous movie queen hugged Song Xu Yi’s neck and breathed like an orchid: “Kid, why do you always blush when you see me?”

The sickly and delicate villain Omega raised Song Xu Yi’s chin: “My dear Miss Song, how does it feel to have an Alpha become an Omega?”

The cold and beautiful villain student sneered and put the five million check into her school bag: “There is no other way to repay the favor of funding, only the promise of your body.”

The villainous prince disguised as a man slowly tore up the peace proposal: “If you want to negotiate peace, you can let your Grand Princess Song Xu Yi come and make peace…”
System ((艹皿艹 )): Say no to love and don’t fall in love!!!

Song Xu Yi ((╥_╥)): Sorry!

I blame the villain for being too beautiful, I couldn’t see her tears…

The love story of a hardworking wage earner tasker and a gloomy world-destroying paranoid villain.