Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1967: Skyway Quadstar

The law of the jungle was cruel and unavoidable. Glory and merit always belonged to the elites, while normal folk that died in conflicts weren't even treated with a speck of respect. Was the nature of the universe the same all over the astralscape, or just the area near the sun? Could there be a prosperous world where even the majority of normal lifeforms had basic respect? And if such a world existed, who would be the one to mete out fair judgment and rule?

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Tianming honestly couldn't say from his vantage point. He was finding his own truth amidst a sea of doubts while walking on the path of rulership.

"What's laughable is that the sun emperor even said that I was his accomplice, yet I don't even have a single drop of sin on me from the deed. Looks like the Primordial God-Emperor also has double standards, eh?" He hadn't been so filled with doubt for quite a long time.

"Don't overthink it. Instead, figure out how we can deal with Skywolf Blaze's upcoming attacks! If the sun emperor can't hold on and the Flameyellow Guard Formation gets breached, everyone dies and there isn't even a point in those considerations," Ying Huo said while rolling its eyes.

Tianming grabbed the little chicken on his shoulder and recalled how it had swallowed an entire star in a gulp within the dreamscape. Even more lifeforms must have died from that, yet for a being on the level of Ying Huo, that was nothing but a snack. Why would it care about the little ants that crawled around it? The only ones that would mind were the ants.

"The moral of the story is to not be an ant!" Yet, given the choice, no ant would choose to become one.

"Will the Myriad Solar Sects submit to the sun emperor on account of the merits he rendered? You, too, of course," Weisheng Moran asked.

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"Submit?" Tianming recalled the scene from before when he had seen the red-haired figure in the Divine Sun Palace, as well as the comrades they’d lost in the Orderian civil wars. Would it be fair to them if they submitted now? Lu Wudi's state was still in question, but there was no way that Tianming would align with the sun emperor on his path.


"Grand Emperor Starvore ordered the reserve troops to head out!" The order quickly saw many specters gathering together, numbering ten billion in total. Coupled with the two billion from the Heptaflare Army, they made for a humongous twelve billion. They were like moths flying around a light, their eyes all glued to the gold and white sun.

Ten billion troops weren’t initially required, since they were just reserves for the Heptaflare Army. All of them were eighth-level ascendants and above. While the celestial orderians could also muster those numbers, that number included all that were first-level ascendants or above. Their combined might was in a completely different league. Seeing so many high-level specters would no doubt be daunting for the celestial orderians.

However, that had changed as of late. The celestial orderians had witnessed the death of Skywolf Frost and their ego was heavily boosted. Currently, not even the arrival of a skypiercer-class world would daunt them. They had never experienced a day as glorious as this. Their hearts shone bright like their sun. After a short-lasting period of peace, the second half of the war finally began.

With five divine astralships in the lead, the twelve billion specters appeared in the sky near the sun, looking like a lifeless white sea of flame. Aside from the sight of Skywolf Frost's destruction, nothing else could match how the sky currently looked. On the other side, the sun emperor had his troops rise to the Flameyellow Guard Formation, but it was hard to say how long they would hold against an enemy of this caliber. The destruction of Skywolf Frost had punched a bloody hole through the hearts of the specters and they would be more savage than ever in the upcoming fight.

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"The Grand Emperor decreed that their flesh, man or beast alike, is free for us to feast on! Drink their blood and gather their bones as offerings for our fellow comrades of Skywolf Frost!" In true wolf-like fashion, they had turned into beasts. When they descended, it was like a waterfall of lifeless white flame came crashing down on the Flameyellow Guard Formation, spilling blood everywhere.


Skywolf Frost was nothing but a cold, dead rock. There was a light layer of frost on top of its surface, the last 'embers' of the dying flame. The world of the dead looked like a real hellscape. Even Qiang could tell that the countless vitae that hadn't scattered around them were still screaming in agony as they left the world for good. Their deaths had only lasted mere moments, but the slow ebbing of their souls continued on. They cried for the death of their home and world.

Qiang furrowed his 'brows', or what the faceless equivalent was, tighter and tighter. Not long before, he had been inside the wondersky realm.

"The dead souls in the surroundings almost disrupted my caelum's return from the wondersky realm!" he snapped as he rose. The sight of the icy-cold world still made his heart shudder. When the destruction had taken place, he was running and looking back the entire time, but even then, he hadn’t gotten a view of the full picture. But that alone was enough to cause him to shake. His head was filled with nothing but hot blood. Skywolf Frost was nothing but the hired killers of the Whitejade line, so it wasn't like he despaired for them. Even so, that didn't change the fact that he was utterly shaken.

"Emperor Qiang, what’d the elders say?" a subordinate asked.

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"We have a new assignment."

"What is it?"

"The trip to Violetglory is to be delayed for now. We're to monitor this star and report its location to the mysterians at all times until our grand fleet arrives. Skyway Tristar has already given the order to send out five hundred divine astralships. They’ll mobilize in five days and set course for this location."

"What? Why?" Five hundred was not a small number.

"Why? We’ve earned great merit, do you know that?" He couldn't help but break into a bout of laughter.

"Emperor Qiang, please enlighten me and clear my doubts!" Their cold hearts were beginning to warm again at the thought of the great service that had been attributed to their names.

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"My father said that this mere heliacal-class world might be a fallen superworld from ages past. The fact that it has an astralguard formation capable of absorbing the nova source of another world makes it a deific-class world at least! In other words, if we obtain this world and bring it back to the Mysterium Cluster and refill its nova source, it’d become a deific-class world. We’d have a fourth deific-class world in our cluster—Skyway Quadstar!"

The mysterians had anchored their glorious existences on their three deific-class worlds. Should they obtain a fourth, they would be able to greatly expand! The mere thought of faceless specters controlling an entirely new deific-class world was enough to make them jump with wild joy.

"A deific-class world?! Heavens!"

"That's insane!"

"Skyway Quadstar!"

Joyous laughter drowned out everything else as they began making merry in the sea of dead souls, their joy contrasting against the tragedy that had just occurred.

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