Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1961: Who ould Understand Me

As the true supreme ruler of Skywolf, Sovereign Starvore's long, silvery white hair that stood up slightly made him look like he was carrying a huge white wolf on his back. A silvery sheen was visible on his skin, reflecting the light from the embers around him. His fangs and nails looked sharper than even top-class divine artifacts. Sitting on his throne of bones, he assessed the situation with an air of stability, basking in brilliant white light and warm in the embrace of his beauties. In terms of presence, his was far superior to the sun emperor's.

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It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

One of his hands was stroking a skull on the throne as he looked at the sun emperor's smiling visage, seemingly not intent on striking up a conversation at all. He simply said, "Notify them to attack in twenty breaths. Destroy the divine astralship first. If he doesn't escape, I’ll have another skull to add to my throne."


The time to attack soon arrived. No matter what the sun emperor did or said, nobody on Skywolf's side paid him any heed. Negotiation wasn't an option to begin with.

"If it weren’t for the formation he whipped out, this so-called ‘sun’ would’ve fallen long ago," Empress Yu said.

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"We wouldn't have suffered so many losses, either," Empress Ying said.

"Let's focus on exterminating them before we check on the Void God. How could a monster and a single divine astralship possibly destroy the Void God?" That was the most worrying thing on Sovereign Starvore's mind.

The four divine astralships entered the final phase before their attack. Using nova source, they formed a web that prevented the Divine Sun Palace from leaving. The Starvore had been gathering a gigantic ball of lifeless white flame that looked like another sun in the sky. It seemed even more blinding than the Ninedragon Apotheosis, the forces of which shook the ship itself and seemingly even twisted the fabric of space.

In this astral war, the sun emperor's offer to parley was completely ignored by the ruler of the invading force, who responded with nothing but ruthless extermination. The four divine astralships had all reached their peaks, yet the sun emperor didn't lose his smile for a single moment. Instead, he clapped and said, "Good! Very good! I truly appreciate this grandiose gift you prepared for our first meeting. It truly is far too beautiful. I have a gift in return, so make sure to receive it well."

The sun empress's face was pale as she watched things unfold from inside the ship, yet the sun emperor didn't seem the least bit perturbed. In fact, one would be able to see a hint of insidiousness in that smile of his if they looked hard enough.

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"Ladies and gentlemen of Skywolf, no matter what happens next, please remember during the moment of your extermination that it’s only come to this because you forced my hand. You deserve what’s coming to you! Even if the heavens come passing judgment for what is about to happen, it’ll have nothing to do with me! This is an act of justified self-defense!" He opened both arms wide. "Though the world calls me a tyrant, I’m the one who’s giving it my all to save everyone! It’s none other than me! Alas, nobody but Wushuang understands my woes! Hahahaha!" he laughed while tearing up at the same time, yet his tears evaporated quickly from the sheer heat of the surrounding environment. Destruction would come in a single instant, yet in that slice of time alone, the sun emperor's laughter turned into a roar!

"Nobody knows that the blood of an imperial-class world flows in our veins! Nobody knows that the land beneath our feet used to be called the Flameyellow Imperial Star! Nobody knows our deep history and pride in the ancient past! Yet a small fry like Skywolf dares come to our doorstep to disturb our sacred lands?!"

His voice would almost certainly be drowned out by the rumbling of Starvore. Nobody but he knew what he was saying, but it didn't matter, for the words were spoken for him and this land alone. "There will never be anything wrong about defending one's own land, no matter the means!" He closed his eyes, his arms still spread as his golden hair fluttered around. The light from the Starvore had entirely enveloped him.

"Let’s begin." 

At first, nothing happened, but after a particular instant, everyone within the Flameyellow Guard Formation felt the world shudder. Beneath the flaming cloud layer, a rush of nova source surged upward and formed a gigantic storm, sending celestial orderian and specter alike unstably flying around.

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"What’s going on?!" The rulers of Skywolf felt a hint of doubt. Right at the eve of their foe's destruction, terrifying tremors were coming from the Flameyellow Guard Formation. They reverberated across the space around them, slamming into the four divine astralships in the air. No matter how big they were, the raging seas of the Flameyellow Guard Formation still threatened to flip them over. Given the sheer toughness of the material used to construct the ships, the flames themselves wouldn't do much damage.

It didn't take long before all four ships stabilized themselves, but the killing blow they had been preparing for so long had been interrupted! One of the ships lost control and fired anyway, barely missing the Divine Sun Palace, while the other three managed to get their power under control. But before they could take aim again, the Divine Sun Palace had escaped in the chaos.

"Give chase!" Sovereign Starvore snapped, his gaze even colder than before as his sharp fangs bit into his lip.

Empress Yu immediately worked at the ship's control core, steering the ship in the Divine Sun Palace's direction. The others immediately followed suit. "It's fine, he won't be able to escape. Even if he does, we'll just barge into the formation and attack his main camp. There's nowhere he can flee to," she said.

"Truly, what a brain-dead fellow he is," Empress Ying scornfully said.

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"Given the tremors from the astralguard formation, the star itself must be spinning, right?" Grand Emperor Starvore stood and flew outside his ship. The flaming beasts ahead of him seemed to be weirdly oriented, which made the flaming clouds look like they were spinning. A terrifying flaming storm swept past, temporarily scattering the two billion troops of his Yanyi Army.

"Using the spin of the astralguard formation to escape.... The ruler of the sun truly is talented." He shook his head and returned to his ship. If their predictions were right, even if the Divine Sun Palace escaped into the formation, it wouldn't be able to avoid being locked on to by the Starvore. Empress Ying was tuning their aim once more. This ship required three people to control its various parts, making it quite an impressive work compared to the Divine Sun Palace. Meanwhile, the other three ships had caught up behind them.

"He can run for a time, but not for life. This is nothing but a desperate struggle by a cornered rat," Empress Yu said.

"The monk can run, but not the temple. There's no way he can win. Being weak is truly a sin," Empress Ying said, subtly hinting that they could just conduct a slaughter among the sun's populace to hit the sun emperor where it would really hurt.

"There's no need. I can keep up," Empress Yu said as the Starvore accelerated even more.

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