Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1959: The Mad Emperor

Innumerable beasts swarmed the fiery battlefield. In this hellish place, man, totem, and beast battled, leaving behind corpses that would quickly be incinerated into ashes. It was a vortex of death. Although three hundred million celestial orderians couldn’t compare to the enemy’s two-billion-strong army of specters, the sun emperor had gathered the main forces of the Flameyellow Guard Formation there. It was no small feat to keep the formation running until now. Compared to the other side of the sun, this battle was even more brutal and bloody.

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Blood dyed the earth red and corpses were turned to mush. It was a true hell on earth. Flames and death intertwined, sweeping countless creatures into an endless storm. The two billion Skywolf specters were a terrifying force with a combined strength six times that of the celestial orderians. They were collectively known as the Yanyi Army, a fearsome legion that evoked nightmares as they traveled across the universe. They also had another name: the Heptaflare Army. Compared to the Skywolf Frost specters, they were violent, fiery, and sinister, like the celestial orderians after their transformation. 

In the chaotic battlefield, not even the Yanyi Army could communicate, so none of their units were aware of their own positions. The only order they had received was to keep charging on. With the Flameyellow Coffin, the sun emperor, who had complete control over the Flameyellow Guard Formation, had all three hundred million warriors resist the impact of the enemy. It was a marvel even more sensational than the battle on the other side of the sun.

As soon as the Heptaflare Army swarmed in, they were hit by a wave of beasts and the number of deaths sharply rose. There were more than a hundred million corpses on the battlefield. The war had reached the climax. With the full power of the formation, the celestial orderians were barely able to hold on. It was clear that the Yanyi Army was counting on Skywolf Frost to break the formation and invade the other side of the sun so the sun emperor would be strained on both ends. 

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However, he was also waiting. The huge golden head remained hidden in the depths of the formation, unlike the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb, which had appeared on the frontline. The Flameyellow Coffin was the key. In the Divine Sun Palace, the sun emperor and his clone lay in the coffin, watching over the battle. The formation stood strong and countless abilities never seen before accompanied the flaming beasts. The imperial-class formation had already caused the Yanyi Army much suffering.

Amidst the raging flames, four white fiery figures suddenly appeared, each one larger than the Divine Sun Palace, the one in the middle the most colossal. Without a doubt, the only thing larger than the Divine Sun Palace was Skywolf Blaze’s astralships. They emerged from the darkness, appearing in all four corners of the battlefield, their powers linked to one another. Locking on to the Divine Sun Palace, they encircled it. The Fameyellow Coffin was the core of the Flameyellow Guard Formation; it was clear they had figured out how the formation worked and set their sights on the hidden astralship. Without it, the formation would be lost. It was as if the astralship had been surrounded by four hungry wolves that gradually approached, building up power. If the astralship were to make any sudden movement, they would immediately destroy it in one blow.

"Your Solar Majesty...." The sun empress paled at the sight before her, no different from any ordinary servant. She knew little else and could only worry. "They're here. We should escape. The astralship in the middle is enormous, at least five times the size of the Divine Sun Palace," she said in despair.

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"Five times? Perfect, it’ll be my new ride." Although the coffin remained closed, the sun emperor’s calm voice sounded from within. His composure assured the sun empress. 

Quickly calming down, she stared at the giant coffin with a fanatical gaze. "But no matter how powerful you are, there’s four of them. Surely they’ll destroy us...." 

The enemy was at the gates. Even within the formation, the celestial orderians were at a disadvantage. The Heptaflare Army had broken into the astralguard formation, but there were few around the sun emperor. The specters would soon reach the heart of the sun and they didn’t care about civilians. Whoever they encountered would be slaughtered. As the sun empress saw it, being surrounded meant danger. She stared at the coffin until it shook and the gold-haired sun emperor emerged from it, his imposing manner and sly smile ever so reassuring.

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"Okay, the time to move the people has finally come. Li Tianming hasn’t let me down. If anything, he exceeded what I asked of him. He’s even given me the greatest gift. I’ve been planning this for so long, it would be unreasonable not to accept it...."

His words made the sun empress confused. What did he mean? She didn't understand at all.

"Can you believe it? With just the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb, Li Tianming and Ye Lingfeng broke Skywolf Frost’s defensive formation." His gaze fiery, the sun emperor looked at her. After losing Li Wushuang, she was the only one he could pour his heart out to.

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"How can that be?" she asked.

"I think it's impossible, too, but it’s a fact. So what does this mean? Even heaven is on my side! The universe wants me to restore the Flameyellow Imperial Star’s glory. What an amazing opportunity. It’s almost too easy. It hasn’t even begun but my heart is already pounding. Since the two young men are so polite, it’s my turn to open their eyes!" He roared with laughter, so loud his voice seemed to reverberate outside the astralship. It was clear that he wanted to be heard by the other astralships. The closer they came, the larger they appeared. The power they had accumulated was enough to instantly destroy the Divine Sun Palace. At that moment, the sun emperor was insane.

"It’s perfect! I was planning to break new ground in Skywolf Blaze, but I never expected Li Tianming would take them down, wrap them up, and send them to my door. This is great! Without the Sactvoid Guard Formation, Skywolf Frost is like a rabbit that’s been stripped of its fur!" His face twisted into a crazy expression, the sun emperor laughed uncontrollably. He personally opened the gates of the Divine Sun Palace, walked out, and faced the four astralships. The sovereigns aboard them must have noticed him.

The sun emperor—Skywolf’s biggest enemy. He must know the secret of the Flameyellow Guard Formation. They all turned their attention to the sun emperor, never imagining that the man would be so mad as to leave the Divine Sun Palace in the face of danger. He was actually maniacally laughing. 

"Friends from Skywolf, you’re right on time! Thank you for your nova source, my friends. I’ll accept it. Please keep your eyes peeled for what’s about to come. Witness my cruelty and viciousness,” he chuckled.

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