Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1958: The Heptaflare Army

"I’m bloodthirsty, cruel, sinful, and evil! Can’t you see the baleful souls around me? They hate me, but they must rely on me because I’m the source of evil. Only by my side can they become solid and vent their resentment." Lingfeng's hoarse voice was filled with despair. His heart had always known.

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"So what? No matter what you become, you’re my Feng. If you’re the source of evil, I’ll be the fountain of sin. We’ll be together and support each other. Life is merely a long dream. We’re lucky to be alive. This universe is enormous and extremely complicated. My greatest blessing is to experience life with the one I love most," she solemnly said. The conviction in her eyes couldn’t lie—no matter how sullied or evil he may be right now, the light in her eyes remained as fiery as before, ever burning.

"Feng, take me with you!" Wrapping her arms around him, she lay against his chest, her eyes glistening with tears but her lips curling in a smile.

"Alright." All three of Lingfeng's heads nodded in tandem. “Alright,” he repeated, choking up with emotion; he possessed the most important thing. Using her actions, Qingyu, like a moth to a flame, had proved to him that what he’d done today was worth it. He had no complaints or regrets.

As they stood shoulder to shoulder, she asked, "You can retreat for the moment. Why continue?"

"Because it's like poison. I can’t stop." Shifting his gaze to the Sanctvoid Army, Lingfeng's eyes grew fiery. The baleful souls on his body roared, restlessly stirring. He was dragged into the abyss of slaughter once more, unable to extricate himself. His palm held protectively around Qingyu, he continued slaying specters. A hundred million souls screamed with each move.

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"Here he comes!" the specters of Skywolf shouted. Some met the enemy head on, while others fled.

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"He’s a monster!"

On the other side, Tianming and the others were completely crushing the enemy. As long as Lingfeng continued wreaking havoc, Skywolf Frost couldn’t attack the sun. However, Lingfeng didn’t seem able to hear anything Qingyu said during battle, even if she shouted at the top of her lungs. She knew that there was no turning back for the two of them after embarking down this path.

"Don't worry… I’ll never... hurt the ones I love.… You... Tianming… and all my friends.… Only the blood and souls of my enemies excite me!"

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"What about the innocent?" Qingyu asked.

"Everyone sins. There are no innocents."

His words sent chills up her spine. Although she realized that this might be the beginning of another kind of disaster, she was also certain she would stand with him, explore with him, and find a truly righteous path with him.


Tianming took a deep breath, taking one last look at Lingfeng before turning and leaving. He was sure of his conclusion because he possessed the Eyes of Judgment. Relying on merit to develop his Imperial Will, he had once thought that the Primordial God-Emperor was the standard for the entire universe. But now someone had emerged to challenge that standard, and that was the successor of the Primordial Demonlord, Lingfeng. Through his Eyes of Judgment, Tianming could see the baleful souls and mountain of evil that enveloped Lingfeng. He was the ultimate killing machine, the most sinful person Tianming had ever seen. In a single day, Lingfeng had accumulated an inordinate amount of sins that far surpassed the sun emperor. If Tianming were to kill him, he would certainly gain a lot of merit. However, that wasn’t possible. 

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Tianming was lost. "Which of us is on the right path? Which is the answer? The Primordial God-Emperor of the Primordial Demonlord?" It reminded him of the primordial chaos beasts. In his dreams, they seemed to be born for destruction. So what was their dao, and why were they meant to destroy?

"Is killing evildoers and growing my Imperial Will the righteous law of the universe, or is it merely a gift inherited from the Primordial God-Emperor? Perhaps it’s just the Primordial God-Emperor’s chosen path and the universe doesn’t care." Numerous doubts clouded his mind, affecting his Imperial Will. Lingfeng was the person he was closest to. He could never give up on him, but his decision was naturally at odds with the legacy of the Primordial God-Emperor. "My eyes see evil and my heart yearns to eliminate it. But maybe the evil I see means nothing to the world...” Tianming’s forehead was covered in sweat, "no, I mustn’t think like this. If there aren’t any laws, the strong can slaughter as they please and kill the innocent. Without order, who’ll protect the weak? We can’t be so apathetic."

Evil had shaken his will. However, he knew in his heart that his own path was also filled with bloodshed. Although he was resisting the strong to protect the weak, it was undeniable that war was won by slaughter. "Why am I considered a saint to the Eyes of Judgment?" Tianming took another deep breath. "It's good to question the norm. I hope I find an answer!" He didn’t waver, but he would continue exploring the issue.

The Ninedragon Imperial Tomb took off from Skywolf Frost and headed toward the scorching sun. They returned to the Flameyellow Guard Formation. The Sanctvoid Army was gone and Lingfeng was still in the midst of battle. It seemed that the threat of Skywolf Frost had temporarily been defused. But that was the power of only a quarter of the Skywolf Stars’ power, maybe a bit more if he added in the Void Gods.

Making a prompt decision, Tianming took thirty million elites back into the tomb and quickly returned to the Sky Palace Formation. Meanwhile, he left the tomb in the fusion formation to absorb nova source. In the war, he had depleted the equivalent of three Divine Moon Realms’ cosmic force. The Ninedragon Imperial Tomb immediately fired up once more.

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Tianming finally had some spare time while he waited for Yin Chen to determine the situation on Skywolf Blaze. Because the battlefield was chaotic, there wasn’t a conclusion yet. The other thing he was concerned with was saving Yu Ziqian. There were many capable people within the Sky Palace Formation, so the task would be left to them for the time being. Meanwhile, the Ultimate Pill God remained in Yu Ziqian's body. After he regained consciousness, he could deal with his portable grandpa.

"Do we have any spies or moles among the celestial orderians that can give us intel?" Tianming asked.

"That’s impossible, the battlefield is too chaotic. There’s no way we can determine the outcome with just a few people so you might have to go there yourself. The Flameyellow Guard Formation still stands, so at least the sun emperor hasn’t collapsed," said the Saintdragon Emperor.

But that didn’t mean he wasn’t facing intense pressure. After all, Skywolf Blaze was Skywolf’s main force.

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