Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1957: Feng’s Whispers

In any case, Tianming wanted to try communicating with Lingfeng further. However, the killing intent and resentment within Lingfeng had reached the zenith. Many of the Yin Chens couldn’t stay for long, either, after turning black and degenerating. 

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Without the Sanctvoid Guard Formation, the Sanctvoid Army was exposed to Lingfeng. Although there were hundreds of millions of them, a number that was comparable to the three-hundred-million-strong celestial orderian army, the specters of Skywolf retreated in the face of Lingfeng’s might. If Lingfeng had been in his current state during the battle of the Myriaddragon Mountains, the sun emperor’s three hundred million troops might not have been able to stop him. Death was his power—the more people that died, the stronger he grew. For him, there was no such thing as exhaustion. Slaughtering his way into the Sanctvoid Army, Lingfeng continued fighting off the specters and wreaking havoc in their midst. It was undeniable that the specters could injure him, but as long as they failed to kill him, he would come back even stronger with the countless souls. He was lethal, terrifying, and his attacks were basically one-hit kills. A vortex was growing bigger and bigger on the surface of Skywolf Frost, like a dark eye.

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"There shouldn’t be any danger if Feng continues killing like this. He can inflict serious damage on the Sanctvoid Army and extinguish their fighting spirit, which is naturally a good thing for Orderia. I only fear that the baleful souls may affect his mind and will. I must speak to him." Tianming had originally planned to return and replenish the nova source. However, due to his worries, he had everyone else remain in the tomb while he went out to see Lingfeng.

"Big Brother, why don't I go? I know Feng, and I share your worries. Everything started because of me. I should be by his side," Qingyu solemnly said, her gaze resolute. With all that she had experienced, her belief had strengthened and she resembled Tianming more and more. It was amazing and inexplicable. Although they weren’t biological siblings, they grew more alike in appearance and personality as time went by. Others would assume they were related by blood if they were to stand next to each other. "No matter what happens, Feng is still a good person. He protected me, and I want to protect him, too." Going to Lingfeng meant danger. Not only was he fighting, there were numerous unpredictable risks surrounding him. The baleful souls around him made one’s hair stand on end, and Qingyu had just escaped danger.

When Tianming saw the determination in her eyes, he knew that he couldn't refuse her. "Okay, I’ll leave Feng to you." Tianming didn't tell her what to do. He knew that his younger sister was all grown up now. In fact, she might know Lingfeng better than he did, and could even help him. Tianming couldn’t decide if Lingfeng was right or wrong; after all, everyone had a different path. He only hoped that Lingfeng would get better and be happy.

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"Thank you Big Brother!" Receiving his trust, Qingyu's eyes turned red.

"I was going to give you a gift earlier. I just didn't expect the two voidheart worms would cause so much trouble. Here, take this. It’s a grade-nine divine artifact." Tianming placed the Frostmoon Edge in her hand. He thought that Qingyu would find it difficult to control it, but to his surprise, the yellowspring fish was rather sensible and obeyed Qingyu.

"It’s so beautiful.…" Qingyu held the fine blade. It was a perfect match for the moon goddess.

"Why’s it so obedient?" Tianming was dumbfounded.

"The blood of old gods courses through my veins so my body is somewhat special. It may have something to do with that," she replied.

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"That’s great! You made it out. As long as Feng is alright, we’ll have nothing to worry about."

Tianming and Qingyu thought about the person that was especially important in both of their lives.

"Big Brother, go replenish the nova source in the tomb. Skywolf Blaze is continuing their attack and we don’t know how long the sun emperor can hold on.... I’ll leave my father to you. I... I want him to live. I didn't even have time to say goodbye after leaving the Decimo Dao Palace." Although Li Wudi’s situation was the most pessimistic among them, they were reluctant to admit it until the outcome was revealed.

"Go. Don't worry.". Steering the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb, Tianming hit countless specters on the way toward Lingfeng. After all, Li Wudi was important, but so was Lingfeng

"Shuo Yue, let’s go." Qingyu put away her Frostmoon Edge and turned to the snow-white peng.

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"What! Long distance again?" Ying Huo quickly spread its enormous wings, covering Shuo Yue. "Big Sis, why do you seem like my mother-in-law? You’re taking away my wife and we haven’t even kissed! Do you want a bride price or something? Didn’t Little Li just hand you a weapon? Isn’t that enough?"

"Shut up." Shuo Yue broke free.

The idiot could liven up any situation.

"Goodbye, stupid chicken!" Rolling its eyes, Shuo Yue flew toward Qingyu.

"You don’t have to wink at me. I know you’ve completely fallen for me. Your heart has been captured by this chicken! But it’s nothing, my charm just knows no bounds! It’s only natural that you secretly like me. But you must know, I’m not like Little Li. There’s countless beauties waiting for me and I must taste them all. You may be infatuated with me, but don’t try to cage me," Ying Huo laughed, overwhelmed by its own handsomeness.

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"Go to hell!" A noble, eligible female like Shuo Yue couldn’t wait to spit on Ying Huo. It quickly entered Qingyu’s lifebound space.

"Tsk, tsk, you must be upset that you can't have my whole heart. It's fine, you'll eventually get used to it," Ying Huo sighed.

"Stop embarrassing me, you stupid bird!" Tianming rolled his eyes. Life was filled with these funny moments. What more could he ask for?

When the gates of the tomb opened, the Transcendent Truefiend in the dark vortex suddenly turned around. Six crimson eyes stared past the baleful souls and mist, locking on to Qingyu as she flew out of the tomb. Ferocious as the Transcendent Truefiend was, the moment he laid eyes on her, the violence in his eyes seemed to disappear. Even the mad screams that covered his body seemed to stop as if they had been stunned.

"Feng." She didn't have the slightest fear as she burst through the countless baleful souls. 

Lingfeng gently caught her with one arm. "Go… back," he hoarsely said.

"No. From now on, I’m not leaving your side." She knew that as long as he remained gentle toward her, he would always retain at least a part of his human nature. He had descended into madness for love, and how could a man who loved be joyless?

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