Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1956: No Ba king Off

The Ninedragon Apotheosis was launched again. With two powerful forces bearing down on them, the Sanctvoid Army hesitated to engage. The blast from the divine astralship shot toward the Void God and the force of the explosion wiped out its webs and destroyed a large number of its legs, allowing Lingfeng to narrowly avoid an attack.

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"Brother, can you keep it busy for a hundred breaths?" Tianming asked, relaying the message through Yin Chen.

"Yes!" Lingfeng replied.

"Alright, let's begin!" It took the ship that amount of time to charge up to its maximum. Tianming didn't have that luxury before, but he wanted to give it a try this time around. With Lingfeng working with him, the Void God was at a disadvantage. Lingfeng used the chance to send even more Heartpiercer Soulneedles into the gigantic insect, causing it to shriek and lash out.

Some specters still came to fight from time to time, or launched their abilities from afar. All the while, Lingfeng continued consuming vitae. The more baleful souls he gathered, the more powerful he became. That kind of soul power was the exact thing required to counter the Void God. But even so, the insect's webs and legs did do quite a bit of damage to his Transcendent Truefiend form, leaving quite a lot of bleeding holes in him. The abilities launched by the nearby specters were nothing to scoff at, either.

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Qingyu anxiously watched, clenching her fists tight. However, the battle was taking place on a scale she couldn't interfere in. Even the Saintdragon Emperor or other sovereigns would merely be cannon fodder, unlike Tianming, who relied on his divine astralship, and Lingfeng—and his hundreds of millions of baleful souls.

Tianming didn't think that the time the Ninedragon Apotheosis needed to charge could feel so long. He watched as Lingfeng struggled against the Void God, impatiently waiting for the time to pass. The Ninedragon Imperial Tomb channeled what remained in its nearly empty energy reserve towards the dragon heads at the front, preparing for the strongest blast it had ever fired. "Keep holding on!"

Lingfeng had demonstrated incredible bravery and savagery, seemingly measuring up against the Void God rather impressively. Quite a few specters still attempted to sabotage the ship, but after it had charged up a third of the way, it was surrounded by a ball of nine-colored energy and moving the ship around was just as much of an attack. Any specters in its path would be instantly vaporized by the accumulating energy. Everybody's heartbeats sped up in anticipation of what was to come.

The Transcendent Truefiend let out a piercing howl that reached to the depths of everyone’s souls, shaking the Void God to the core of its being. The handsome male face on its back wore a contorted expression, being pierced by countless needles as it was. Lingfeng, however, wasn't faring much better and was covered in webs and his own blood. It was a battle of epic proportions that rocked the skies. Those on the surface of Skywolf Frost were petrified by the sight of a nine-colored sun so close above their star.

"That’s far too huge...." Size aside, the energy the thing gave off instilled terror in the specters of Skywolf.

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By now, even the remnants of the Sanctvoid Army knew there would be no stopping the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb. While the Void God was more than aware of that fact as well, it couldn't escape thanks to Lingfeng's interception.

"Feng, move aside!" Tianming roared.

Lingfeng's eyes seemed coated by another layer of red before he went straight through the Xenoworld Gate. The moment the gate closed, he had been transported to an entirely different realm, but the terrifying thing was that the Heartpiercer Soulneedles still remained embedded in the body of the Void God, their threads stretching out from the void.

The Void God howled and turned around. It saw a gigantic nine-colored ball of energy leaving the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb and shooting toward it like a torrent of righteous judgment. Nobody in the vicinity could possibly miss such a sight. The Void God howled for others to help it, but of course, there was nothing anybody could do about it. The Sanctvoid Army had fled faster than the gigantic insect could, as its soul was still bound. There was nothing it could do but struggle in futility.

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"Die!" Tianming cried as the light of the blast fell on his face. An explosion with no precedent took place as the nine-colored sun smashed straight into the face on the back of the Void God, tearing it apart as chunks of it vaporized and flaked away.

A deafening sound boomed out as the gigantic insect's body was enveloped in the nine-colored vortex that ensued. The violent forces left a gigantic hole in the sea of frost, seemingly punching a hole into the surface of Skywolf Frost. Even the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb was sent flying back by the aftershock of the blast, with everyone within it cupping their ears. Yu Ziqian had snapped awake, only to be sent tumbling around. His face slammed into Ying Huo's wing and his nose started bleeding.

"The hell—" was all he managed before he slumped back into unconsciousness. The shock had even broken his spatial ring, scattering his collection of pleasure balls across the floor. His luck was often a unique mixture of fortune and misfortune that made others speechless.

Even so, the Void God was finally dead! Tianming was overjoyed that two of the most terrifying cosmic wildbeasts he’d encountered had finally died. Coupled with the death of Skywolf Frost's two sovereigns, the invasion would no doubt be greatly set back! Aside from worrying about any repercussions caused by Lingfeng's current state, Tianming felt rather relieved. The nine-colored vortex even appeared more majestic than before. At least twenty million specters were hurt by the explosion, with the ones that had gathered right in front of the ship completely dead.

"The top-level forces of Skywolf Frost have been eliminated in this battle. In other words, at least a third of their might has been dealt with. The remnants of the Sanctvoid Army have no leader, so they won't be a threat to the Flameyellow Guard Formation in the near future." Tianming's achievements stood on their own, regardless of how the battle with Skywolf Blaze was going. Not to mention, something unexpected had happened after the Void God's death. Even though the aftershock from the Ninedragon Apotheosis was still dissipating, the Sanctvoid Guard Formation seemed to be rapidly shutting down.

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"What in the world?!" Moments later, the sea of frost had returned to normal and didn't have any offensive capability to speak of. It had turned into something similar to the flaming clouds of Orderia. In other words, Skywolf Frost no longer had an astralguard formation.

"Perhaps the formation was controlled by the two sovereigns and the Void God in tandem. But now that all three of them are dead, the formation core no longer has anyone to operate it, resulting in the formation shutting down! Unless someone can take control of the core, the formation's useless!" Tianming gave it some more thought and reasoned that if he and the sun emperor were both killed, the astralguard formation of the sun would suffer the same fate. Skywolf Frost hadn't expected that their two sovereigns would die fighting on a sun they didn't expect to be protected by an astralguard formation. That aside, the Void God had even been killed in its home turf. They didn't have any contingencies for such a situation at all.

"Skywolf Frost is completely undefended. With the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb around, they’re even more helpless. As long as I hold them back, this entire world won't be capable of attacking the sun at all. I should hurry back to refuel the ship!" Not even the Sanctvoid Army could stop Tianming now. "Feng, I'll go back to refuel for now."

The Xenoworld Gate opened up and the three-headed, six-armed fiend emerged. His three pairs of eyes looked at Tianming, but it didn't utter a single word.

"After refueling, we’ll have the initiative and can decide whether we'll attack Skywolf Blaze or Frost depending on the situation." That was the safer bet to make, especially when Tianming still didn't know the true extent of the threat posed by Skywolf Blaze. What he didn't expect, however, was that the Transcendent Truefiend didn't respond and instead charged straight toward the enemy troops, continuing the slaughter. Tianming's heart felt a chill; he had a feeling that the youth he called his brother that was shrouded in countless baleful souls was no longer the innocent child from before.

"Feng...." Tianming simply couldn't calm down. "I want to save him, but will he let me?" While Lingfeng was still struggling, Tianming had given him the final push that triggered his self-discovery. From that moment on, there would be no turning back.

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