Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1955: Heartpier ing Fiendgod

They hadn’t disappointed Tianming at all. Lingfeng aside, Qingyu had managed to save herself and overcome the tribulation of the old gods' blood, on top of bringing Yu Ziqian back to them. It was amazing news.

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Tianming had already made preparations to leave with them. He used a blast of Ninedragon Apotheosis to send the Void God smashing back into the army of the enemy, sending them flying toward the incoming black storm in turn.

"Feng!" He finally got sight of Lingfeng with Qingyu in his hand and Shuo Yue flying nearby. The ship had less than a tenth of its power reserves left. Had they returned a little later, Tianming would have been the first to perish in Skywolf Frost.

"Thank the heavens for their protection.... Thank goodness my sister was able to fend for herself... and thankfully, Feng...." Before, it had always been him who was doing most of the fighting, but now the two of them could finally come to his aid. Apart from Lingfeng, whose status was still a huge unknown, Tianming was genuinely happy for them. At the very least, they wouldn't have any regrets.

He hurriedly opened the entrance and piloted the ship toward Lingfeng. "Come in, quick!" Once they were safely inside, it would be much easier for them to escape.

There were many specters that chased them down from both sides. Behind the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb also came many black webs that shot toward it like tentacles. Fortunately, it flew much faster than they could travel.

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"Big Brother!"

Tianming was already within earshot of Qingyu. The pitiful girl that had suffered through too much looked completely restored. The weight in his chest had finally been lifted and he was so happy that he cried tears of joy. "Thank goodness!"

Lingfeng stretched his huge hands toward the ship, handing Qingyu and Shuo Yue over. Yu Ziqian, who was inside Shuo Yue's belly, was also with them.

"Big Brother, save Yu Ziqian, quick!"

"Let me do it." Weisheng Moran had nothing much to do, so she quickly came to help. There were still many powder bug corpses within Yu Ziqian and his wounds needed the help of divine pills to recover. As for the injuries his soul had suffered, they could only leave it to its natural recovery for now. The most important thing right now was stabilizing his physical condition.

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They busied themselves inside the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb. Tianming barely had any time to catch a breather as he had to turn the ship around to escape from the enemy army. However, something gave him quite a surprise.

"Feng! Come in, quick!" Tianming yelled. Lingfeng was still in his Transcendent Truefiend form outside the ship, but it was possible for him to squeeze inside. Yet he didn't do so after sending Qingyu over. Instead, he charged past the ship toward the troops and the Void God behind it and threw himself back into battle.

"Big Brother, Feng is still conscious... But, the vitae that were converted into baleful souls won't scatter. They must be having some effect on him. Can you help him?" Qingyu said, anxious with worry. She had some ideas about what Lingfeng was going through. The fact that he hadn't harmed her and was even able to bring her back to the ship meant that he could still understand speech, yet he didn't seem intent on stopping his slaughter. Tianming had wanted to ignore the rest of the troops and focus on escaping after the rescue, since the ship was running low on nova source, but Lingfeng's persistence left him no choice.

"Alright!" He didn't say much and turned the ship around. Everyone else in the Sanctvoid Guard Formation were part of the enemy troops, so there were no innocent bystanders to speak of. Since Lingfeng was in a rather powerful state, Tianming decided that he would give eliminating the enemy forces in Skywolf Frost a try. Perhaps this was their chance, since their astralguard formation was unstable.

The ship immediately caught up to the black storm. Most of the damage wrought by Lingfeng focused on the soul. As long as he wanted to, he could use his powerful soul as a weapon. Not even solarians, with their third imperial souls, would be able to resist the black storm and would fall like flies or instantly die.

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"He must’ve swallowed nearly a hundred million vitae for his power to grow that explosively!" The mere thought of it caused them to shudder.

Lingfeng's fierce bravery paved a way for the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb to fly through, tearing a hole straight through the enemy’s ranks. His darkness began filling the sea of frost within the formation. Not long afterward, the ship flew past Lingfeng and sent out a blast, vaporizing the specters ahead of it. Even more freshly dead souls were devoured by Lingfeng, compounding upon the already-heavy miasma of baleful souls.

While neither of them spoke during the entire process, it was clear that the message they had for their foes was that those who blocked them would perish. The two monsters had struck true terror into the sinister specters. They used to have hope that they would be able to take the monsters down once the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb ran out of power, but with Lingfeng culling them at such a rapid rate, many of them were shocked to the point that their wills completely crumbled.

"Dammit! I can't keep up! Going there is suicide!"

"If we could at least get in range to fight them, we’d stand a chance, but what even is this? We don't even get to see them in person! Either our souls get torn apart or we get wiped out by the divine astralship. What's the point?"

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Being vaporized in body or soul without being able to fight the enemy was utterly pointless. Their deaths would be completely in vain. In fact, since the invasion of the sun had begun, they hadn't even seen half a soul of the normal folks living on the sun! They even had a hard time dealing with these two calamities on their own home turf.

The gigantic Void God appeared in the sea of frost once more. Most of its body was still hidden in the sea, but its webs and many legs shot out toward Lingfeng. To counter, he used his ability, Heartpiercer Soulblade, turning it into countless needles linked to bloody threads. All of them shot toward the Void God like explosive webs of their own. As the Void God's webs hit Lingfeng, his ability also wrapped around the Void God, causing it to shriek in agony. As it did, it charged toward the cocooned Lingfeng upon its thousand sharp legs.

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