Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1948: Trans endent Truefiend

Skywolf Frost had never had any flaming meteors crashing into it. The explosions that had resulted shattered Lingfeng's eardrums, causing him to lose his hearing for a good long moment. His entire world suddenly turned deathly quiet, making him feel the frailty of life. The specters above and around him had perished, and only some who were below him survived, though with a couple of lost limbs. All of them were basically out for the count.

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The nine-colored fireworks in the sky would remain a nightmare for the far too many specters that had seen it first hand. Twenty breaths of time felt really long without any hearing. Eventually, Lingfeng's hearing recovered and he finally heard Yin Chen speaking to him.

"My Feng... keep going!" The voice sounded mechanical, but Yin Chen tried its best to relay Tianming's voice, albeit unsuccessfully. Even so, those words were enough to make him tear up for the third time today. But this time was different from the rest. He felt happier than ever before, as he no longer had any internal struggles. The very person that’d asked him to not touch vitae had given him sanction after hearing about everything he’d gone through from Yin Chen. Not only that, he had used Ninedragon Apotheosis to pave a way for him.

No matter how troubled Tianming must have felt, the fact that he had told Lingfeng to keep going was a sign of respect and understanding, which was what Lingfeng cherished the most. It was more than enough; he could finally seek his own path without any internal struggle!

There were more than twenty million souls of dead specters before him. More and more troops from the Sanctvoid Army came over to stop him. The specters gathered around him on the ground before charging at him, but he already had a huge advantage thanks to Tianming.

"Even though I might come to betray everything, you're the only one I’ll never betray in my entire life!" He was more certain of that than anything else. Nothing looked more brilliant to him than the nine-colored sun. But he didn't have any time to spare on gawking as tens of millions more troops came flying down from above toward him. "Come on, all of you!"

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The countless dead souls were sucked into the Xenoworld Gate, which was connected to his Primordial Gate. He had become a monster of slaughter. Unlike others, he grew stronger the more people were killed. As long as he wasn't killed within a short period of time, he would eventually be able to kill everyone in that area. That was something that not even Tianming or the sun emperor could emulate.

It was the Nightfiend's banquet of death! Tens of millions of souls were sucked in and attached to his vita, then a boundless black miasma formed around him, making his silhouette out to be that of a cold fiend. Wherever the miasma spread, people died.

"Soulfiend...." The youth looked at his loyal servant that was on the brink of death. Unlike lifebound beasts like Ying Huo, it wasn't the least bit cute, but it meant just as much to him.

The Soulfiend groaned as it stretched a black and bloodied finger toward Lingfeng, allowing him to grasp it while it pounded its own chest.

"Come. Let’s become true fiends together. From now on, you’ll be a part of me, and I’ll be a part of you." He tightly gripped the thick finger, feeling the warmth within.

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The Soulfiend's six eyes teared up as it groaned and clumsily tried to wipe off the tears off its three faces. It was using the face of joy as its main one.

"Come!" Lingfeng cried. The Soulfiend looked up with its three heads, howling more and more with jubilance. It turned into a black storm that collided with Lingfeng and entered the Primordial Gate. Then the gate spun faster and faster until it reached its limits. The black miasma spread around Lingfeng, shrouding even his face.

"Without complaints and regrets! That’s what it means to be a Transcendent Truefiend!" His uncharacteristically human specter body suddenly expanded as it turned into a black shadow, taking the form of a demonic entity. While he didn't look like an ape, he had three heads and six arms, all shrouded in black miasma. Black divine patterns covered his body and his long hair fluttered like snakes. Six bloody eyes could be seen glowing through the miasma.

Nobody was able to get a proper look at his face, yet he was visible as a gigantic, looming demonic figure from the many tall mountains across the surface of Skywolf Frost. Those that saw him felt their scalps tingle with fear. He was a true, transcendent fiend straight out of the bowels of hell!

He descended from the skies, followed behind by a black vortex that was tens of thousands of meters wide. The vortex enveloped the specters that charged at him, almost as if it was a gateway to hell with him as its gatekeeper.

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In a world of abyssal darkness. 

The sound of battle from the outside world vanished before anyone noticed. It was a sign that the voidheart worm was approaching its destination. Nobody would be able to interfere with it there. Filled with endless joy, it muttered, "Those two are probably dead by now! It really warms my wormy heart! It's a shame that they won't get to personally see me controlling your body...." It noticed the girl crying from within the Divine Worldeater Cauldron. "So, you finally know despair? Looks like you're the type to only realize the consequences when it's far too late," it said, shrugging in an almost human-like manner.

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"I'm not despairing," Qingyu said after controlling her emotions. "I was just thinking of how fortunate I am to have him. While my life has been filled with hardship, having him around makes it all alright." While Yin Chen's reports were stunted and sometimes unclear, she didn't need too much detail to know what was happening with Lingfeng.

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"Nonsense and empty words! I've already reached the right place. You’ll be mine sooner or later. You can cry all you want after that!"

"Voidheart worm, you seemed confused. While you appear to have wants and desires, you fail to understand people at the end of the day. You're only just a little bit smarter than common animals. You really are pitiful."

"Bullshit! You’ll soon understand that humans and wildbeasts aren't that different after all!"

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