Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1946: Loving Ourselves

In a single instant, the wave of wolf howls completely drowned Lingfeng out. Thirty million specters charged at him from the front while endless frost blocked him from behind. There was nowhere for him to run. He’d found himself in a much more dangerous situation than Tianming had.

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The countless specters had answered the Void God's summons. They were from the Greenvoid and Sanctquility lines, all blended together. Countless abilities covered the skies and fused into a torrent of frost that shot toward him.

While Lingfeng was also a specter, his physical body was incredibly small. Before the huge wave, he was nothing but a little ant. Lingfeng saw that the voidheart worm was smirking at him as it took Qingyu deep into the crowd. If it weren’t for Yin Chen's presence, Lingfeng would have lost her for good right then. But now, even though he knew where to go, he wouldn't be able to reach her if he wasn't able to break through the enemy ranks. In fact, it seemed unlikely that he would even be able to escape on his own!

"Kill him!"

"The Void God ordered us to exterminate him!"

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"The one that deals the finishing blow will earn great merit!"

Glorious rewards awaited the specters for their service! They rushed in front of each other to get the jump on the rest like a pack of hungry wolves. Lingfeng was like a delicious piece of meat waiting for them and they all scrambled for it, in fear that someone else would take it.

As the voidheart worm left, it laughed and said, "You’d better hold on! If you survive, I might come to see you after I parasitize her! I'll send you to hell using her hands! What do you think?"

That didn't really sound like what it would say. Most likely, the Ultimate Pill God had told it to speak like that. Coupled with the sinister laughter, it was clear to see how the endless years of existence as an impotent spirit had twisted the Ultimate Pill God's psyche.

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"You’ll regret this!" Lingfeng's voice was hoarse. Demonic flames covered his entire body as he reached his breaking point. Above him, Tianming was fighting the countless troops of the Sanctvoid Army and the Void God alone. Below him, Qingyu was falling toward a point of no return, at risk of losing control of her own body for good. And now, Lingfeng himself had been completely surrounded by raving wolves. Even a single of the three catastrophes they currently faced would overwhelm most people.

"You all forced me to do this! You pushed me to do it!" He clenched his fists tight as his gaze turned bloody. A bloody aura seemed to cover the thirty million specters ahead of him. The next instant, Lingfeng was completely enveloped by abilities and attacks.

A dark figure suddenly covered him, the countless attacks falling on its reliable shoulders. The Soulfiend endlessly bled, its blood seemingly watering Lingfeng's body and dying it entirely red, including the rapidly turning Primordial Gate. Blood seemed to enter the gate and tinted it with an air of evil.

The specters continued their ability bombardment, and many even leaped toward the Soulfiend to attack it with their claws and weapons. Some even bit into its flesh like savages while it defended its master with two arms and tried fending them off with the other four. Quite a lot of specters were flung away, their bodies ripped apart, yet the Soulfiend alone was far from enough. The thirty million specters weren't thinned in the slightest!

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What was worse was that even more troops had returned from the astralguard formation above to gang up on Lingfeng. It was a complete slaughterfest, and there was nothing but blood in Lingfeng's world—the blood of the Soulfiend, the specters, and his own bleeding heart. He didn't just feel frustration and suffering, but also the cruel touch of reality. It was as if countless blades had been mercilessly pushed through his heart. He recalled Qingyu feigning a smile despite what she was going through just to make those around her worry less.... All that compounded into more and more rage in him! His burdens were just like the endless sea of enemies before him, as well as the sea of blood from the Soulfiend that stained him.

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As his breathing grew more ragged by the moment, his irises grew larger and larger and he felt pain like he had never endured before. The pained howls of the Soulfiend got louder and louder, joined by Lingfeng, whose wrath amplified and compounded with every memory of Qingyu that he recalled. Even though he was hyperventilating, it felt like he was having a hard time breathing. The Primordial Gate on his chest spun much faster than usual, yet his body felt completely stifled.

"Mother, what should I do? Tell me!" Since leaving the Infernal Soul Purgatory, he had learned what love was like in the outside world. Outside of his bubble, he waded his way through complex and messy realities to find his own path, yet only one sentence had truly resonated with him: "A true devil doesn't turn back!"

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In his moment of greatest pain and doubt, he heard the Soulfiend's heartbeat. Through the sea of blood, he seemed to see his people. They existed within his soul, his vita! It didn't belong to him alone; there were eighty thousand people's lives tied to his, accompanying him at all times. He was the least lonely person in the universe!

"Feng, we don't know which path in this universe is the true path. We lived in an endless, nonstop nightmare, and knew nothing but pain. If there's one thing we know, if there's one path we have to pick, it would be the path of loving ourselves!"

A gentle voice amidst the crowd pulled him out of the depths of death and despair and he teared up from hearing his mother's voice. He had never forgotten her. She had always been in his dreams, and she told him to love himself!

"What does loving ourselves mean? It's simple. Stop caring about whether you're treading on the path of humans, demons, or gods. Don't care about people who have nothing to do with you! Do the things you want to do, the things that will benefit you! Make yourself your main priority! No matter how selfish that is, no matter whether you'll be punished by the heavens for daring to make your own life better, just strive to do your best! The effort is what counts!

"Go do what you want. No matter how battered and bloodied you become, never turn back! Ignore all taboos or heavenly mandates! Even if you’re misunderstood and ostracized, who cares? The infernal soul race never had an ego to speak of, so it’s our wish that you find your own! Serve your own ego! Forge your own path through the world, and if that path is a demon's or a god's, so be it! The only thing that matters is that you don't regret walking it!"

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