Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1940: A Splash of I y Water

Tianming’s shock vanished the next moment as he realized that the formation hadn't disappeared and the flaming beasts and flaming clouds were still around. They had turned transparent, but they were just as effective at deterring the enemy. The Sanctvoid Army still seemed to be held back for now. However, a large reason that they were unable to coordinate well was the flaming clouds obscuring their line of sight. The chaotic sounds had also served to confuse and strike fear into them. The sudden clarity allowed them to start finding their bearings.

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Since that was the case, what reason could the sun emperor have to make the Flameyellow Guard Formation see-through? Tianming thought that it had been a sneaky move on his part, but when he saw the expressions of the specters, he suddenly understood the sun emperor's intent. Tianming was still dragging along the bloody and mangled wolf head of their sovereign with his sword-chain. The rubble of the Sanctquility Ghostrain could be seen all around him, and the giant, headless pincushion of a body was still in the middle of burning to ash. The entire sight had far too much of an impact.

The death of Sovereign Greenvoid and the loss of his ship had been a huge blow to Skywolf Frost to begin with, and now the specters were once more greeted with a similar sight not long after the start of the battle. Both of their moral supports had collapsed; it was an inconvenient truth that tore their hearts apart. The barrier, made transparent, hid no secrets. Not to mention, the specters that the sovereign had summoned before her death had witnessed the events with their own eyes. The entire battlefield fell silent in an instant before the flames returned to normal. Flaming beasts roamed the barrier, letting out deafening roars that intermixed with the crackling sound of burning. The entire world had turned back into a flaming purgatory that enveloped even Tianming.

The transparency had only lasted for a few seconds, yet that was enough for the Sanctvoid Army to see the death of their sovereign. Losing one's commander before the battle had truly started didn't bode well for them. Given that it seemed intentional on the sun emperor's part, he was obviously able to monitor Tianming's activities to an extent using the Flameyellow Guard Formation. The sun emperor also seemed to have made the flaming beasts more powerful to help him.

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"Sovereign Sacntquility is dead and her ship is destroyed! Skywolf Frost has lost far too much! Hahaha!" The voice of the sun emperor came ringing from the mouths of every flaming beast in the formation for the ears of all specters to hear. "Myriad Solar Sects, begin your counterattack! First, we take down Frost! Then, we go for Blaze! We’ll rid the astralscape of the trash that is Skywolf!" He spoke as if they were his subordinates, but even then, it was still a great help to Tianming. The announcement had reached the ears of everyone, even the mortals across the sun! 

Tianming had brutally killed Sovereign Sanctquility; that was the first piece of good news they had received since the start of the invasion. Once more, Tianming hadn’t disappointed them! His legend continued to spread and grow, even to the people who were on the lowest rung of cultivators. Many young cultivators from backwater mountains and villages had begun worshiping this twenty-something-year-old legend as their god! Their faith formed more and more Omnisentient Threads. While they were only connections to heavenly wills, a substantial number of them was still significant.

Tianming was feeling on top of the world. He dragged the head of the sovereign around with his sword, intent on tying it to the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb before he continued slaughtering his enemies. "The specters have already seen her die and their ship is now gone. No doubt they're in a state of shock and don't even know to retreat. The sun emperor's trick also poured a bucket of ice water down on their heads, numbing them with shock. It's time for us to turn the tide!"

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This was the opportunity to push for victory. The invading army had to be dealt heavy casualties for Skywolf Frost to be able to feel it. Tianming didn't waste one bit of time on figuring out if the sun emperor was scheming. The two stars of Skywolf were powerful, and the slightest mistake could result in their loss. Now that they finally had a chance to strike back, it wasn't time for them to fight among themselves. Applying pressure on the enemy also helped lighten the burden on the other side, thereby protecting the sun.

"Feng, Ying Huo!" Those two had been watching Tianming's back and were under heavy assault from countless raging specters. It was thanks in huge part to those two that Tianming had been able to fight and kill the sovereign uninterrupted. Lingfeng had absorbed enough terra to be able to fight on the level of a sovereign, helping Tianming stop seas of enemies!

"Let's head back!" With the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb, there wasn't a need for Tianming to remain fighting outside. All of his lifebound beasts, Lingfeng, and his Soulfiend returned to his side near the ship. All of them were filled with hope for their little victory. Things had been smooth sailing so far!

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"Let's keep fighting!" Following that, nobody could stop the assault of the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb. Even if the dejected specters managed to pierce the Flameyellow Guard Formation, there was still the astralguard formation and another army to deal with beneath it.

Tianming's fighting spirit had risen to a new high. But when he expected it the least, he felt like he had an ice bath of his own! Yin Chen said, "Come back! Your sister! In danger!"

Tianming's mind was scrambled at the mention of Qingyu. The ship should have been just as safe as the Sky Palace Formation and it was almost impossible for any celestial orderian to sneak their way in, unlike the latter. How could anything possibly happen to her? He was going to go back to the ship in the first place. Rushing, he entered it with Lingfeng.

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"It's Gan... Gan Gan... Gan Gan!" Yin Chen said, its tone angry.

"Yu Ziqian, you mean?!" It sounded like Yu Ziqian was posing a threat to Qingyu!

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