Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1937: Frostmoon Edge

Time was of the essence for Tianming and his allies and they couldn’t afford to squander even a single instant. While he wasn't aware of how the sun emperor was doing on his side, Tianming knew that the Flameyellow Guard Formation near him was under huge pressure. More and more specters had managed to make it through the wave of flaming beasts to attack the astralguard formation beneath them. The thirty million troops he had brought there through the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb were stretched to their limits. The moment they failed to sweep away the specters at a good enough pace, they would be in a passive position.

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Thanks to Yin Chen, Tianming had clear and timely information about the state of the battle. He had to react to any changes in the shortest time possible. That was why he didn't let the sovereign's 'greetings' drag on and immediately proceeded to attack! His lifebound beasts were sent to dispatch the specters that came fighting while Tianming wielded the Godsin against the fierce sovereign. His decapath era godswords manifested behind him as his body permeated with seven grade-eight divine hazard sword ki strands, filling the weapon he held in his hand. Having fought the sun emperor, he already had enough experience fighting a sovereign-level figure. Not to mention, he had grown much more than before, not only in might, but also in willpower and resolve.

Through his Omnisentient Threads, he could also broadcast what he saw to those that were connected to him! When his people knew that he was about to face off against a sovereign of Skywolf, they burst with excitement and fighting spirit and their rage turned into blazing strength, funneled straight to Tianming through the threads. He now appeared to be a god of the sword before the sovereign.

Seeing that her efforts to sue for peace were futile, and even looked down upon, her gaze turned cold like frost as a wave of killing intent emanated from her. She raised her head high and let out a sharp howl that reverberated across the Flameyellow Guard Formation, drawing the ears of the hundred thousand specters around her. They seemed like they were heeding the call of their ruler.

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"The sovereign has summoned us!"

"Quick! Go toward the sound!"

A hundred thousand out of an army of six hundred million was but a minuscule drop in the ocean, yet if they surrounded Tianming and his beasts, they would have a hard time breaking free. The sovereign herself was no pushover, either. He was facing a real threat of dying, which was why he couldn't spare even a single moment. Even now, there were already thousands of specters in the vicinity, while he only had himself to rely on. Thankfully, Ying Huo and the rest were able to wipe out the thousands of others without much issue, but they could feel the rate of specters swarming toward them increasing by the moment.

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"You take care of her! We'll watch your back!" Ying Huo said with much bravado. It flew all around the area, followed by countless phoenixes made of flames. It was as if it had rejoined its long-lost siblings.

"Alright!" Tianming trusted them, especially with the pandemonium sacrosun around.

Could what you’re holding be the Godsin?!" the sovereign said with a look of utter disbelief. "I heard that it had been lost at a star called Violetglory! How could it be in your hands?!" She looked at Tianming with heavily furrowed brows. Her gaze grew more savage by the moment, though it didn't ruin her striking visage.

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Tianming, however, didn't care for her looks in the slightest, nor did he want to answer her. He could tell that Skywolf was among the backwater factions in the Voidsky Organization. After all, their main role was to hunt weaker prey. The mysterians wouldn't let normal people in their sphere of influence interact with them, let alone learn of their existence.

What Tianming didn't expect, however, was for Sovereign Sanctquility to take out a grade-nine divine artifact. Not even Sovereign Greenvoid had one, which showed that she was probably higher in status. Tianming did somehow find that weapon familiar. It was an incredibly light and thin blade, seemingly made of the same material as the Godsin. However, its blade seemed to be infused with frost.

"Are you curious? You see... this sword I hold here is also a 'Godsin'. Its other name is Frostmoon Edge. It was mainly forged on a base of formless glacier, but the divine hazard used for it is Frostriver Godsin. Compared to your sword, mine is much colder! The blades were made to be a pair, forged by the ancestors of Skywolf Frost! Your Godsin originally belonged to the greenvoid skywolves." Her eyes seemed sharper and colder than before. She seemed clearly intent on retrieving the treasured blade, a symbol of Skywolf Frost. The Galactic Godsin had a more toxic effect, while Frostriver Godsin edged much closer to frost and ice.

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Tianming looked at the thin blade more closely and felt a chill down his spine. It was ridiculous, especially considering how the heat of the Flameyellow Guard Formation was able to make even the specters around them red. But with that weapon in the picture, Sovereign Sanctquility didn't seem like she would be a pushover. She wouldn't hold back against Tianming, either, given that he was in full fighting form. Underestimating him just because of his youth was a surefire way to get herself killed.

Even though this is his territory, he's alone and without help. If we take him down here, the ones he left in the ship will be stranded and helpless!

She focused her mind on attaining that single goal. Daintily grasping her slender blade with her fingers, she smiled and revealed her canines to him. The next moment, her body enlarged till it reached the size of Meow Meow's Regal Chaosfiend and her bones audibly snapped into place. An even colder frost emanated from her body, creating a pale white veil around her amidst the flames. All the while, she continued growing in size, and the blade in her hand followed suit. By the time she was about a hundred meters tall, the Frostmoon Edge was around forty meters in length to match. Silver fur sprouted all over her body, enhancing her snow-white lupine features. Her exotic-looking face lengthened to fit a more canine profile. Her eyes shone like the moon and her fangs and talons were weapons comparable to divine artifacts.

She was the largest specter Tianming had ever witnessed, not including the abomination of fleshy mass that Jiang Wuxin had become. Her werewolf form was almost what the fusion of a beastmaster and their beast would look like, yet specters still had their intelligence intact and were able to cultivate battle arts while also using the abilities normally reserved only for lifebound beasts. Not to mention their much tougher constitutions! There was also quite a diverse range of specters, like the faceless specters of the mysterians that seemed more elegant and noble.

The white mist of frost surged around the gigantic werewolf form. The gigantic beast drew her minions to her. The sudden increase in size didn't result in a loss of agility, either. Sovereign Sanctquility had achieved a perfect fighting form, and it appeared menacingly tall before Tianming.

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