Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1934: Ruler of Gods

After the thirty million troops from the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb were deployed, the ship reactivated its scaly divine astralship formation and shot through the clouds like a sword. The firestorm was about hundreds of thousands of meters thick, and near the airspace of the Azurecloud Continent were at least four hundred million skywolf specters. Their savage howls could be heard all the way from the ground below, punctuated by the deep roars of the flaming beasts that fought them.

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Within the flaming clouds, ear-shaking explosions rang out nonstop as a light show of abilities went on full display. Fire rained down from the skies as many meteorites fell to the ground below, shaking the Land of Three Skies. Almost every lifeform on the sun knew what this day was going to be like. Whether they were cultivators or common folk, beastmaster or totemancer, everyone's fate was bound together with that of this star. Even those within the Sky Palace Formation, like the Saintdragon Emperor, Northdipper Swordsage, and the rest, left the formation to join the fight despite knowing they were being monitored by the celestial orderians. They didn't want to wait like a sitting duck, either, as they were also descendants of the flameyellow divinities.

Tianming's presence also served to anchor their faith as they protected their homeland and the people in it. Their feelings and thoughts also fed back to him, allowing him to learn what it truly meant to be the ruler of a star world.

The Ninedragon Imperial Tomb flew straight into the Flameyellow Guard Formation. Within it, the Sanctquility Ghostrain was at full battle stations, surrounded as it was by countless flaming beasts as it attempted to break out of the encirclement. But unlike the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb, the Sanctquility Ghostrain wasn't given any passage by the flaming beasts. Instead, the beasts joined the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb in its charge toward the alien ship. Surrounded by the flames of battle, the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb performed like the ultimate war machine across the vast skies.

"The Ninedragon Imperial Tomb is able to perform about three times better than normal within the Flameyellow Guard Formation! It’s a huge edge for me in this war!"

Skywolf Frost's specters had quickly regrouped to break through the Flameyellow Guard Formation faster, but that was after Tianming's ship had left. Now that he had returned, there was nothing stopping him from blasting the nine-colored beam of light toward them. The ship coursed straight at them, fangs bared like a gigantic cosmic wildbeast.

"What in the world is that?!" The huddled specters suddenly saw the flaming clouds disturbed, right after which loud roars could be heard. Then a gigantic nine-colored sphere appeared and expanded. The flaming clouds had helped hide the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb as it was charging up, allowing the blast to reach its full potency. From the continent below, the skies were seemingly painted nine colors by an empyrean brush. A huge explosion rocked the clouds as nearly a third of the sky above was swallowed up by a nine-colored vortex. The aftershock of the terrifying blast spread far and wide, pushing the flaming clouds apart and raining countless body parts onto the astralguard formation below. The blast of the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb didn't just shake Skywolf Frost, but also those that lived on the lands below. They were confused as to who the attacker and attacked were, while only gods and above could tell that it was the might of their ruler!

"Li Tianming!"

"Ruler of the Myriad Sects!"

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"Ruler of All Gods!"

Words of praise were targeted at Tianming, which he could clearly feel. His Imperial Will had reached beyond the realm of mere gods and spread all through the sun, letting those of the Myriad Solar Sects know of his existence. His Omnisentient Threads increased to no end as the denizens of the sun all took him as their ruler, walking the same path he did. He was a true sovereign that didn't stand above his subjects, but with them! The resonance of their hearts became his greatest strength. Bearing their power, he felt a serene calm as he massacred the enemy with the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb. "I must not disappoint those that trust me! The specters can't be let through the astralguard formations!"

The flaming beasts and the ship alone couldn't sweep up all six hundred million troops of the Sanctvoid Army. Even if Tianming tried his best, some were bound to slip through the net. But right as they were about to rush through the formation, they were suddenly shocked by what they saw. It was a white-colored barrier—yet another astralguard formation!

"Impossible! How could a mere heliacal-class world have two astralguard formations?!"

"It might just be an illusory formation! This can't be real!"

"That isn't right... this white one is the astralguard formation in our records...."

"Then what was the one before this?!"

Their shock was compounded by confusion. They had thought that victory was within their grasp, only to find that they were merely halfway there.

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"It's fine. This astralguard formation shouldn't be that powerful, and this world can't possibly support two formations of that caliber. All we have to do is bust through this and attack them from inside!"

"The sovereign ordered us to press the assault!"


The skywolves were covered in hair and about twenty meters tall. After a short moment of hesitation, the physically powerful skywolf specters charged straight for the next formation and used their abilities to carve out a path.

Search for the original.

"This astralguard formation is indeed not as strong."

"That's how it should be!"

The white astralguard formation used fog, storms, and sword ki and covered the entire star. As such, it wasn't too powerful and drew far less blood than the Flameyellow Guard Formation. But right as the specters excitedly anticipated the upcoming slaughterfest, human and beast silhouettes could be seen beyond the fog. They weren't the flaming beasts like before, but rather the lifebound beasts of the Myriad Solar Sects. Tianming could use the formation to cover and guide them on surgically precise ambushes! While thirty million troops weren't a huge number, there were still more of them than those that had made it through the Flameyellow Guard Formation.

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"We have to get rid of those that slip through as fast as possible to maintain our numerical advantage! If too many gather together, we'll be in trouble! We’re the last line of defense of the sun and there's nowhere for us to escape to! Once these beasts land, they’ll engage in endless slaughter!" Long Wanying shouted.


The so-called ‘prey of Orderia’ had been laying in wait for quite some time.

"Specters detected!"

"There's some here too!"

"Get ready!"

"Wipe them out! Don't leave any alive!"

With the formation aiding them and Yin Chen helping with their coordination, they had perfect clarity within the formation no matter the number of specters they faced. Yin Chen was basically spread out through the gap between the two formations in its butterfly form.

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"Silverdragon Army, head east! There's a group of more than two hundred thousand!"

"Imperialdragon Army, head southeast around five hundred miles! Eight hundred specters just broke through!"

It was much easier to breach the Flameyellow Guard Formation with a large concentration of people. Even then, those of the Myriad Solar Sects quickly filled the holes and got rid of those that slipped past. They were also individually stronger than most of the specters. Dead specters rained down all over the battlefield as the battle soared to a climax. The specters that had thought they would have an easy time with the second formation were once more greatly humbled.

"What in the world is with this place? It has two layers of defense!"

Had they been able to see the troops waiting for them beyond the second formation, they could probably move aside to avoid them. The problem with that was the fog, which had effectively forced them to go in blind. The fact that only a small number of specters could get through the first formation at a time was thanks to the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb and the flaming beasts.

Once more, Ninedragon Apotheosis was unleashed, putting another nine-colored mini-sun in the sky that then shattered into a nine-colored vortex, erasing all life in its vicinity. Tianming wasn't worried that they would gather at all! The ship worked greatly to fill the gaps of the formation. The flaming beasts forced the enemy to gather, only for the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb to force them to scatter again. The futile effort of switching tactics every few moments sowed endless casualties among the specters. More importantly, the Flameyellow Guard Formation was far too loud, greatly inhibiting communication. Most people couldn't even hear their orders, clueless as to whether they should retreat or press the attack. The entire invading army was utterly befuddled.

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