Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1932: Flaming Beast Wave

The divine astralship was quickly activated, howling like a wolf and attacking with a frost wave. Countless white dots rained down like hail. The entirety of Skywolf's forces didn't tone down the attacks in the slightest even knowing the potential that Tianming possessed.

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The Sanctquility Ghostrain flew straight past the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb. The white mechanical wolf glowed from every corner of its body as its tree-thick hairs stood stiff and sharp, turning it into a porcupine. The sharp hairs shot out like spears, every one of them containing nova source, not to mention the frost that radiated off them. It was the ship's signature attack: Vaporizing Rain. Had it been used against the civilians living down below the Flameyellow Guard Formation, it would be able to cover about half of the Myriaddragon Mountains in a layer of frost that completely killed all life living in that area. The attacks of any divine astralship would always be more powerful than attacks of sovereign-level individuals.

The demonic wolf then shook its body, shaking the spikes on it, before charging toward the Flameyellow Guard Formation. Right then, a gigantic nine-colored ball of energy came smashing toward it, filling the skies with nine lights of destruction! The ensuing explosion caused a nine-colored vortex to manifest, completely eradicating all specters within the immediate area. The vortex fizzled outward as it split into many dragon-shaped aftershock attacks, scattering even more of the skywolf specters.

"That divine astralship's far too powerful!" Many specters, Sovereign Sanctquility included, saw nothing but the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb chasing behind them before charging up another blast at the fore of the ship. The nine-colored ball of light sent rumbles through the sky as it gathered into a huge mass. As the different colored energies intermingled, the massive ball of destruction was ready to be unleashed. It would be capable of dealing actual damage to a divine astralship!

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"I’ll take care of him, you all just have to focus on finding your way inside the formation to eradicate those animals," Sovereign Sanctquility said. Her gaze changed from admiring to vindictive savagery. With her brows furrowed, she looked even more like a wolf, which happened to be her true form.

With the guarantee of their sovereign, the Sanctvoid Army's fighting spirit soared. They completely ignored Tianming and attacked the formation according to their original plan. It was only now that some of them managed to close the distance and reach the formation. They were fourth-level constelliers and above and they charged toward the flaming clouds beyond the formation.

The Sanctvoid Army had a combined roster of six hundred million, but the sun emperor himself might be fighting off another two billion enemies. That would be the main invading force. Tianming wasn't sure where the sun emperor's confidence that the Flameyellow Guard Formation would hold up had come from, so he decided he would wipe out as many enemies as he could to take the burden off.

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The Ninedragon Imperial Tomb let out a sky-shaking roar as it descended to the surface of the Flameyellow Guard Formation, upon which countless skywolf specters were raining down.

"Die!" Flames filled Tianming's mind as a slaughterer's rush replaced any trace of mercy or hesitation he had previously held. Ninedragon Apotheosis went blasting away after it was charged to full. A spherical mass as large as a lunar world exploded, wiping out even more specters. The same vortex could be seen spreading out, forming nine-colored clouds across the surface of the formation. It looked like the sun was finally opening its eyes!

"Perish! Begone!" cried the many fighters of the Myriad Solar Sects from within the ship. They were already itching to join the brawl.

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Ninedragon Apotheosis charged up every ten breaths, unleashing constant and nightmarish destruction on the nearby specters. However, they were spread too far and thin for there to be any stopping power.

The Sanctquility Ghostrain didn't stop the blast either, instead charging straight for Ninedragon Imperial Tomb's flank. Using its sharp talons and fangs, it bit the ship and latched on.

"I didn't think that beast-shaped ship could fight like a beast, too!" The divine astralships of Skywolf were indeed rather special in that regard. Even so, divine astralships were still ships, not actual cosmic wildbeasts. Tianming got the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb to pull off Lan Huang's signature crocodile death roll to send the white wolf smashing into the Flameyellow Guard Formation. The impact resounded far and wide as the repelling force from the formation sent it flying back into the sky, covered in explosions.

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Tianming easily spotted many craters and cracks on the surface of the wolf-shaped ship. There were severe signs of destruction. "Was the Flameyellow Guard Formation this powerful all along?!" He was quite taken aback by the discovery. The blowback from the formation had hit harder than his ship! He was sure that the enemy sovereign was just as shocked by that fact. While the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb was large, it wasn't lacking in any impact!

Tianming and the others on board watched with horror as quite a few specters found their way into the formation, around a hundred million of them. All of them had slipped through the defenses the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb could provide. The physically tough specters that were armed with abilities were quite similar to Ying Huo. They were quite agile and didn't fear the attacks from the formation at all—they would easily find their way past the flaming clouds below. As for the normal astralguard formation beyond that, they didn't really fear that, either.

However, Tianming could see that once some of them had made their way into the Flameyellow Guard Formation, it began converting the nova source it’d sapped away into gigantic flaming beasts. There were far too many of those undying abominations; the Flameyellow Guard Formation had finally started to actively resist the threat.

In fact, it was highly likely that the same had occurred on the sun emperor's side of the battle quite some time ago. Not to mention, the formation layer of flaming clouds seemed to also be absorbing nova source and becoming a part of the massive waves of flaming beasts. In total, they outnumbered the specters by leagues!

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