Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1930: Female Sovereign

Back then, it had used the opportunity provided by the ongoing conflict between the celestial orderians and Myriad Solar Sects to head to the north of the sun, wreaking massive havoc in the absence of the celestial orderian forces. After that, it had escaped back to Skywolf to deliver the information it’d gathered.

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Sanctquility and Greenvoid were both large specter lines. The Sanctquility Ghostrain and Greenvoid Abyss were both divine astralships, commanded by the strongest elites of those two lines, Sovereign Sanctquility and Sovereign Greenvoid.

The army that was currently in front of Tianming was the Sanctvoid Army, the combined forces of the subordinates of Sovereigns Sanctquility and Greenvoid, and numbered six hundred million in total. It was a shame that Sovereign Greenvoid had embarrassingly died during a preliminary scouting mission. That incident had greatly enraged Skywolf as a whole. Back then, the voidheart worm was still active and the astralguard formation of the sun hadn't been deployed yet. The death of a sovereign had brought a new goal to Skywolf's conquest: revenge.

Even with Sovereign Greenvoid gone, the greenvoid specters still had three hundred million in their ranks, which were largely unaffected. Not to mention, the Sanctquility Ghostrain had come to counter the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb. It was charging in the direction of the Flameyellow Guard Formation. Amidst a booming crescendo, a glowing, pure white mechanical wolf sprinted across the starry sky like an arrow freshly loosed from a bow toward the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb. But based on their relative sizes, the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb was far superior in that regard.

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"Since the Sanctquility Ghostrain appeared, we can assume that Sovereign Sanctquility is also on the divine astralship." Tianming felt his veins popping. "Kill!"

There was no need to waste words. The nine heads of his ship roared as it fiercely accelerated. Almost instantly, the two divine astralships crashed into each other! The Sanctquility Ghostrain was sent flying as fast as it had come cruising. There was even a huge dent in the hardest part of the ship which looked like the head of a wolf. The Ninedragon Imperial Tomb, on the other hand, merely spun around slightly before stabilizing itself. Its divine astralship formation also seemed powerful enough to shield it from all the damage it should have taken from the collision. That alone showed the disparity in power between the two ships. The Ninedragon Imperial Tomb was likely at least 1.5 times better than the Sanctquility Ghostrain in all aspects, a fact that Tianming found great confidence in.

"As expected of a treasure from the days of the Flameyellow Imperial Star!" He didn't waste a single instant. Immediately, the nine dragon heads began charging up another Ninedragon Apotheosis while Tianming piloted it and locked onto the enemy ship. "I wonder if a divine astralship is capable of utterly destroying an enemy divine astralship and also cleanly killing everyone on board?" He doubted that the Divine Sun Palace would be capable of such a feat, but he was eager to try with the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb.

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The pressure of the battle began mounting as sanity drained away with each successive kill. The Ninedragon Imperial Tomb leaped toward the silvery white wolf like a feral beast once more. At that moment, a small figure could be seen standing on the snout of the ship, waving toward Tianming. While the figure was small, a voice could be heard coming from it. Tianming looked closer and saw that Sovereign Sanctquility was actually a woman. She had a head of long, waist-length white hair and looked incredibly well put together. Her alluring figure was draped in leathers and her malt-colored skin gave him the impression of wildness. Her skin looked incredibly bouncy to the touch and she had a pair of prominent canines that seemed to cut past her lip, shaving off some of the skin. Unquestionably, she could be regarded as a beauty, especially by the standards of Skywolf. Her wild aura was only accentuated by the long, white wolf tail that hung off her waist. It swayed seductively, yet also seemed to suggest unbridled battlelust.

Tianming now knew that Skywolf was affiliated with the Voidsky Organization, which had originated from the mysterians. Since his showy antics in the wondersky realm, they had already sent people to look for him, and they would probably arrive at Violetglory sooner or later. Personally, Tianming found them distasteful. If he really ended up being brought to the Mysterium Cluster, he would probably be vulnerable to countless hidden threats there.

"The Voidsky Organization is the one that carries out the dirty jobs of the mysterians behind the scenes, so they don't really make public appearances. In fact, they spend most of their time outside the Mysterium Cluster. My reputation is really starting to catch up with me.... Though it isn't likely for the Voidsky Organization to connect my name with my fame in the Mysterium Cluster. Skywolf doesn't necessarily have frequent communications with the mysterians, after all." It was hard to say how much information about Tianming had been sent back to Skywolf after their scouting mission.

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That aside, he had considered one question before: if the Flameyellow Guard Formation fell and exposed the sun in danger, could he announced himself as the ruler of the sun in the wondersky realm to the mysterians and solve the issue? Would they give up attacking the sun to draw in a genius like him, and perhaps even help him fight the sun emperor? While that possibility wasn't out of the question, counting on foreign favors was a path of no return. He would effectively be binding his own fate with that of the mysterians. Not to mention, he had a gut feeling that the shady mysterians who were hunting others using a shady organizational front as the Voidsky Organization wouldn't be the kind of people he could count on. The important stuff was always in details like those.

Even so, an opportunity for a conversation with Sovereign Sanctquility had still presented itself, so he reckoned that he could try to weasel some information out of her to see whether the people of her world had already heard of him before, and whether they were aware he was a nonabane or decabane. Tianming had shown himself to be a nonabane in the Astraldome, which was something the mysterians could still believe and accept. However, he had already revealed himself as a decabane on the sun. He wanted to know if Skywolf had managed to obtain that kind of information.

"At the very least, there's a slight chance for me here. If the sun really falls, I’ll probably just seek out help from the mysterians." If they still thought that he was a nonabane, they wouldn’t humor his demand for them to leave the sun alone, as it could still generate nova source for millions of years to come. But they might cave in if they learned that he was a decabane.

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Thus, he proceeded to steer the divine astralship closer to the Sanctquility Ghostrain and emerged from it, facing the feral nymph that was Sovereign Sanctquility.

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