Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1929: San tquility Ghostrain

The Myriad Solar Sects didn't spare any sympathy toward their invaders at all, for doing so would be betraying the very same ancestors that had faced them in previous astral wars.

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"Kill them all!"

"Long live Li Tianming! May they be wiped out by his wrath!"

They fervently cheered, preferring to use Tianming's name rather than calling him Imperialdragon Princeps. His name also had a double meaning, representing the fate of the heavens.

"The Ninedragon Imperial Tomb is invincible!" 

They weren't necessarily wrong. In their experience, the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb had indeed been indestructible. Not to mention, the previous wave of Ninedragon Apotheosis hadn't even been fully charged, yet that was enough to strike fear into the specters.

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Yet Tianming found that the specters were no doubt more terrifying than the celestial orderians. They almost seemed like astral wildbeasts! Those casualties had done nothing more than ruffle their feathers, enraging them even further. Their roars sounded even more ferocious, reminding him of the flute notes he had heard at Fushen Valley.

More and more specters smashed into the surface of the ship with their own bodies, wildly attacking it with their weapons and abilities like a swarm of ants. While a few of them wouldn't be much of a problem, there were so many surrounding the ship that the ship itself was no longer visible. They hammered on the hull nonstop with manic fervor, shaking the interior of the ship so starkly that the cultivators within could feel it. Their howls echoed throughout the ship.

"Haha!" Tianming didn't mind that they were sticking close. It was much better than allowing them to run and scatter to directly attack the sun. As they latched onto the ship, they influenced its course to the point that it was touching the frosty layers of Skywolf Frost. But in the next instant, Tianming siphoned even more energy from the miniaturized nova source, fueling the divine astralship formation even more. The countless specters that smashed away at the dragon scales saw nine balls of nova source gather near the dragon heads, eradicating even more of their ranks that were nearby.

"Aaaaagh!" Swathes of specters were wiped out again just like that with a single blast. The Ninedragon Imperial Tomb itself looked like nine minor suns. In fact, it looked even more sun-like than the Divine Sun Palace. The sheer force forced the specters on the ship to flee, but most of them couldn't make it and were vaporized as a result. The suns glowed brighter and brighter, finally making the specters feel true fear.

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"Come on! Don't go!" Tianming grabbed the firing controls like a madman. If he could really scare them away and not have to kill so many, that would be the ideal result, but he knew that wasn't something that would come to pass. His black and gold eyes burned even brighter.

The Ninedragon Imperial Tomb looked like a gigantic astral wildbeast, ramming around as it charged up for the next blast, splattering countless specters. Even then, there were far too many enemies. Tianming gave up on resisting his urges and continued the slaughter.

The Ninedragon Imperial Tomb was so powerful that nobody could do anything about it. Unsurprisingly, the specter army had learned their lesson after being turned to paste by the ship twice.


"Don't stick together!"

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"Its nova source reserve is limited! Don't clump together and become a target!"

"Everyone, make way! Leave it to Sovereign Sanctquility!"

"That's right! Leave it to the Sanctquility Ghostrain!"

In a few short moments, their formations spread out in the space between the two stars. Tianming was no longer able to kill that many by ramming alone, and the effectiveness of the Ninedragon Apotheosis would be ten times lower.

"All we have to do is to attack the sun! There's no need for us to fight that ship!"

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"That's right! One single ship won't be able to do much! Our Sanctvoid Guard Formation is already active!"

"Greenvoid Army, Sanctquility Army, focus your attacks on the sun!"

The orders spread throughout the ranks in a chain of howls. The troops immediately changed their focus to the Flameyellow Guard Formation. That was something Tianming was powerless against—it was time for the Flameyellow Guard Formation to be tested.

If he were honest, he believed that they wouldn't stand a chance without the Flameyellow Guard Formation, even though he had the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb. Fortunately, the sun was big enough, so it would take quite some time for the enemies to make their way to the formation.

From the vantage point of the Flameyellow Continent, the sun and Skywolf Frost seemed closely stuck together, but there was actually quite a vast space in between for individuals to cross without divine astralships. Tianming piloted the ship toward the place with the largest concentration of specters to harass them as best as he could. Wherever the ship went, specter blood was spilled.

Just then, a large white mechanical wolf emerged from the frosty currents of the other star. It looked similar to the Greenvoid Abyss, but seemed more agile. Unlike the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb, it was made of divine ores of all sorts, making it Yin Chen's favorite. However, it had its own divine astralship formation, which was more resistant than weapons. It wasn't possible to devour it unless the formation was down. This ship happened to be the same one Yin Chen had seen on the other side of the sun in celestial orderian territory.

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