Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1924: Ninedragon Apotheosis

The nine dragon heads were raised up high, staring coldly at the golden head. Tianming appeared in the mouth of the dragon head representing the Imperialdragon. With his white hair fluttering and his body a vessel for the power of the people, his presence was naturally tremendous.

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He stared at the Divine Sun Palace and loudly said, “A great enemy approaches. Why are you here, Sovereign, instead of leading your troops to battle?”

The Divine Sun Palace’s mouth opened. Two stalwart men stood there, one golden-haired and one red-haired. They stood there, their presences radiating divine majesty!

Both of them looked at the new Ninedragon Imperial Tomb with scorching gazes. Then, they spoke in unison, “Skywolf invades the land of Orderia, yet your Myriad Solar Sects merely turtles up behind the Sky Palace Formation, waiting for death. If so, why not lend this Ninedragon Imperial Tomb to me so that I may resist the enemy and defend the sun?”

Tianming couldn’t resist bursting into laughter when he heard that. Still, his laughter was short-lived. He still felt discomfort when he looked at ‘Li Wudi’. He also couldn’t imagine how Qingyu would feel when she saw her father standing there like a puppet. “Cut the bullshit. Anyone can protect the sun. You’re still using such an ambitious attitude with me even now. We’ll do things separately. If the sun survives, our Myriad Solar Sects will have a decisive battle with you, you tyrant. I’ll also make you pay on behalf of my godfather and sister.” Having finished speaking, he intended to close the dragon’s mouth and return inside. There was no point in speaking more.

However, when he turned around, the sovereign behind spoke up. “Speaking of your sister, my precious daughter must’ve been suffering recently. Please relay my words to her: the rainbow can only be seen after the rain. After she overcomes this, she’ll be a new miracle and my most perfect work.”

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It wouldn’t have mattered much if only the sun emperor said it. However, both spoke at the same time. It was tragic to hear such words from Li Wudi’s mouth and Tianming immediately felt his blood boil! Skywolf was mobilizing their troops, yet the sun emperor was still here wasting time. He shut the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb, and the moment he did so, the temperature suddenly spiked—a fiery aura had locked onto the tomb.

Tianming checked and found that both of the ‘sun emperors’ had returned inside, too.

The Divine Sun Palace approached the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb like a predator, a Divine Wrath charging up in its mouth at the same time!

“This sovereign misses his daughter, so I think I’ll see her myself!” The sovereign’s voice reverberated within the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb.

“Hah, still think the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb is your Divine Sun Palace’s prey like back at Fushen Valley months ago?” They might not have escaped if the Divine Sun Palace hadn’t run out of energy. However, Tianming didn’t flee this time. He didn’t intend to pretend to be cordial when the sun emperor attacked him like this, despite enemies being at the gate.

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It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

“This is good, I also wanted an opportunity to test out the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb’s offensive power!” This was the perfect chance! He had originally intended to direct the tomb’s fury onto Skywolf’s army. “I brought enough miniature nova source today, so it’s fine if I give you a hit!”

All of the experts inside the tomb felt anticipation now that the tomb was going to attack in the capacity of an astralship.

It was a clash of astralships!

Everyone watched as Tianming’s wheel formation transformed into a giant barrel. The divine patterns of the astralship practically connected to his hand.

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“Aim!” Coincidentally, he had the Plundering Eye on his hand. It was perfectly suited for aiming, thus he could accurately target the constantly moving Divine Sun Palace. “I may be a rookie in steering a ship compared to you, but I can still hit you!” That was partially related to Tianming’s Plundering Eye.

“Activate!” The Imperial Ninedragon Tomb shook. A flood of power exploded from the tomb’s nova source, flowing toward the nine dragon heads. The power passed close by everyone. The massive disturbance caused them to lose their footing while shock and excitement battered their hearts.

The might of the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb accumulated. Outside, differently colored energy balls appeared in each of the dragon heads. The energy balls continued to expand and power up until they came into contact and began to merge.

The astralship formation forced the nova source to continuously compress and transform into destructive power. Even as the Divine Sun Palace constantly moved, the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb stayed stationary. A super energy ball formed; it had nine layers, each a different color. They only coexisted in temporary harmony. Once unleashed, the nine layers would collide and immediately destabilize into raw destructive power.

The Divine Sun Palace was also preparing its Divine Wrath! Neither it nor Tianming released their payload. The transmitted power only grew stronger and stronger. The upper limit was a hundred breaths.

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At the thirtieth breath, the Divine Sun Palace had already arrived in front of the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb. It had transformed into a massive sphere of fire. At that moment, a thick pillar of flame shot out of its body toward the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb and, for a moment, the world was dyed red by the Divine Wrath. Such might caused everyone within the tomb to tense up. They all looked at Tianming, only to see him coldly laughing as he accurately aimed at the Divine Sun Palace.

“Ninedragon Apotheosis!” That was the name of the energy ball, and it had a similar concept to Tianming’s Skysword Apotheosis from the Ninedragon Tribulation.

The nine-layered, nine-colored ball flew forward, its radiance filling the sky. Where it passed, the flaming clouds were extinguished and a gap appeared in the Flameyellow Guard Formation.

Even the citizens on the sun’s surface could see the light through the clouds, as if a hole had been torn open in the sky!

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