Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1923: Grand Plan

A massive, blazing golden head was swimming through the flaming clouds, countless dragon-like strands of hair fluttering around its head. They were in perfect harmony with the head without any clash in style. Perhaps the Divine Sun Palace had also come from the dualgod bloodline era.

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Tianming had asked the Saintdragon Emperor for verification, and the conclusion was that the Primodragon Cave being the origin of dragons was an unrealistic legend. In other words, the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect was likely not only descended from the flameyellow divinites, but had once been a main pillar of theirs.

For dualgod bloodlines, the most powerful manifestation was having dragons and totems. In the painting in the wooden building, the most common and powerful dualgod bloodlines Tianming had seen were those that dual cultivated as both dragon beastmaster and totemancer.

Of course, the Primodragon Cave, dualgod bloodline, and dragon beastmasters might still have a link. The Ninedragon Emperor seemed to have some kind of connection with that place.

The outer appearance of the Divine Sun Palace couldn’t be altered. Inside the Divine Sun Palace, a coffin with crimson and golden flames burning on it was tightly shut inside the main hall.

Suddenly, the coffin moved as its lid flew off. When it finally crashed down, it was like there was a tombstone erected in the hall, making it rumble.

Two stalwart men were facing each other inside the giant coffin, their hands placed on each other’s shoulders. The two were lying down in a burning hot, golden-red liquid metal. Countless divine patterns were flowing between their bodies.

Suddenly, the golden-haired stalwart man opened his eyes. His hands let go and he got up, then he jumped out of the coffin. His golden eyes were letting out piercing light. A gentle and graceful woman soon appeared in the hall. She was carrying imperial robes, which she quickly dressed the man with.

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The man was naturally the sun emperor. After he was dressed, a spherical formation core appeared in his hands. He focused his attention on it and the Divine Sun Palace was suddenly madly accelerating, rushing through the sea of flames.

“Are we about to battle?” the empress softly asked. Her voice was meek, more like a serving girl’s rather than a wife’s.

“Not yet. Those wolf cubs want to show their might, first.” The sun emperor looked ahead with a fiery and irritated gaze.

“Then what now?” The Divine Sun Palace was advancing like a hunter on the move, so there was surely some target.

“The Ninedragon Imperial Tomb has entered the Flameyellow Guard Formation.” The sun emperor grit his teeth. While the corner of his lips seemed to curl up into a smile, it was too ferocious to be one.

“How’s that possible? Didn’t you say no one could enter the formation without your permission?” the empress doubtfully asked.

“There’s only one possibility,” the sun emperor said.

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“Which is?”

“The tomb isn’t from another star. It’s a relic from that era, too. In fact… I never could find the core of the Flameyellow Fusion Formation. Although the tomb is an astralship, if even the Flameyellow Coffin can serve as the core for the Flameyellow Guard Formation, why can’t an astralship?” The flames in his eyes burned even brighter now.

“Doesn’t that mean that the child's initiative is even more than yours now? Everyone knows the fusion formation is even more important than the guard formation.” The empress was worried.

“Not necessarily. I’ve had the Flameyellow Coffin since I was young, and analyzed it my entire life. He’s only had the tomb for a few short years. Not even a talent like the Ninedragon Emperor could accomplish more than me when he had it. The brat will find it hard to understand when he doesn’t know the matters of history,” the sun emperor said in a low voice.

Tianming hadn’t announced what he had found out about the Flameyellow Imperial Star from the wooden building. Only a few core people knew.

“But if he does? For example, the Sky Palace Formation. You never said it could expand so much.”

“That formation is an extension of the sun’s fusion formation. He killed the Voidheart Worm and obtained the solar core, so it’s normal for him to expand it. I just didn’t expect he could kill the Voidheart Worm.…” The sun emperor was aware of how tricky the Voidheart Worm was when it was in its lair.

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“I actually thought the Voidheart Worm would help you get rid of him,” the empress complained.

The sun emperor didn’t reply, but the Divine Sun Palace accelerated even more!

“So are you trying to seize the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb now? It doesn’t have any combat functions and only has ordinary defenses. If it runs into the Divine Sun Palace, which has full power now, we have a chance. Once we have it, it’ll be like the entire sun is under your control. It’s also more suitable for you to research the tomb.” The empress’ expression got more excited as she filled up with expectations.

“I heard the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb started to absorb and compress nova source. That’s the foundation of his courage to come out. We’ll find out if it’s really powerless when we give it a try… But you’re right. As the core for the Flameyellow Fusion Formation, it’ll be my property sooner or later. It’s the most important step of my grand plan!” The sun emperor’s voice was growing more hoarse.

“Then, do you want to mold him into your weapon?” the empress asked.

The sun emperor lowered his head, then finally shook it. “It may be the influence of Li Wudi’s vita that made me want to use that kid. The real purpose is to drag it out so he has the chance to.… So that’s the true goal of that ‘dead person’! I’ll kill him if I have the chance, and stop getting influenced.” He turned around and looked at the red-haired man sleeping in the coffin, his gaze complex.

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The empress also turned to look. “Is he really another body of yours?”

“Of course. The power of the Flameyellow coffin is that miraculous. It isn’t the end of life, but the start of life!” The sun emperor deeply inhaled. “If I want to open my eyes, he’ll open his, too. No words are needed.”

The red-haired man inside the coffin opened his eyes and came out of the coffin, draping an arm around the empress’ shoulders and even pinching her face, saying, “Get it now?”

“Yes. The vita, which controls both bodies, is inside the coffin. And the main vita in the coffin is yours, because you devoured his.” The empress lowered her head. Honestly, she wasn’t used to another man so casually touching her body.

However, the sovereign himself didn’t care. Only the empress was still in the habit of thinking the golden-haired man was the ‘real’ one. Hence, she subconsciously stuck closer to him.

While that was going on, they had arrived at their destination and the sea of flaming clouds ahead dispersed.

Deep within the flames, a war machine covered in thick draconic scales appeared in front of the Divine Sun Palace, accompanied by the roaring of nine dragons. The Ninedragon Imperial Tomb had completely changed; it had gone from looking like a massive city to looking like a massive beast made from nine dragons!

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