Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1920: Three Suns

Tianming felt all of his internal organs churning and twisting and his soul felt like it was leaving his body from all the pain. His cries resembled a pig being butchered. There wasn’t anyone there, so he didn’t need to act strong. If he cursed louder, he could vent a bit of the cowardice in his heart.

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Actually, he knew that, in the coming war, he didn’t have a path of retreat. Hence, perseverance was the only way forward.

“My, my, my! What a disgrace to the civilized!” As for Ying Huo, it was sniggering and jumping around on Tianming’s head.

“Get lost! Don’t make me throw you outside!” Tianming grit his teeth.

“Throw me, throw me! I was born to eat nova source. I may just suck the sun dry if I go in,” Ying Huo cheerfully bragged.

However, their presence helped distract Tianming. Despite all the pain, he could feel his arm growing noticeably stronger. Every moment of tempering accelerated its transformation, making it more physically powerful!

The strength of his left arm had long since left his right arm in the dust.

“A while longer and it’ll be even more perfect. I might even be able to start on the Skypierce Finger. The problem is that Skywolf must almost be here!” He could already feel their shadow looming.

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Sealed inside the Flameyellow Guard Formation, the myriad sects couldn’t see the situation beyond the sky. However, Yin Chen had heard from many celestial orderians that Skywolf would reach the sun’s vicinity within a month. That meant that, outside the Flameyellow Guard Formation, you could already make out two super nova source worlds shining with white light in the middle of the darkness that was space. They were like two starving wolves from the abyss, or two white eyes of different sizes leering at the sun.

The celestial orderians had prepared for war, and had indeed let up on the myriad sects for the time being. Tianming could now watch the two go at it from the side. However, he couldn’t be irresponsible when the fate of the sun hung in the balance. His Myriad Solar Sects were also always battle-ready!

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The Ninedragon Imperial Tomb had completed charging and become his greatest weapon.

“Half a month before the jaws of Skywolf clamp down on the sun! That’ll be the day war erupts.” The time he had left was getting less and less. That was why he had immediately started on the Fiendsky Arm and cultivating the ninth sword after he had finished merging with the solar core. There was no time to lose! He had also made preparations to activate the lower layer of the astralguard formation at any time.


On the Flameyellow Continent of the Welkin Plane, a blood-colored ring had appeared in the skies above. It was completely silent, seeming like an eye in the sky.

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The people of the Tianming Dynasty had a greater understanding of the cosmos, so they didn’t dare to be rash. In these troubled times, even gods hid away. That blood-colored ring was the astralship from Skyway Tristar that had come to the Flameyellow continent. Suddenly, a streak of black and gold light fell down from the astralship. It was a giant sword!

The giant sword landed near Tianmingpolis, resulting in earthquakes throughout the continent as smoke spread from the landing site. The nearby mountains collapsed and rivers churned.

“Don’t approach!” Li Caiwei hurriedly ordered. The terrifying power emanating from there made her feel even more respect for the astralscape. She looked up and saw that the blood-colored ring hadn’t left yet.

Inside the blood-colored ring, Qiang of the Crimsonjade line of the faceless specters was surveying the world below with his companions.

“This is my first time at the Welkin Plane. The idea of flat continents made of dust from the astralscape made me think it would be some desolate place. Primitive people with strange forms would live barbaric lives, not even knowing the basics of cultivation. I never expected that, with just a little light, they would actually have gods here,” someone remarked.

“Not just gods, but they even have a complex civilization. Apart from being weaker and lacking vision, their matters of love and hatred aren’t much different from ours,” Qiang mildly said.

“Sure, but no one would stay here.” The logic was simple—there was nothing there. If they stayed there, let alone improving, their power would even regress. It wasn’t difficult to become the emperor there, but any random schmuck that came from the astralscape would be able to kill them. Hence, although the dust worlds were interesting, they would always keep them at arm’s length.

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“People walk to greater heights, while water flows downward. That’s an eternal truth,” Qiang seriously said. He looked toward the east. Although he had no eyes, it was clear that he was gazing with seriousness. “As expected of a dust continent comma girl’s clan is paying attention to. Interesting, there’s a chaos skyjail here. This is the second chaos skyjail our Mysterium Cluster has found.”

“Sovereign Qiang, should we examine it?” a subordinate asked.

Qiang shook his head. “We can’t. If they’re paying attention here, that means this is their territory. It’s enough to mark down this spot on a star map. When you go to the wondersky realm later, tell the seniors that we’ve delivered the grade-nine Grand-Orient Sword and mention the chaos skyjail as well.”

“Then what about the Voidsky Organisation’s hunt?”

“Don’t mention it for now. We’ll see if there’s any profit to pick up.”

“Sure!” having reached a tacit understanding, everyone laughed.

“Honestly, I’m quite curious about comma girl and the power behind her’s status in the realm of chaos. The seniors are taking them so seriously.”

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They started discussing the possibilities.

“Indeed. Sovereign Qiang said that that grade-nine Grand-Orient Sword was internally determined to be a gift for comma girl. It was already sent out in advance to the drop-off point she specified. However, after the Astralium Seeking, she changed the location, but our seniors didn’t get angry.”

“Right, the people from Skyway Monostar were actually already halfway there before they had to turn around. Coincidentally, they met us and we were heading in this direction, so we took over for them. Why’d she change the location?”

“That’s enough. Just watch the show.” Qiang cut off their discussions.

They had all been looking down. However, now they looked up in the sky. Hanging in the sky was a fiercely blazing golden sun, next to which were two white stars. Flameyellow now had three suns, one golden and two white. One of the white suns was three times the size of the golden sun and was incomparably bright and eye-catching.

People had already discovered the two white suns half a month ago. Flameyellow’s temperature was climbing. Taiji Peak’s snow that had never melted before was completely gone by now. Everyone knew that a war of higher beings was going on up there.

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