Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1918: Sky Plundering Hand, Fiendsky Arm

Tianming now had nine Archaionfiend Eyes in his Plundering Eye. The last remaining eye was held between his fingers. A baleful light shone in his eyes, a result of being infected by the Archaionfiends’ murderous wills.

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However, his mind still remained clear.

With such a violent and murderous will, I’m never going to believe Archaionfiends are simple and honest with no conflict with the world, only the purpose of helping heaven and earth erase caeli, Tianming spat in his heart. He pinched the eye. It was like an overinflated ball as it burst into blood, which quickly surged into his Plundering Eye.

When the Archaionfiend Eye was cleanly absorbed, the number of Archaionfiend Eyes in his hand reached ten.

“It seems my Plundering Eye didn’t undergo any changes, outside of looking more baleful.” He was feeling slightly annoyed. He had been expecting some new abilities.

When the Plundering Eye had first formed, there were nine gray points. One had become white, granting Fatesteal, while another had become red, granting Vitasteal.

But now there were still seven gray points! That implied that there were still seven more special abilities for the sky plunderers.

Normally, the Plundering Eye had an inner and outer circle. The inner circle was the image of a black and white yin-yang fish in the form of a taiji diagram. The outer circle was formed by the nine points revolving around the inner circle. However, after absorbing Archaionfiend Eyes, the entire Plundering Eye had temporarily turned blood-red except for those nine points. Of course, Vitasteal was already red, so it blended in with the redness of the Archaionfiend Eyes.

Tianming’s black arm was currently paralyzed and the evil thoughts in his mind were growing stronger. As expected, as he stared at the Plundering Eye, the thick red began receding, revealing the taiji diagram beneath.

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All of the redness fled to the outer circle, gathering at one of the unactivated gray points. With all of the color gathered in such a small area, it became much more dense until it appeared black, signaling that another gray point had been unlocked. It was actually rather similar to the unlocking of the seals on Feiling’s fingernails. Nine gray points, three of which had become black, white, and red! What did this new black point offer? Tianming couldn’t help feeling anticipation.

Although he was a sky plunderer, his understanding of the race was very superficial. After witnessing the history in the Sky Plundering Palace, he felt even more belonging and yearning. Hence, he desired the identity of a sky plunderer so that he could get something from his bloodline.

Finally, the black point finalized, located beside the white Fatesteal and he could feel his left black arm undergoing incredible changes from the moment of activation to when it was finally settled.

Tianming clenched his black arm’s fist and suddenly had a notion. This arm of his was the critical foundation of the sky plunderers! As such, its might would definitely be unfathomable when it was truly revealed. “When I first used Fatesteal, I remember that the whiteness in the white point also spread out through the whole eye and turned it pure white.” Vitasteal also worked like that.

Hence, he needed to get the black point to release all of its blackness through the main eye to know its true power.

Tianming was a man of action. “Let’s do this!” The black point slightly shook and its blackness began diffusing through the main eye.

A quick look at will leave you more fulfilled.

The entire Plundering Eye turned pitch-black. Tianming was stunned to find that the infection of ‘ink’ seemed to have revealed the true form of the Plundering Eye. The taiji figure before was most likely just a form of camouflage for it, and its true appearance was ten eyes all crowding inside that one eye. Although compound eyes would have much more, the eye’s current appearance was still enough to be frightening. Due to the infection of blackness, the ten eyes had also turned black, looking sinister as they stared at Tianming.

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The eyes were also a source of vision for Tianming, so he was currently looking at himself as well. He saw the ten black eyes in his palm, as well as the gold and black pupils on his face. The more he looked at the ten eyes, the more uncomfortable he became. It seemed they had boundless power that wanted to suck him in. So what exactly did it do? Not knowing made him confused. Fatesteal and Vitasteal had instantaneous effects, but this new skill didn’t seem to have any changes.

His caelum seemed to be drawn into this eye’s world. It sounded impossible, but it was a fact that it happened. His caelum’s point of view was dreamlike. It entered the world of darkness within the eye and proceeded on. Black mist churned inside the dead-silent world.

Tianming landed. Ahead of him, a massive figure rose out of the ground, its ascent causing heaven and earth to shake. Tianming examined it before realizing it was a black arm. It reached into the skies to grab the stars and separate the sun and moon!

It was like the massive black hand in his dreams; however, its divine majesty was still inferior. He still felt awe, but he didn’t feel stifled.

Suddenly, the palm of the arm that had burst out of the ground turned to face him. A Plundering Eye was located in the center of the palm. It also had a taiji circle inside, but the nine points in the outer circle weren’t gray. Instead, they were red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, black, and white. That was likely the complete form of the Plundering Eye.

At that moment, the black color activated and blackness spread to the inner circle, dying the entire eye black. It was exactly the same as Tianming now.

“My clan’s junior, the forebear lights the way. A rare opportunity, remember this well!” The scene and voice were likely planted into the sky plunderer’s bloodline. Any descendant that entered this realm would experience ‘the forebear lights the way’.

“Yes!” Tianming nodded respectfully.

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“When the black eye opens, the Fiendsky Arm appears. This is the foundation of our race, and proclaimed as the hardest arm in the universe! Only the indestructible and invincible arm can pluck out the stars, blot out the sun, and seize the heart of beauties! Only the strongest of arms, the most nimble of fingers, and the most insightful of Plundering Eyes can steal fortune from heaven and earth, seize sunlight, moonlight, and the rules of the heavenly dao, never tiring forever!”

“Seize the heart of beauties…” Tianming coughed. “Exactly what I wanted.” The hardest arm in the universe! The proclamation was quite exciting. If it was hard enough, it could break anything and resist anything. Holding a beauty with it was another matter, too.…

However, this ‘the forebear lights the way’ was so inappropriate, Tianming quickly realized that the sky plunderers might be quite an interesting group of people.

“Junior, remember: only one thing is harder than the Fiendsky Arm of our sky plunderers’ men!” The voice was solemn.

“There’s something even harder?” Tianming displayed shock.

“And that’s the Fiendsky Arm of our sky plunderers’ women! Once she has a hold on you, your Fiendsky Arm won’t be able to save you!”

Tianming was speechless. He really wanted to tell this senior that when he was giving a lecture, he shouldn’t talk dirty. However, the term ‘Fiendsky Arm’ gave him a feeling of deja vu, as if he had heard of it before.

“What is the Fiendsky Arm?” The giant arm paused before sternly continuing, “The Sky Plundering Hand and the Fiendsky Arm! Once they’re activated, you can use a nova source inner core to temper them. As long as you can handle it, the arm, from the scales to the flesh, can be infinitely strengthened, until they’re harder than any weapon in the world. It’ll also possess mighty physical power!

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“No other body of flesh and blood in the universe can withstand the tempering of a nova source inner core except for our Fiendsky Arm! Remember, to inherit an arm representing everything of the sky plunderers, you need to endure! This arm is our everything, and it can never be broken!”

In other words, the Fiendsky Arm was like having an innate body refining technique. Tianming had trained in sword bodies before, which could only attack but not defend. However, the Fiendsky Arm was an all-rounder. It was hard, which made both attack and defense possible, but there were also other changes, as that senior had said the arm inherited everything of the sky plunderers.

The method was also very simple! After opening the black dot, the Fiendsky Arm could endlessly strengthen itself through the tempering of a nova source inner core as long as it could be endured.

The voice reverberated again, but this time the black hand flew out from ground as well, imposingly soaring into the clouds. “When your Fiendsky Arm reaches a certain level, only then will you have the qualifications to learn the three great secret arts of our sky plunderers. One finger, one palm, and one fist! Three moves to bring peace and stability to the world and become peerless!”

Tianming watched as the hand folded four fingers back, leaving only the middle finger. The finger shone with black light, looking incomparably sturdy as if it were a black pillar holding up the sky.

“Watch this—Skypierce Finger!”

When it was unleashed, Tianming was pulled into the sky, following the hand into the world of stars above.

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