Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1910: The Truth Revealed

"The dualgod bloodline..." Tianming looked at himself, "if I'm not mistaken, it traces back to people that have both totems and lifebound beasts. They used to be the core of the flameyellow divinities, who are supposedly already extinct. That's why Qingyu and my existence is a shock to the world." He wondered how powerful the totemancer-beastmaster hybrids of antiquity were. "The only question that remains is whether the Flameyellow Firmament still exists." Any strife, internal or not, always had a victor. Perhaps they still laid claim over the place, but had changed the name to something else.

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That aside, there was one truth that he figured the celestial orderians and Myriad Solar Sects wouldn't accept. "To think that the ancestors of the celestial orderians and Myriad Solar Sects are the same! Both sides descended from the very same flameyellow divinities!"

It was hard to imagine the two sides that had millions of years of conflict behind them being distantly related like that, even if that relation had diverged eons ago. Even if the truth was revealed now, there was little chance that either side would develop any goodwill for the other. History would only be relevant after the considerations of the present day were addressed. The regression from the imperial star to the sun already marked a new page in the history of the two peoples.

"The records of the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect state that their ancestors were normal humans that gained dragon lifebound beasts after they discovered the Primodragon Cave, but that's probably just a founding myth rather than actual history. After all, nobody in the new age experienced the downfall of the imperial star. The truth has long been buried in the sands of time. Perhaps the sky plunderers intentionally wiped out that history to protect the remnant survivors and prevent information of the past from leaking."

Tianming decided he would ask the Saintdragon Emperor about the historical authenticity of their origins later. Based on the Sky Plundering Tome's information, that seemed no more than a legend. If it was indeed historical fact, the origins of the beastmasters of the Myriad Solar Sects apart from the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect still remained unaddressed. After all, the Empyrean Sword Sect and other sects didn't have the Primodragon Cave to grant them their lifebound beasts.

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All that remained in his mind was one last question: did the Flameyellow Continent have something to do with the Flameyellow Imperial Star, seeing as it shared the same name? There was also the chaos skyjail within it, which the Sky Plundering Tome had no records about. The name of the Flameyellow Continent sounded ancient, but so far he didn't see any way to find out more about it.

"After gathering all this information, the true goal of the sun emperor in attacking the defensive formations of the Myriad Solar Sects is becoming clearer." The Sky Plundering Tome stated that the core of the Flameyellow Guard Formation was the Flameyellow Coffin, which seemed to have another function apart from just being a divine artifact. It was likely even more terrifying than the solar core, and able to control the defensive formation of the Flameyellow Imperial Star.

"So even if the sun emperor couldn't enter the Sky Palace Formation to bring down the voidheart worm and take full control of the solar core, he could still fight back against Skywolf using the Flameyellow Guard Formation. Not to mention, since he has the Flameyellow Coffin, he's probably aware of the true history of the sun, as well as the fact that both sides are descended from the flameyellow divinities."

The truth had finally been revealed. It was no wonder the sun emperor was so confident. With the Flameyellow Guard Formation, the cultivators of the sun could even face off against Skywolf, which was probably four times mightier than the sun. The ancient imperial-class astralguard formation probably significantly evened the odds. There would be no need for the solar core at all. Not to mention, the losses suffered in regaining control of the Flameyellow Guard Formation mostly lay on the side of the Myriad Solar Sects, after all. Their former territories were hotspots for nova source, which powered the Flameyellow Guard Formation.

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"It looks like everything was predetermined long ago. There was no stopping it."

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The sky plunderers of old had asked for the peace of the sun to not be disturbed, yet the very one to wake up the ancient formation was none other than a descendant of the flameyellow divinities. By now, what Tianming did was no longer considered disturbance or interference.

"Perhaps this is a good thing. At the very least, the sun can't fall to Skywolf." With a greater enemy before them, there was nothing he could do against the sun emperor for now.

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Yin Chen told him that the Flameyellow Guard Formation had finished setting itself up. Tianming didn't need to see it for himself, as he had already seen what it looked like in the ink painting. 

He flipped through the Sky Plundering Tome one more time. "The Ninedragon Cruiser?" Based on the huge divine astralship with nine dragon heads that he had seen in his vision, he could be sure that it wasn't something of alien make. Instead, it was a divine astralship of the flameyellow divinities! The Ninedragon Imperial Tomb, as it was now, wasn’t its complete form, while the one Tianming saw in the vision could be. Not to mention, the tome stated that it was the core of the Flameyellow Fusion Formation. If a divine artifact could serve as a formation core, Tianming wouldn’t be surprised if a divine astralship could do the same.

The Flameyellow Fusion Formation might be an imperial-class formation, too, and fusion formations were generally more important than astralguard formations. Tianming had unwittingly obtained a trump card of his own that was even superior to the Divine Sun Palace and Flameyellow Coffin.

"Perhaps the Divine Sun Palace is also a relic left behind by the sky plunderers...." The problem now was that Tianming hadn't unlocked the part of the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb that served as the core of the fusion formation. "Does it have something to do with the ninth strike?"

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The Ninedragon Tribulation itself could be something that had been passed down since antiquity. "I wonder how many other amazing things were left behind by the flameyellow divinities in this fallen world!"

There was still much of this vast world to be excavated and explored. Tianming knew that time was short, so he had to master the ninth sword strike as soon as possible. By then, he would have an answer to whether or not the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb was actually the core of the Flameyellow Fusion Formation. If that really was the case, it would be a chance to take back some of what he and the Myriad Solar Sects had lost. At the very least, he wouldn't let the sun emperor reign unchallenged on the sun.

"An imperial-class divine relic like the Flameyellow Coffin must have many secrets. Maybe some of them have to do with the matter of the 'test subjects'. Perhaps the sun emperor used them to recreate the dualgod bloodline that was lost? Maybe the Li Saint Clan inside the chaos skyjail are related to celestial orderians in some way...."

Li Wudi had told him that the celestial orderian founding ancestor was also named Li Shenxiao, but Tianming hadn’t been able to verify if that was the truth. However, the celestial orderian myths did state that their first founder was a nonabane. Perhaps that was a legend as well. After all, there was no way the celestial orderian founding ancestor just manifested out of nothing. He had to have been birthed by someone. Maybe this ‘founding ancestor’ was just one of the first people to be born in the later solar age.

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