Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1907: offin and Burial

"Is all of this really true?!" Tianming couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He noticed that the lifebound beasts these people rode were similar to those of the Myriad Solar Sects. There were dragons, black tortoises, phoenixes, qilins, and many other mythical creatures. Additionally, the totems were mostly flaming types! He felt a familiar sensation coming from them. Flying through so many of them at such high speed had made him quite dazzled.

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The next thing he saw stupefied him even more. A huge object came floating up from the reddish gold barrier. It was a gigantic coffin with similar colors! It was so large that it seemed to be a divine astralship. It was connected to the defensive formation, as if it was its core, and it looked exactly like the Flameyellow Coffin that had smashed Tianming to near death.

He gave it a few more looks to confirm his suspicions. It was practically identical, down to each and every carving and fine pattern. Only its size differed. Tianming was almost certain that this was what the sun emperor had used to crush him.

"Does it mean that his coffin came from the super sun? Or...." He didn't quite know how to put it into words. While this super sun was far larger than Orderia, it felt far too familiar, just like the sun he had seen from Flameyellow.

While he pondered that, he flew past the coffin, only to be taken aback even more. He was plummeting toward a gigantic object with nine dragon heads. All of them seemed to look toward him like they were alive.

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"The Ninedragon Imperial Tomb?!" he cried out in shock. This was unmistakably it! While its appearance seemed slightly different and it was much larger and more complete, with many unseen parts, his sense of familiarity with it was too strong. He was certain this was his divine astralship.

For the super sun, coffin, test subjects, and Ninedragon Imperial Tomb to all appear in the same place... he suddenly recalled the Ninedragon Tribulation technique. It had come from the Ninedragon Emperor, yet it was made to be used with totems as well. Why would the Ninedragon Emperor know a move that utilized totems if he was a beastmaster? Or did the move actually come from the world Tianming now saw before him? Did it come from the people that had both lifebound beasts and totems? This super astral world was so vast that it was hundreds of times more shocking to behold than heliacal-class worlds like Orderia and Violetglory.

Tianming continued falling toward the super sun. Flames entirely surrounded him and seemed without end. After a full hour, he only found himself past the layer of flaming clouds. If he hadn’t seen the surface below him, he would have thought that he’d fallen all the way into the flaming core.

The world beneath him seemed vast and endless. There were many different biomes that he could make out, but all of them shared a constant: fiery rain that fell like meteors. Cities looked like countless bundles of dots from above and were densely packed together, showing how prosperous the world was. All the while, he felt really weird taking all of it in.

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Then he looked up. "What’s that?!" He was completely flabbergasted and didn't know what to make of what he saw. There were eight reddish gold pillars that stretched toward the sky from the surface of the super sun, all of them incredibly thick and covered in flames. They reached all the way into the flaming clouds. They seemed rather similar to the sky pillars he had seen back in Orderia. While those were smaller, he felt like they were the same thing.

"What does this mean? Does the sun emperor's plan involve this super sun somehow?"

He couldn't control where he went. Eventually, he slammed into the ground, phasing through it and the fusion formation below before ultimately finding himself at the core of the super sun. With a loud rumble, his caelum was suddenly swallowed by the flames and returned to his body.

"Huff... huff...." His eyes snapped open as he panted. The flames from before were completely gone, along with the burning sensation. He had found himself back inside the serene, wooden building. The ink painting before him lost its color and gradually returned to how it appeared before.

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He stood there and blankly looked at the painting for a long while. He still had to ponder about what he saw, but for now he had no answers.

"What’d you see that dumbed you down so much? Don't tell me you saw some kind of beauty? Are you dreaming about the kids you’ll have with her now?" Ying Huo said in a dirty tone.

"Shut up." Tianming took a deep breath and recounted what he saw. "What do you guys think?"

"Huh?" Ying Huo seemed to snap out of something. "What’d you say? I was thinking and didn't hear you."

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The cat was asleep as usual. As for Lan Huang, its two heads were having a staring competition with each other. Xian Xian, on the other hand, complained about its hunger and asked when feeding time was. Tianming swore that he would never ask them about stuff like this ever again. Even though he knew the super sun, coffin, and Ninedragon Imperial Tomb were all related somehow, he was even more surprised that the world was filled with 'test subjects'. However, he didn't know what any of it had to do with Orderia, if anything at all.

"Only Flameyellow calls Orderia the sun. Orderians usually prefer to call it Orderia and only use 'sun' as a nickname. Is there a reason behind that?" He believed that the wooden building must have had a good reason to show him all of that.

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