Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1904: May the Glory of His Deeds Live o

Skywolf’s second divine astralship had caused much damage to the celestial orderian homeland. The sun emperor quickly returned to curb their invasion. After charging up his Divine Sun Palace, he quickly returned to the territory of the Myriad Solar Sects. At the same time, the two hundred million troops that were already nearby were given the order to march toward the Frostsoul Imperium. Their morale was high from their recent victory and they felt unstoppable.

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The sun emperor hadn’t just crushed the largest resistance effort at Myriaddragon Mountains, but had also managed to kill a sovereign of Skywolf, bringing some unprecedented excitement to his troops. Even with the casualties they had suffered at the hands of the second Skywolf divine astralship, they were still on cloud nine.

In contrast, the Myriad Solar Sects seemed much more subdued than before. They were sandwiched between two powerful factions, the celestial orderians and Skywolf. The beastmasters that had remained within their territories had fallen numb in confusion.

Had Tianming been able to rebuff the celestial orderians during the grand battle, he would have been able to form Omnisentient Threads with everyone in the territories, including all of the non-ascendants, but that chance had been lost. He currently only had threads with ten billion gods. Had he also gotten the faith of the non-gods, he would be a few times more powerful. But either way, one thing was for sure: the sun emperor and the celestial orderians had the power to dominate the entire sun. Even if Tianming didn't tell factions like the Empyrean Sword Sect to give up, they only had around tens of millions of troops remaining, which could barely face off against the three hundred million totemancers.

What happened next was within expectation. The celestial orderians easily took over the territories of the Frostsoul Imperium, Divinemight Dynasty, and Empyrean Sword Sect. Even the dreamless celestial nation and Wordless Shrine easily fell, let alone the wargodeans and Blueblood Starocean. When the very last formation, the Empyrean Sword Sect's, was taken over by the celestial orderians, that marked the final end of the Myriad Solar Sects. Not a single one remained untouched, and all of the resourceful territories were in the hands of the celestial orderians. If it weren’t for the stragglers that remained, the sun emperor could have proudly declared the unification of the sun under his rule, but he didn't let that stop him. "Let it now be known that from today onward, the Myriad Solar Sects are no more. They’ve been wiped off the face of Orderia."

The declaration shook Orderia like a storm. It was a historic moment that the celestial orderians celebrated. Even though survivors from the Myriad Solar Sects remained, there was no way for them to fight back, especially when they didn't even have homes to return to.

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"The sun emperor has fulfilled our ancestral dream and united the sun! He’s unmatched, even among his predecessors! May the glory of his deeds live on forever!" The celestial orderians merrily celebrated their victory day after day, pouring into the streets to enjoy the festivities. It was a worldwide revolution a long time in coming, and the celebration would last a few months at the very least.

If the sun emperor had the Primordial God-Emperor's legacy, his people would elevate him straight to godhood! Yet not even the celestial orderians knew the surprise that awaited them. The sun emperor had an agenda for conquering the Myriad Solar Sects.


At the northernmost part of the Myriaddragon Mountains was a chaotic and charred battlefield, littered with corpses. An ice-cold mechanical wolf lay upon it, not moving in the slightest as light glinted off its surface.

Suddenly, the flaming clouds above rolled apart, giving way to a gigantic golden head as it descended from the sky. The head's long, dragon-shaped hairs wrapped around the Greenvoid Abyss and tightly secured it. Then the ship was dragged all the way from the southern pole of the sun to the northern pole by the Divine Sun Palace. The two moving divine astralships caused quite a lot of commotion. Along the way, they displaced a lot of mortal beastmasters.

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During the process, a middle-aged man with red hair returned to the Divine Sun Palace. The golden-haired sun emperor within turned and looked at him. There was an inexplicable feeling when their gazes crossed. The red-haired man didn't say anything, but merely walked past him and stepped into the Flameyellow Coffin before closing his eyes.

"One soul, two bodies?" said a beautiful soul tribulator woman. She was the sun empress.

"That's right." The sun emperor nodded.

"Then which body houses your divine soul?" Realizing the weight of her question, she paled and lowered her head. "I merely ask out of curiosity, nothing else."

"It isn't in either body. Instead, the coffin houses our soul," the sun emperor said with a casual shrug.

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"I see...."

"It's about time. Let’s welcome this miracle that belongs to the Flameyellow Imperial Star. This ancient formation has been sealed up for at least millions of years." The sun emperor walked toward the exit, which was the mouth of the gigantic head, and looked at the endless world of flames.

The empress nervously tugged at the corners of her dress. She hesitated for a moment before following in the steps of the sun emperor, taking glances at the person in the coffin from time to time with eyes filled with temptation and awe.

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"It begins!" Quite a number of reddish gold pillars could be seen in the north. "The Flameyellow Divine Pillars are all in place!"

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Looking southward, sky-piercing pillars could be seen sprouting from Fushen Valley, the Myriaddragon Mountains, and Empyrean Sword Peak. Their color blended with the flaming clouds above and made them look like they belonged there.

"Our territory's hundred pillars and the Myriad Solar Sects' hundred pillars add up to two hundred." After the sun emperor said that, the divine patterns on the Flameyellow Coffin shifted as a formless force spread out from it toward the pillars and the entire sun as a whole. All of them began spewing endless flames while divine celestial patterns flooded toward the clouds above.

"Look, up in the sky!" Everyone in the sun was distracted by what was happening. They saw a gigantic reddish gold barrier replacing the clouds they were used to seeing above.

"That's an astralguard formation! We have a chance against Skywolf!"

Both celestial orderians and beastmasters felt relief at the sight. But soon, many began realizing that it wasn't the astralguard formation that had been recorded in history.

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