Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1902: Imperialdragon Pala e, Nova Sour

The solarians were the most elite force of the Myriad Solar Sects. As the Sky Palace Formation was quite limited in size, Tianming could let only them in. As for the rest, they were spread out and homeless, though the celestial orderians didn’t have the manpower to hunt them all down in the first place. They would also have to turn their attention to dealing with Skywolf's invasion, giving the Myriad Solar Sects much-needed time to recuperate.

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"If the sun emperor insists on continuing the bloodshed and involving all the gods in the sun, he would need tens of billions, or even more troops to head south, covering every inch of land. It would be a complete genocide." However, it seemed like the celestial orderians didn't intend to take such action for now.

No cultivator could live in the wilderness without a proper base like the Myriaddragon Mountains in the long term, as gathering cultivation resources was a must. While it wouldn't be a big deal in the short term, stagnating for decades would result in the inevitable regression of their abilities. The Myriad Solar Sects could well fail without the celestial orderians even having to fight them.

As such, while Tianming and the Myriad Solar Sects spread out and fled, their end goal was to retake their bases, like the Myriaddragon Mountains and Fushen Valley, and restore the defensive formations. Being on the run for the long term would result in the celestial orderians wiping them out all the same.

The invasion of Skywolf had come at just the right time to help out the Myriad Solar Sects. Tianming decided to secure the solarian power base using the Sky Palace Formation as their main base. Around ten million of them were gathered outside the formation, waiting for Tianming's good news, and he didn't disappoint! He left the formation safe and sound as the crowds cheered for him.

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"Tianming?!" Long Wanying was the first one to come up to him. Seeing how relaxed he was, she guessed what had happened, but that didn't stop her heart from anxiously beating or her eyes from tearing up.

When everyone turned and looked at Tianming, he dropped the pretense. "It was tough, but I dealt with it. We have a new base!"

Everyone cheered for the first time in a long while. The loss of the previous battle had caused many to lose hope, but that was just the kind of good news they needed to spark it once more. Many were crying tears of joy.

"Come in, everyone." Tianming recalled the wooden building that was within. He had come out before interacting with the building in order to lead them to safety first. It would be horrible once the sun emperor discovered such a large gathering of solarian elites there. They would easily be wiped out by the Divine Sun Palace, especially if they were gathered in one place.

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Most of those present were seniors who entered the Sky Palace in orderly fashion after Tianming opened the formation to them. There were less than ten million solarians in total, and soon all of them were brought into the small formation. They could only barely fit into the Sky Palace Formation, so their lifebound beasts would have to remain within their lifebound spaces.

"We’ll have to stay cooped up here for the time being and wait for the chance to take our homes back. It is quite packed, but it's no big deal." Long Wanying basically called the shots within as the Saintdragon Emperor, Northdipper Swordsage, and others were outside. The remnant troops of the alliance still needed them, after all.

Tianming saw the devotion in their eyes. They were willing to hide and endure until their chance came. All of them were reasonable people who settled down without quarreling. They didn't bother him after entering and immediately tended to their injuries or started cultivating.

With their new base dealt with, Tianming piloted the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb to the bottom of the Sky Palace Formation, connecting it with the fusion formation. Then, he tried activating the bamboo tube formation to charge the ship and unlock its functions. The volatile energies within the fusion formation found a path and rapidly charged into the divine astralship, causing it to glow bright red.

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To save some space, he moved the saplings out of the ship and temporarily planted them in several spots inside the Sky Palace Formation. The saplings were sentient and would eventually germinate and grow.

"Absorb more power for now. If we still have a chance in this world, you can properly germinate later," Tianing said to the saplings, who seemingly understood him. Tianming recalled the dead Azurecloud Divine Tree when he saw them. "These children are its legacy."

Finding a proper place for them to be planted was a sacred mission in his eyes. The saplings had been a great help to him during his recent voyages, but now Tianming was mostly certain that he could swap them out for an even more efficient power source: a miniature nova source. The divine astralship's formation activated itself, entirely covering it with dragon scales. It looked armored and ready for combat. A terrifying amount of nova source continued gathering within the ship.

Tianming noticed that the power gathered at the center of the ship where the Imperialdragon Palace was located. Not to mention, the space there seemed to be larger than the two 'eye sockets' of the Divine Sun Palace. "If it charges up to full, the miniature nova source of the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb could even be larger than the Divine Sun Palace's!" That was no doubt good news; he couldn't wait to see it at its full power.

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"Now that the rest are inside and the ship is charging, I should check out the wooden building." He felt much more relaxed with the more critical tasks accomplished. Things seemed to be falling back into place after he had entered the Sky Palace Formation. Weisheng Moran didn't follow him in, however. Instead, Tianming gave her the task to stabilize the situation at Somnium. Regardless of whether or not their city would fall, the people should at least be protected.

"The Divine Sun Palace returned to the territory of the Myriad Solar Sects with troops. Their next target is the Frostsoul Imperium, so the Frost Empress should start evacuating now," Tianming told Long Wanying.

"They’re already prepared," she answered.

Soon, the sun emperor would control all of the Myriad Solar Sects' territories and his true goal would be revealed. There was nothing the alliance could do to stop him. All Tianming could do was see if the wooden building would offer him anything that could turn the tides.

Before that, he went to check on Qingyu, who was accompanied by Lingfeng. Her situation had deteriorated even more. She huddled in a corner with Lingfeng, not speaking at all. Like terrified children, they merely moped. With there being basically nothing inside the Sky Palace Formation, Qingyu didn't even have anywhere to hide. No doubt that made her feel even worse.

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