Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1900: Solar ore

"Little buggies, let Big Sis squeeze inside too!" Xian Xian urgently cried.

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"Call me... handsome one," Yin Chen said.

"Handsome buggy!"

Yin Chen felt like it had soared to the moon from the praise and immediately transformed, making way for the black roots to enter the spinnerets. They spread through the voidheart worm, searching for flesh to consume.

"Does it even have flesh?" Lan Huang asked while fighting.

"It does! I got a taste!" Xian Xian excitedly said.

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"No, that's my flesh! Mine!" Ying Huo cried.

"Oh, sorry, Chicken Bro! Teehee!" Its roots continued spreading as quickly as the spider silk while Lan Huang kept the voidheart worm pressured from the outside. Tianming and the rest had finally made some space for themselves.

"This is our chance!"

Xian Xian eventually found some flesh that truly belonged to the voidheart worm. It wasn't completely made of spider silk, after all; at least a third of its body was proper flesh. "You tried to eat me, huh?! Let's see who's the one getting eaten now!"

The Radix World Tree unleashed its full terror on the worm through its black roots. They pierced into its flesh and drained away so much life force that the worm howled outright. It seemed like a debilitating blow for the voidheart worm.

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"My turn!" Lan Huang wouldn't give it a chance to extract Xian Xian from its body. It kept the worm occupied, giving Tianming and the others within time to act.

"Kill it!" It was time for their counterattack, all thanks to Yin Chen. Tianming's totems cut up the spider webs around them as they returned, then he swapped to wielding the Grand-Orient Sword and unleashed the divine hazard sword ki strands from his body once more. The millions of providence swords now formed a sword formation around him.

He used the Eightdragon Tribulation with the power of his people, fusing the other seven moves with Skydragon, Skysword Apotheosis as the core strike. Eight dragons appeared and fused into one gigantic one that shot toward the clouds, leaving a bloody hole in the neck of the voidheart worm. The providence swords then shot out of the hole along with Tianming.

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

Shrieking even louder, the voidheart worm's face contorted even more. Ying Huo and Meow Meow were still inside its body, destroying everything they could see. The wound that Tianming had created near its neck was about Lan Huang's size. Tons of spider silk threads spilled out of it. Like cotton, they were completely useless after leaking outside as they weren't controlled by the spinnerets, which were the core of the voidheart worm's combat capabilities. Having them sealed shut by Yin Chen was crippling its performance, and the new hole in its body made it feel even worse. The worst thing was the tree on its abdomen that was rapidly sucking away the fleshy parts within its body, which it had consumed child spawns to generate. Xian Xian was absorbing all of them into its tree form, robbing it of its life force.

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"Die! Die!" The voidheart worm tried to crawl away and escape, only for the prime wonder to once more slam down on its head. On its back, the two-headed dragon rampaged like a rabid dog, biting countless holes into its body. Tianming was even more terrifying; he flew skyward and had his ten totem swords remanifest from the sea of swords before using them to cut off the many legs of the worm. All it could do now was slide and helplessly spin around on the ground.

"This is fun!" Lan Huang said, despite going dizzy from the spinning.

Tianming rolled his eyes. Not a single one of his lifebound beasts could be called normal. "Did I make them this way?" He suddenly wondered if he was the most laughable one among his lifebound beasts. That aside, even though their troubles might be ending soon, it didn't mean they could let their guard down.

"Quick, kill it!" Tianming reminded them, causing them to mess around less.

The voidheart worm lost more and more of its legs. Eventually, it was flipped over by Lan Huang and couldn't even flip itself back upright. The face on its back was flat on the floor and Xian Xian on its abdomen kept eating, growing even more verdant after recovering from its injuries. While spider silk remained in the voidheart worm, it was fast becoming an empty shell.

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"Don't stop!" Tianming and the rest kept fighting to buy Xian Xian even more time.

The voidheart worm could do nothing but shriek as it was firmly pressed down. "Die! Die!" While it wasn't that intelligent, it was clear from its words that it felt utmost rage, but there was nothing left for it to experience apart from a drawn-out death.

Xian Xian could kill it there and then, while Ying Huo and Meow Meow set it on fire from within. Outside, Tianming, his totems, divine wonder, and Lan Huang relentlessly attacked, piercing it full of holes. Eventually, it was decapitated, its head staining the ground with green blood. It had taken fifteen minutes to finally defeat it.

"A cosmic wildbeast is vigorous indeed." Tianming still couldn't calm himself down after dealing the killing blow. The fight had been far too close for comfort.

"I won't ever die! One dies, I'll eat all of you up! My comrades will swallow this nova source world! Nothing awaits you but doom!" the face said before finally falling silent. The spider silk within its body had been burned clean, while the flesh was all eaten by Xian Xian. The husk that remained was quickly shattered by Tianming and Lan Huang's attacks. If it wasn't dead after all that, Tianming wouldn't know what to say.

All that remained in the voidheart worm’s body was a glowing object: the solar core.

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