Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1899: Yin hen's Bright Idea

The totem swords that had pierced into the voidheart worm's body went wild once more, splitting into a hundred thousand providence swords and tearing the spider apart from within. Ying Huo and Meow Meow, who were also trapped inside, expanded in size. The phoenix used its flaming wings as blades, burning everything around it as it charged toward the voidheart worm's head alongside Meow Meow. The inside of the spider was a complete mess.

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Tianming used the prime wonder to defend Lan Huang and Xian Xian, deflecting some of the worm’s sharp legs. The two beasts snapped off the legs that were within them, then Lan Huang used its Primordial Wheel to burrow a hole through the cocoon. While Xian Xian remained within, its black roots had managed to stretch out of the cocoon as well. In fact, the roots were the most terrifying part of the Radix World Tree, as they were its mouths!

"Hmph! I'm not allowed to eat lifebound beasts, yet a mere wildbeast like you dares to try consuming me?!" Xian Xian was flipping out with anger. It had always been spoiled and protected its entire life, yet it was being hit so hard this time. Xian Xian was a carnivorous plant, not a crop grown to be eaten! It stretched its roots toward the spinnerets of the spider right away.

The spinnerets were still generating the toxic spider silk. Xian Xian's roots dug their way inside the spinnerets, its black roots mixing with the white silk. However, the voidheart worm hadn't detected it yet, having its attention wholly occupied with killing Lan Huang. Additionally, Tianming, Ying Huo, and Meow Meow were wreaking havoc within its body like invasive insects. While the voidheart worm was large, the pain it felt within its belly was so strong that it could barely attack Lan Huang or Xian Xian. Both sides felt that the other was just as difficult to deal with.

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"Hiiisssss!" The voidheart worm seemed to have entirely given up on speech and only made gruesome noises. The spider silk within its body increased more and more, blocking off the paths of Tianming and the other two. Even with all the abilities burning the silk away, more just took its place. The voidheart worm was probably celebrating their eventual doom.

"Dammit, we can't get out now!" Ying Huo didn't think the burned silk would be replaced so quickly to the point that it stuck to its wings. The area around them filled up so much that it was forced to turn into a little chick, and even then it felt crushed.

"I finally know what Bug Bro meant when it said it was being crushed!" Meow Meow said. Outside, it could fly freely and unabated, yet it had come into the spider and been trapped inside. If this went on, they would be completely crushed, and the voidheart worm would no longer feel the pain and would be able to kill Lan Huang and Xian Xian. Even Tianming’s sea of swords were caught up by the webs and weren't able to move.

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"Dammit, it really knows how to clench!" Tianming felt quite helpless against this foe that could even crush them while they were inside its body. The voidheart worm seemed to sense its impending victory and roared even fiercer. It turned its attention to the two beasts outside once more and rapidly crawled toward them.

Tianming had done everything he could, but to no avail! There was nothing but spider silk inside the voidheart worm's body. There was no way for them to orient themselves, let alone fight their way out.

Then he suddenly heard Yin Chen's voice. "Time to... shine now! Behold my... impressive entrance!"

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Tianming almost cringed to death from hearing its declaration during such a desperate moment. He wondered who it had learned to speak like that from. Then again, he was also relieved that it had found a way out of this. "Hurry up!"

"Don't panic... young one."

Even though Tianming didn't know what it had done, he could sense the voidheart worm's frustration as it wildly jumped around. Eventually, Tianming heard the plan from Yin Chen. "You're a genius!"

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Yin Chen had been forced to flee when the spider silk inside the voidheart worm's body threatened to crush it. Eventually, it had made its way to the spinnerets, which were densely packed together. It then had the bright idea to use its bodies to clog up the spinnerets from within.

"Let's see... you shit... out more... spider silk. I'll make... you constipated!" A bunch of silver eggs chuckled somewhere within the voidheart worm's body. Tianming would never have been able to come up with such a plan, no matter how hard he tried. Yin Chen was a genius.

The voidheart worm was confused that its spinnerets could neither release nor suck in its webs at all. The only reason it had been able to trap Xian Xian and Lan Huang within a cocoon was that it had been spinning webs around them nonstop. With that interrupted, the two had a chance to break out.

Lan Huang was the first one to burst out of the cocoon and it immediately swatted at the spinnerets on the spider's abdomen with full force. "It took me a lot to hatch from that egg, yet you tried to stuff me in another one!" It came charging, leaving countless holes in the spider's body and flipping it over with sheer force, exposing its abdomen. Xian Xian also burst out of the cocoon, then used its roots that were latched onto the voidheart worm's spinnerets and planted itself there. A gigantic tree sprouted from the body of the voidheart worm.

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