Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1897: Strongest Main Body

"What in the world?!"

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The voidheart worm had managed to pull it off. Tianming was separated from the head of Granny Yuan Long by an ever-growing vortex that threatened to suck him in. All he could do was to change the Godsin into its chain form and use it to latch onto Xian Xian and pull himself away from the vortex's opening!

"Oh no... I am... done for!" Even though Tianming could escape, many of Yin Chen's bodies were sucked in, almost forced in by the powder bugs that collided into it. Tianming wasn't able to do anything to save them. Fortunately, Yin Chen basically couldn't be killed; its bodies were expendable.

"How are you doing?" Tianming asked.

"I was... sucked in... but it... is fine... it can't... digest me!"

Tianming was relieved to hear that. The voidheart worm was probably trying to absorb all of its child spawn into its main body due to the threat. While he didn't know exactly how it would turn out, it would no doubt be harder to deal with if it succeeded.

"Wouldn't it be sucking in lots of Yin Chen eggs into itself? Can it even move with so many 'kidney stones' inside?" Tianming retreated back to Ying Huo and the rest and watched the situation change. The voidheart worm had expanded a lot after sucking in all the cotton-like matter in the Sky Palace Formation. This was its strongest and truest form!

"It is... really crowded!" Yin Chen cried. It was being compressed by the sheer mass inside the voidheart worm's body. "Oh no... I am... changing shape!" Despite that, Tianming believed that Yin Chen would be fine. The voidheart worm didn't seem to have a reliable way to harm Yin Chen.

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The white vortex seemed to have been formed by powder bugs. Once they were all sucked in, the entire area inside the formation was clear. There didn't even seem to be a single speck of dust around. Eventually, even the vortex itself was swallowed, finally completing the true form of the voidheart worm. Now, its main body was no longer its weakness.

"Damn!" Tianming and the others were shocked to see the massive white bug that was ten times the size of Lan Huang. In fact, it was shaped rather like a spider, but with far more legs on both sides—thousands of them in total. Each leg was like a sharp silver blade with many spikes. The sharpest ones looked like terrifying needles. It was basically a demonic white spider creature.

From high above, a gigantic, beautiful face could be seen on the spider. It was just like the one that Tianming had seen earlier, down to every facial feature. It seemed alive, despite growing out of the spider's back. That seemed to be the true face of the voidheart worm. While the face of the beauty from before was empty and fake, this one seemed genuine.

Apart from that, the spider's abdomen was covered in tens of millions of spinnerets that produced spider silk. Normally, spiders only had one spinneret at their rear, and the same logic applied to Yin Chen's spider form. The number of spinnerets the voidheart worm had was a sign that it could release a lot of spider silk.

The next instant, white spider silk poured out of the countless spinnerets on its body. It quickly spun a network of webs to make the Sky Palace Formation its personal hunting ground. The fluttering webs reminded Tianming of the beauty's silky-white hair. As the spider form was only one of Yin Chen's forms, it was definitely not as powerful as the voidheart worm when it came to web spinning.

The voidheart worm didn't sit idle and kept spinning more and more webs after consuming all of its child spawns. The area within the formation had turned into something like a sealed-off egg. Every inch of the formation's interior, apart from where Tianming and the rest were, was covered in spiderwebs, upon which the beauty-faced white spider crawled, glaring at them.

"You're not bad! You forced me to use my strongest form! If you were more obedient, I could’ve allowed you to die in a pleasant dream. But now, only bloody gore awaits you." It wouldn't normally consume the child spawn that it had struggled so hard to produce. The fact that it had meant there was no other way this could turn out apart from violence.

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"Oh no... Bug Bro was so young.... It’ll be missed," Ying Huo said, sadly looking at that gigantic spider.

"Stop talking... crap idiot... Look at... your head!" said a bunch of Yin Chens from above Ying Huo's head.

"Stop messing around and be alert. It's looking troublesome," Tianming said. The voidheart worm's previous forms weren't as dangerous as it appeared now. It was showing off the threat it could pose to Tianming without holding back. While it wouldn’t dare to face the sun emperor, as taking all the child spawns out of the formation wouldn't be easy, it had spent so much time in the Sky Palace Formation that it was basically invincible inside it. Now that it had devoured all of its child spawn, Xian Xian's abilities no longer worked on it. It was a pure cosmic wildbeast that thrived on blood and slaughter; the spider webs it had spun were even coated in poison!

"Be careful!" Tianming said once more.

"Got it!" Ying Huo stopped joking around, having felt real danger from the voidheart worm's current form.

"Do you see that glow in the middle of its abdomen?" Tianming asked.

"What is it?"

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"The solar core is probably hidden deep within it." That was what they had come for. Before, they weren't able to see it as a cloudy fog had filled the place, but things had changed. The solar core had appeared, despite the increased danger.

"Leave it to me," Ying Huo confidently said. It was a bird, and worms were its natural prey!

As they were coordinating their defense, the voidheart worm rapidly moved about the webs it had spun, approaching Tianming and the rest. Lan Huang looked like a rat before its humongous body, let alone Ying Huo and the others. They seemed like nothing but flies to the voidheart worm, and Xian Xian was just a puny flower.

"I won't accept this!" Lan Huang yelled. Countless gigantic swords appeared all over its body, making it look like a porcupine as it charged toward the voidheart worm.

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"Cover Lan Huang!" The next instant, Tianming used all he had to defend it as Lan Huang slammed into the voidheart worm. As the area within the Sky Palace Formation was too clean, there was no mud for it to use its Primordial Wheel, so it could only crash into its foe, plain and simple. Despite the size disparity, Lan Huang still managed to injure the voidheart worm in the collision.

"You’re the most delicious!" roared the beautiful face behind the spider. More silk came spilling out of its spinnerets, almost instantly binding Lan Huang in a cocoon. Then it pulled the cocoon high up into the air before suspending it there with even more webs, tightening them more and more as if it was trying to squeeze it dry. "This is my turf!"

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"Nonsense! You're an alien bug! This is our turf!" Lan Huang roared.

Tianming and the rest quickly reacted. While Lan Huang was keeping the voidheart worm busy, the totem swords went shooting toward it as Ying Huo and Meow Meow used their abilities to free Lan Huang from the spider webs. The prime wonder also slammed into the face on the back of the spider as it was about to speak, causing it to curse with rage even more. Eventually, Lan Huang was freed, but it was bloodied and injured, a sign of the voidheart worm's impressive capabilities.

"Dammit! Dammit!" The voidheart worm scuttled away on its thousand legs as the face on its back bellowed like a witch gone wild. It randomly sprayed the entire place with spider webs, even shooting some on Tianming's face. Its powerful legs were also able to cut off Xian Xian's branches. "I want to eat you up until not a single leaf remains!"

It swatted Lan Huang away and held Meow Meow back before extending its countless legs toward Xian Xian. The worm’s sheer power was quite troublesome for Tianming to handle.

"This won't do. We'll be wiped out if this goes on... I don't have a counter for that...." It was far harder to handle than they had imagined. "We can still escape in time, but nothing will change if we don't obtain the solar core."

They had no other choice but to continue the fight.

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